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  1. I'm happy to be a Saiyan :lol:

  2. No matter what, I'm happy to be a Centralian ^_^

    1. Saeryen


      I'm happy to be a songstress

  3. Look at muh new and improved Profile Pic of Vectra... it's so beautiful (photo-shopped most of it)

  4. Questions for low end PCs

    To piggyback on what Tarq said, I used to have 3 Anti-Lags (bc having only 1 or 2 didn't work), and tho it was better overall, there was some bugs (ofc). After some time, I did a whole re-optimization of my game. I now have no anti-lag scripts, and my project runs well. Better Design > Anti-Lag Scripts (always - not sometimes or never).
  5. FINISHED Unmentioned Plans In-Battle Enemy Dialogue: Certain enemies will have dialogues during battle. Also, to avoid the large blocks of dialogues, in some cases, parts of it was integrated in the battles.Conventional Enemies: I noticed I inserted a lot of undead/demon/angel/spirit type enemies of which Harder Bosses: One of the complaints about my demo (which was very long ago, I know), was that the bosses were a little too easy. That has been changed. PLANS Side Quests: Going to focus a bit on side quests Drawing: Trying to learn how to draw for the project Enemy Graphic Reform: Redoing enemy graphics once I get good at drawing. Leveling rewards: As we know, there are some games that gives you rewards based on you level. As a result, in some of these games, people don't do certain quests until they reach the desired level to retrieve the best of whatever it is. In my project, I will attempt to test the idea of reward items (such as weapons and armor) scaling with you as you level up.
  6. Christmas Break is over, and now, instead of 7 periods during school, I have 5 for the rest of the year - thank the mighty heavens for this lol. Now I need to update my Vectra Productions blog lol. I also have a few good debate topics I'd like to share in my debate blog sometime this week (probably will do it this Saturday - one at a time ofc).

    1. Chaosian


      Less school time, more dev time? Cause for celebration.

    2. Lord Vectra
  7. Random number generator question

    To piggyback on what Takeo said, you can easily do RNG with a "control variable" command, so I'm thinking the plugin was meant for a unique purpose or the scripter just didn't realize it.
  8. It is my birthday today!

  9. Changed profile pic to my waifu, Juri Han (Christmas-style).

  10. Wizard class glitch

    Give a screenshot of the class and the character. I think I know the issue.
  11. Vectra's Eventing Empire

    I am still accepting requests; and I accept your request.
  12. FINISHED PLANS Smarter Enemy AI On certain enemies, they will be given a smarter AI which is manually critiqued by me. PLANS Side Quests: Going to focus a bit on side quests Drawing: Trying to learn how to draw for the project Enemy Graphic Reform: Redoing enemy graphics once I get good at drawing.
  13. SumRndmDde's Title Command Customizer Question

    Name of the plugin?
  14. Controlling EXP/Level Ups [VX ACE]

    It seems like it'd be easy to do with just events using variables. Make a common event for each enemy you have. Let's take an Orc and let's say you give it 15 EXP. Actor's name is Vectra. The fixed amount needed to level up will be 100. Common Event will be as follows... variable 1: EXP =+ 15 If EXP > 100 Variable 1: Vectra.Level = Vectra's level If a.level < 5 Change Level + 1 end end This goes after every time you use "Battle processing." If there is an "if lose" and "if win" than put it under "if win" if they must win to gain the EXP. Due to the common event I have showed, once ur level goes above 4 (which means if it equals 5 or above it will stop leveling. Since 4 + 1 = 5 and u cant +1 ever again, then that means they wont pass 5. Do you know how to make a variable equal an actor's current level?
  15. Event Stopped Working

    Try to take out the set move route only and give me a screenshot on where that event is.