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  1. Hello people!

    Welcome to Central!
  2. Map Atmosphere

    Depends on the tone of your game or the tone you want it to have. Do you want it to be serious, humorous, lively, etc?
  3. Hi homies!

    Wasssaaaa. Hope you love it here ^w^
  4. I need some help please!

    Maybe bc autorun? Try adding an erase event. Also, is your player invisible from the start or only after the transfer?
  5. Hello everyone!! ^_^ Starmage here!

  6. Hi everyone!

    WELCOME! Sorry, I was sleep when you posted this.
  7. Hello world !

  8. Howdy

  9. hey kazidor here

    As far as I know, you can put it on ur signature but that is all.
  10. You're trying to add another option on the main menu?
  11. Hello World !

  12. Alpha is here :D

    Welcome to Central!
  13. counting game Level Grinding | LV 6

    6.19 * 10^2
  14. What do you mean by putting everything else in else? Care to show us a screenshot?