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  1. I recently learned that RMXP requires "$" to make a global variable/switch in the script itself unlike VXA which now makes many of my needs extremely easy now that I finally learned how to make global variables/switches.

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    2. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      But if you just put VTA = 40 in VXA, whenever you put VTA in the script, it'll read it as a variable. You attempt that in XP and it gives you an error, and while both are ruby, one is Ruby 1 and other is Ruby 3 which is why most scripts aren't compatible.

    3. Rikifive


      Yes, but that is different. Now you've mentioned a CONSTANT variable, which is something a bit different than a $global variable. Yes it also does have a global scope, but it has a bit different purposes, because as its name suggests, ideally it should be defined once and not changed afterwards, although the program will/should function normally if you do so.

      Yes, these base on different versions of Ruby, so things may vary a bit. XP may have less methods to use, but generally should be all similar. I believe the main reason why these aren't compatible is because the games themselves are written differently. Some of the class names and their structures might probably be slightly different. Although, I have no idea how XP's code looks like as I don't own that engine. I only saw few scripts, that had pretty much the same syntax structure whatsoever, but were working with slightly different things than Ace code has.

      You didn't mention what exactly didn't work in XP, that worked in Ace. You only mentioned $global variables working in XP unlike in Ace, but in Ace it's the same with $globals, so I didn't have that context.

      Either way, from what I see, people do declare CONSTANT variables in XP scripts. I can't find a legit XP documentation online, but I found some documentation on some random site which does mention constants too. Perhaps try opening the help file in XP and see if there's some info regarding this.

    4. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      @Rikifiveah, you're correct. It seems it just has to be all caps in XP to create a constant.

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