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  1. Lol I actually remember you from years ago. I'm over on RPGMakerWeb mostly, I stopped RPG Maker for a while and couldn't remember which site I had belonged to. But I remember you and your love of using events. 

    I searched for you on the other forum, but couldn't find you. Partially because I searched 'Vector' instead of 'Vectra', and partially because I was looking on the wrong forum   XD

    1. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      I'm on both but I like it here more lol

    2. Arrpeegeemaker


      Ah, so it was just me typing the wrong name XD 

    3. Lord Vectra
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    Welcome to Central!
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    Jasemir arrives! Hello!

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    Hey everyone

  5. *Random Hugs*

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      Chaos Krux

      Aw, thanks sweetie...

    2. Kayzee


      *randomly hugs both of you as well!* What? I wanted to be part of the moment.

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      Chaos Krux


  6. Lord Vectra

    Hello! :)

    Hiiii! ^w^
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    Starting off

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    Hi, I'm Lord Vectra
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    Change Max HP

    Can you elaborate a bit more?
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    Hi! New here!

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    Skill Trees

    Sad to say Tsukihime left a long time ago. Many people saved her scripts in notepads like myself, but sad to say, I do not have that script. @roninator2 do you have that script by any chance?
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    Hello there

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    Mini Game Scripts: The Shortage, and Why

    What do you mean by AI hands? You mean by creating an AI? I mean, it's not as impossible or hard as people make it. Granted, I have A LOT of experience eventing so it's easier to me then it is for others, but when I was learning, it's not as hard as people make it. I'm talking about all you said about AI, rolls (which I assume is dice???), or scoring (which I assume is keeping score). I will also add it's partially because scripters would have to accommodate for a lot of customization options which eventing, when set up, can do a lot easier and faster and it'll be to the liking of the eventer. <= this sentence I heard from another scripter. First part is just my opinion on eventing. So.. ye.