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  1. BoatingGlintz

    Standing Still

    Right when I move whilst a script is running by Parallel Process I coud basically ruin the atmosphere of the game while also breaking the game itself. Before I wanted to know if there is a script that makes the main character stay still whilst the rest of the events ... well work. But I thought of a way of changing that if I do what you said which is auto-run the script. The only problem with that if you save and reload the save file the event goes again, so I thought what if I disable save and set up certain save points around the world. This way I won't have to worry about the event re running itself. The only problem is I don't know how to disable saves, I can do the save points well I mean it is really easy but I still do not know how to disable saves.
  2. BoatingGlintz

    Standing Still

    Simba451 though it looks like this is what I need, I cannot download it since the accounts public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled.Tommy Gun if I can adapt your autorun idea and make specific save points around it could eliminate the re-run. So I need to disable saves ... I thought they was a way of doing this through the games database and system but I am having no luck.
  3. BoatingGlintz

    Standing Still

    No not really Tommy Gun thanks for trying though. What it does is makes me wait * Set Number* of frames but actually makes me wait. I am currently uploading the game right now so hopefully you can see where I have gone wrong.
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