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  1. Lord Vectra

    Need help with skill.

    Taunt http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Taunt_(YEP) Cooldown http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Skill_Cooldowns_(YEP) For the charge one, you can probably find it on google.
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  3. Lord Vectra

    Problem with enemy parameters

    Its scared of my absolute majesticness
  4. Lord Vectra

    Problem with enemy parameters

    You will find the corresponding stats and their numbers in Game_BattlerBase line 57 - 84
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to Central!
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    RM Community Library of Ideas

    The classes/skills from the subthreads have been added finally. I'm going to sleep, but I will be working on taking the ideas from the comments of this thread and adding them to the library.
  7. Lord Vectra

    rpg maker xp Help with my rpg maker xp map

    There may be a way, but I need some answers. 1.Does your PC use Windows? 2. When did this happen?
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    Welcome to Central!
  9. Lord Vectra

    Deciding Leveling System

    If I say "TES", ppl might not get the reference. Saying "The Elder Scrolls Style" is a mouthful. Additionally, the others have classes which makes the previous games work differently. There will be a "reset" item if you change your mind because nothing is worse than being stuck with bad choices you made early on. level scaling nearly all content? It seemed like most things in the game didnt scale with you at all. Thought of doing a system where you would use the EXP to buy skill increases but that would mean I would need to adopt a skyrim-style skill system. And EXP for not killing monsters would eliminate the want to kill said monster though doing it only for quests does avoid people killing the boss for XP rather than persuading if it's an option (though the wast workaround is just grant the same EXP but ofc, you'll need some persuasion minigame/skill in the game to make it equal in effort). Capping your skills until you level up is an interesting mechanic though. Equipment would be a little rough to code in though the level-requirement for quest is another good one. Leveling was a bit more important in the games before Skyrim or at least in TES IV: Oblivion since that game had attributes which are pretty much stats (Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Personality, and LUCK) though Oblivion had the flaw of the player having to micromanage skill increases as some skills made ur STR increase by +5 or +4 instead of +1 or +2 or how your HP increased by 10% of your Endurance so players micromanaged Endurance to maximize max HP. Cool thing with XP is they have a plethora of stats of ATK, PDEF, MDEF, STR, INT, SPD, DEX, SP, and HP so its not as generic when comparing to Skyrim's leveling system. On a similar note, Skyrim does lack a good leveling system. Its been really hard trying to do a second playthrough on that game for me. you still gain EXP. If it didnt, u could increase skills forever and be level 1. A similar exploit happened in the game before its series, TES IV: Oblivion, where people would pick Major Skills (skills that give u EXP) that they never used and then leave their mostly used skills as minor skills which don't grant you any EXP. As a result, their "true" playstyle would end up making them broken as they'll be godlike at beginning and endgame aka, when they max out their intended skills, they can increase their major skills to increase their attributes and since their "true" playstyle is always maxed, they'll pretty much always be many steps ahead of the enemies. My intended system is so ppl can't "dump" stats but don't have to become too "average joe" as a result. The potential cap also stops the battle-mage spam and will make it a little tougher to play as but just as rewarding as it would be tough and same with the Jack-Of-All-Trades build. Like, in Skyrim, if you don't just grind smithing to 100 like many do, it is actually hard to skill up but is really rewarding when you do and same goes for enchanting. Now, I do think both are broken, but it is an example. Now, an example of something that is hard to skill with little reward would be destruction as those spells are overpriced as far as magicka cost. I guess they heard magic was broken in Oblivion and went the total opposite where magic is no longer broken but they converted that brokeness to other skills such as sneak; enchanting; smithing; dmg multipliers of one-handed, two-handed, and archery; and shouts which are examples of low skill up requirement and absurdly high reward excluding smithing and enchanting. Some skills will have multi-requirements. So a skill might require a certain amount of fire mastery but also a certain amount of martial combat mastery in a skill called something like "Volcanic Fist" or something which would give hybrids unique skills a single-target specialist (pure warrior, pure mage, etc) will most likely not be able to obtain without loosening their scope of specializations.
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  12. Lord Vectra

    Deciding Leveling System

    So I'm deciding on a leveling system for my game. In this thread, by skills, it means proficiency. It's how well you're skilled with fire magic, earth magic, swords, axes, etc. It ranges from 1 - 100 but at the start of the game, everything is at 15. I'm trying to decide how I'm going to implement them, and I came up with some ideas, but I don't know which one to go for. Skyrim-Style > Skill proficiency increases on use > Player must raise skills in any combination X times before level up > X required to level up increases per level up > Skill proficiencies get harder to increase the closer they are to 100 Distribution-Style > Player must level up and increase the skills themselves Leveled-Skill-Scaling-Style > Skill proficiency increases on use > Player accumulates pts when a skill increases depending on where the skill level is currently at (higher skill level = more points) > After you accumulate X points, you level up > Threshold increases by X amount or X% per level up Potential-Cap-Style (Not a stand-alone but to be possibly combined with the ones above) > Skill increases will increase your potential % by a certain amount > When potential reaches 100%, skills can no longer increase and you cannot level up Note: But they can still increase via ailments, armors, weapons, etc.
  13. Lord Vectra

    minigame minigame

    Save/load is essentially an exploit to get around the loses which comes to whether the player wants to play fair or not. Don't think that should be a reason to not include minigames. I do love minigames in a game tbh. In some games, I'd be playing a minigame for a long time to take a break from whatever I be doing in the game. An example of this is that Witcher card minigame in WItcher 3. Never played it but heard its fantastic.
  14. Lord Vectra

    Vehicle that can pass through certain impassible tiles

    Image works perfectly for me. Additionally, I've done this and it doesn't bug out at all, so I'm going to need examples on when it would bug out. And it may sound like the most cumbersome way, but it's really easy to set up. On paper, it seems like a lot of steps, but if you, instead, show him how to script it and how to do each command via scripting, the steps are about as equal, if not, more because you have syntax that comes into play and then you have to get around some of the hard-coded mechanics.You showed him how to do it via existing vehicles but he wants custom vehicles which is where my part comes in. Pretty close, actually. There are numerous ways you can do it via eventing. Fastest way is parallel process common event that checks for Y coord, X coord, and Region ID of the player and then say if region ID == X and if switch Y = ON, then set move route: player Though ON. However, doing this means you need to increase your expected region ID size. If the player cant pass a 4 x 4 block, you'll need to make it 5x5. So you make a 4x4 impassible block on the map then you fill it with region ID tag and then you create an outline of that same tag because if not, the player can't get into the 4x4 block to get the region ID. If you set the player to have Through ON, they will walk pass anything even if it's impassible. The rest is pretty much what Kayzee said. You turn off followers, change leader's graphics, turn a switch on and if the common event is already running, its already gonna have the region ID. When you change the "vehicles" graphic from a graphic to none, you need to turn on self switch A (make a 2nd event page and make sure graphic is none). Self switch A will check if the switch is on (parallel process). When it is OFF, turn player Through OFF, use "Set Event Location" command and use the X and Y coord of the player and turn self-switch off immediately afterwards. X coord and Y coord of the player can go into variables so I can show that. Region ID is in the "Get Location" command. Besides vehicles, getting that info from the player is HIGHLY beneficial for a lot of mechanics out there bc u can check the player's location at anytime for any puzzles, quests, and region ID is extremely useful for random encounters so it's not like you're doing this ONLY for these vehicles. If you don't know how to look for the location of the player, it's control variables => game data => character => player = > X coord and then you do the exact same for Y coord and it's set up.