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  1. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Awwwwe, they look so cute!
  2. World of Chaos Progress and Plans XX

    I took a break from my project and went to my secondary project, but now I'm back to my primary project. PLANS Side Quests: Going to focus a bit on side quests Drawing: Trying to learn how to draw for the project Enemy Graphic Reform: Redoing enemy graphics once I get good at drawing. Leveling rewards: As we know, there are some games that gives you rewards based on you level. As a result, in some of these games, people don't do certain quests until they reach the desired level to retrieve the best of whatever it is. In my project, I will attempt to test the idea of reward items (such as weapons and armor) scaling with you as you level up.
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      well, don't ask about me - i'm just trapped in rl life problems so i'm barely active here.

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  4. Sorry for my long absence everyone. School has been eating up all my time.

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  5. Hello fellow gamers and developers!

    Welcome to Centralia.
  6. *Take's Roninator's hands and makes him dab*

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  7. Hope this helps! https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/extra-param-formulas/
  8. Is this type of cutscene possible?

    Can you give me a video example of a Fire Emblem type cutscene.
  9. Too many skill choices?

    I kind of don't feel like answering all of them. I'll just say there are AOE v. one target variants (AOE does half dmg, however). Grouped by magical and melee. There are stronger variants in case u dont want to waste MP/ST in certain situations and there is a cooldown/warmup which higher-end spells have a cooldown and possibly a warmup as well.
  10. Too many skill choices?

    Is there a such thing as too many skill choices? There are some things I love about databasing... and skills is one of them. Currently I have roughly 454 skills. Now, you don't have all 454 skills but if a player had, like, 100, would that be ok? Asking because I am redoing certain parts of my skill system, and there will most likely be an increase in the number of skills one actor has, and I'm wondering when there can be too many choices to choose from (this is assuming all the skills are unique and useful).
  11. If im correct, they must have the same scripts but game 2 can have additional scripts as long as they are compatible.
  12. Skill that adds user state BEFORE attack

    That is actually... correct. I didn't think of that. If you wanted to, for example, increase ATK by 50% before doing the damage, you could. But since it's hit rate, the skill needs to hit in order to put the state on you. Another option that will be useful is splitting the skill in two and using a follow-up script. Follow-Up Script: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/follow-up-skills/ Let's say the skill is called Still Shot (ID is 86 and 87) (increases hit rate by 30% before shooting (State ID 45)). Skill 1 (86): Still Shot: Hit Rate: Adds the state (use the effects section to add the state) In notebox: <follow up 87: 100%> Skill 2 (87): Still Shot: Attack: The actual damage (a.remove_state(45); [damage formula goes here]) Don't need parenthesis' on either.
  13. Skill that adds user state BEFORE attack

    Found the issue. Put a space in between the multiplying sign and the 2. I copy/pasted your formula and it gave me the same error. Here is how the formula should be: a.add_state(26); a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 Hope this helps!