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  1. Happy To Be Here

    Welcome to Central!!
  2. Item Carry Weight

    Still try them because you don't know what scripts the others had.
  3. Item Carry Weight

    What scripts have you tried?
  4. ZephySempai has arrived!

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  5. Do you know how to find the player's coordinates and insert it to a variable?
  6. Damage formula help

    I was thinking about a formula that added damage based on the attackers MHP. Would (a.mhp / 3 - b.def) work? What I specifically think it does is take the attackers MHP, divide by 3, then subtract the defenders DEF. You are thinking correctly. It will divide the attacker's Max HP by 3 and then deduct the enemy's defense from that to give you the final result which will be dealt as damage. A separate question, how can I direct a skill that has the option of (One Ally) to a specific Ally? Like, the player has a party total of 3, a warrior, rogue and mage, but the warrior wants to target the mage ally for a skill, not randomly choosing (One Ally). Is that possible? It's not random. Only random if you choose "One Random" as a scope. If you picked "One Ally", then when you pick the action to activate, you will choose which ally to give it to. What I'd ideally like is a mentor to help me learn all I can about VX Ace. I absorb knowledge quickly. I'm your guy. I also played the entire Dragon Age series which I'm sure will help in figuring out whatever you're trying to learn. PM me for contact details. My main program is also VXA so I guess you're in luck.
  7. Try changing it to "above character" and taking "through" off.
  8. hiiiiiiii, why u delete ur last post? Sorry I didn't respond, my PC got corrupted.

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      @Lord Vectra yeah its horrible af lol

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  9. Salutations!

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  10. Newbie reporting in

    Welcome to Central!
  11. Long stream. PC messed up and cant play xbox so I'm playing dissidia til I fall asleep

  12. chao game in rpg maker MV

    https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/monster-breeding-system.51624/ Can you elaborate on racing/battles minigames?
  13. Variable Info in Item Description?

    Let's say it is variable 25. Put \v[25] in the description box.
  14. concept Purgatory setting concept

    I love the idea. I think another idea that would work well with that is if you had separate endings for each one allowing you to kill the ones that initially killed you. But maybe have two separate endings for each one in case the player doesn't want to kill them.