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  1. Lord Vectra

    Greetings, I'm Jishaku Man!

    Welcome to Central!
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  3. Lord Vectra

    Taiwan New Comer Here !

  4. Lord Vectra

    Greetings friends!

    Welcome! I'm doing well. Been relaxing and all, but I'm doing very well overall. Life is great for me atm. Ye, coding is fun to do once u get used to it.
  5. Lord Vectra

    Hello! I'm new~

    Welcome to Central!!!
  6. Lord Vectra

    Not getting notifications

    I assume it doesnt send you notifs via email or are you saying when you log on, it shows u hav no notifs when u should?
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    Hello From LaytonsGal!

    Welcome to Central!!!
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    Hi there ~ ⁎˚₊*

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    HawkZombie - Streamer. Writer. VISONARY.

    Welcome to Central, my man!
  10. How is everyone doing? ^_^

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  12. Lord Vectra

    4x4 actor sprites

    Not that I know of
  13. Lord Vectra

    Hello people!

    Welcome to Central!
  14. Lord Vectra

    Map Atmosphere

    Depends on the tone of your game or the tone you want it to have. Do you want it to be serious, humorous, lively, etc?
  15. Lord Vectra

    Hi homies!

    Wasssaaaa. Hope you love it here ^w^