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  1. Lord Vectra

    minigame minigame

    Save/load is essentially an exploit to get around the loses which comes to whether the player wants to play fair or not. Don't think that should be a reason to not include minigames. I do love minigames in a game tbh. In some games, I'd be playing a minigame for a long time to take a break from whatever I be doing in the game. An example of this is that Witcher card minigame in WItcher 3. Never played it but heard its fantastic.
  2. Lord Vectra

    Vehicle that can pass through certain impassible tiles

    Image works perfectly for me. Additionally, I've done this and it doesn't bug out at all, so I'm going to need examples on when it would bug out. And it may sound like the most cumbersome way, but it's really easy to set up. On paper, it seems like a lot of steps, but if you, instead, show him how to script it and how to do each command via scripting, the steps are about as equal, if not, more because you have syntax that comes into play and then you have to get around some of the hard-coded mechanics.You showed him how to do it via existing vehicles but he wants custom vehicles which is where my part comes in. Pretty close, actually. There are numerous ways you can do it via eventing. Fastest way is parallel process common event that checks for Y coord, X coord, and Region ID of the player and then say if region ID == X and if switch Y = ON, then set move route: player Though ON. However, doing this means you need to increase your expected region ID size. If the player cant pass a 4 x 4 block, you'll need to make it 5x5. So you make a 4x4 impassible block on the map then you fill it with region ID tag and then you create an outline of that same tag because if not, the player can't get into the 4x4 block to get the region ID. If you set the player to have Through ON, they will walk pass anything even if it's impassible. The rest is pretty much what Kayzee said. You turn off followers, change leader's graphics, turn a switch on and if the common event is already running, its already gonna have the region ID. When you change the "vehicles" graphic from a graphic to none, you need to turn on self switch A (make a 2nd event page and make sure graphic is none). Self switch A will check if the switch is on (parallel process). When it is OFF, turn player Through OFF, use "Set Event Location" command and use the X and Y coord of the player and turn self-switch off immediately afterwards. X coord and Y coord of the player can go into variables so I can show that. Region ID is in the "Get Location" command. Besides vehicles, getting that info from the player is HIGHLY beneficial for a lot of mechanics out there bc u can check the player's location at anytime for any puzzles, quests, and region ID is extremely useful for random encounters so it's not like you're doing this ONLY for these vehicles. If you don't know how to look for the location of the player, it's control variables => game data => character => player = > X coord and then you do the exact same for Y coord and it's set up.
  3. Lord Vectra

    Vehicle that can pass through certain impassible tiles

    I have no script, but I can share some eventing knowledge. Put an event over the tile. In the screenshot below, it shows what the tile should look like. You can probably leave the graphic blank but remember to make priority "Same as Characters" because when you make it blank, the program automatically changes it to "Below Characters" Through On will overwrite the tiles it is on. Now, I don't know how your maps are made but you will need to eventually turn Through OFF if the player is not going through that tile again. Where you do that is entirely based on how you implement the mechanic and where you're implementing it. If you are making custom vehicles, you'll need to make a switch when the player is using those vehicles. If you want to know how to create vehicles, I can show that as well.
  4. I noticed no one is following Editor Support and Discussion. I don't know if that's on purpose. I thought I was following it, but I guess I forgot to re-follow after the site reboot. I'm just letting everyone know that they aren't following because 0 were following (and now 1 because of me)

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      I never really even thought about following a whole subfourm like that... It seems like something not many people would really do. Sounds handy if you are a mod or just like to reply to every message, but being notified for all the activity in a whole subfourm sounds a bit too much to me. :3

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      Lord Vectra

      It's not like it's super active. We don't have like 90k members at a time or even 10k for it to be overwhelming

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      True, though I usually find threads just by seeing what the last one posted was on the main page.

  5. Lord Vectra

    Privet E'erbody!

    If you need any help, don't be afraid to make a thread.
  6. Lord Vectra

    What are your RPG Maker Goals for 2020?

    Mine is to finish at least one project which is what I'm on my way of doing.
  7. Lord Vectra

    Hey everyone

  8. Lord Vectra

    What happened to World of Chaos?

