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    Clear All Common Events?

    Can you rephrase your issue?
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    Hello from France

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    Vectra's Eventing Empire

    It has been fixed!
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    RPG Stat Systems

    I think a more simpler way of explaining it, @Kayzee, is let's take these 3 properties of a spell: Damage, Duration, and Range. If a fire spell does 50dmg for 4T and hits enemies within 4 tiles, if it's broken, you have options to balance it. You can decrease the damage per turn to compensate for the big range, decrease the duration if 4T is too long (especially if you have other skills/spells that have extra effects if person is burning), reduce the range to make it more of a single-target overtime burst damage, decrease the damage but increase the duration so it takes longer to do the same damage, and the list goes on. Granted, this does make it more complicated, but I guess it depends on the player what is considered too complicated and what is considered a great addition. @Saireau may also be referring to "ghost stats." It's stats that is in the background that the player is unaware of. An example is the variation. When you use the skill, you don't know the highest dmg and lowest dmg it can deal, so you kind of guess by using it a lot (if you're paying attention to the dmg dealt). Variance is the "ghost stat" in this case where the player does not need to keep track of it. About LUK: I always replace LUK and turn it into any stat I want, then I null out it's effect in the default script. In XP, I learned how to just create my own custom stats (and XP doesn't have LUK), but in VXA, for example, one project I was working on had it as "distance" which did not also decide what would hit you or not (depending on distance from others) but also decided damage of your gun (ex: Shotguns did more damage the closer you were). On my latest VXA proj that's on standby, I don't have LUK even show up in the menu because I couldn't think of anything for it lol.
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    New and trying to learn

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    DvLyon here!

  9. My only real issue with it is it dumped the old way of doing animations because the way they have it now it SUPER complicated to a much greater degree,
  10. Make a parallel process common event that changes him back.
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    BluMiu Art

    Oooooo, I love your art style
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  15. New profile pic!

    1. Kayzee


      Is that supposed to be a plague doctor mask or just a mask that looks like a bird beak? Plague doctor masks are usually thinner and more curved I think, so not sure.

    2. Rikifive


      Really nice! 👍

    3. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Its plague doctor mask. The character's subordinates has the more curvy ones.


      Riki, thx

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