    Nothing really happened to it. I didn't abandon it or anything (I promise). Life just got in the way between grades, graduation, jobs, etc. With that being said, I'm not *currently* working on World of Chaos only because it's game size is large (content-wise), and I probably shouldn't attempt to release a huge game on my first time showing a game I created to the public. So World of Chaos has not been dusted but is currently on the backburner. What project am I working on? It's called Mythical Legends: Azar Chronicles (RM XP), and it is a much MUCH smaller game. I can't give a definite date on when it'll be done since I'm still going through life stuff, but as soon as I can calculate an ETA, I'll let you guys know. Game takes place in a room between a grandfather and his grandchild. Grandfather is showinf his grandchild this book, and the story of the book is where the game takes place. Now, the story itself takes place in a realm where magic stems from Seroma (Afterlife). Seroma was created by a man named Calhadin,. The Azarian realm has 12 Davkins (AKA Kings/Queens) with Calhadin acting more as the guardian of the realm that watches over his creation, Seroma. The story starts with you waking up in some strange place you've never seen, and you have a short chat with a mysterious man before Calhadin intervenes and breaks you out of there. You end up helping to close a portal leading to the Azarian Realm, and from there, you are sent to the Davkins to tell your story. After that, the Davkins suggested you are of importance to either Calhadin or whoever is leading the invaders, thus, they decided you will help end this invasion and will aid in any way they can for when the expected final battle comes. What I have done so far: CTS Battle System 16+ Custom Stats Status Screen overhaul Tutorial and Intro Message system On-map object interaction system 3D on-map gameplay What I plan to do next Level up system Skill leveling system Skills Weapons Armors State animation tweak so that you see the name on the animtions Note: I have a script that cycles animations Main Quest Side Quests I will do the above in that order. The game should be done after I do all of that. After this game, I'm going back to working on World of Chaos. Therefore, expect to see Mythical Legends: Azar Chronicles Progress blog series in the near future.
  9. Lord Vectra

    Recruiting for large project

    I know writers and eventers aren't what you needed but I can fulfill those roles.
  10. Lord Vectra

    Damage Formula/Defense Predicament (RM XP)

    It's actually the default battle system and RTP art style. I like how skills have User and target animation, etc. Its really the small things that added up and made me go to XP. I plan to draw eventually too, and Ace is a bit harder to copy than XP as far as art style is concerned.
  11. Lord Vectra

    Damage Formula/Defense Predicament (RM XP)

    Ah, I thought you meant to make minimum damage like 5. The default game_battler 3 does include a minimum damage of 0 for damaging skills. I haven't included it yet but it will be included in the edits because I deleted it a while ago because I was going through dmg formulas and it's inconvenient to keep re-entering the code to make minimum damage 0 though I recently found a non-inconvenient way at least.
  12. Lord Vectra

    Damage Formula/Defense Predicament (RM XP)

    I thought I remembered you saying male. Was gonna say her at first. Also, I messed up. It's not mdef / 100 but its (100 - mdef) / 100..0 Multiply and Division has same priority like how adding/subtracting have same priority. Also, I could put in minimum damage, but I have a multihit aspect in the game and I like the idea of multi hits being strong against low defense monsters and single hits being stronger and more able to blast through armor. Its currently capped at 85 for PDEF when I had damage resistance. MDEF is capped at 100.
  13. Lord Vectra

    Damage Formula/Defense Predicament (RM XP)

    In XP, yes. And LUL, well, if you ever wanted to do a coin flip skill, at least you know what to do XD We're getting off topic lol. I decided to just go with user.atk - self.pdef for physical attacks and user.atk * self.mdef / 100.0 for magical attacks. I'll just have to make sure pdef is never greater than ATK.
  14. Lord Vectra

    Damage Formula/Defense Predicament (RM XP)

    I would use game_battler 3 for that. The thing with common event calls is you only get one so me, being an eventing/formula freak, I need more than 1 (lol), So, for example, if I want a skill (Skill 4) to recover HP of the user by 50% of the damage, I go to game_battler 3 and find where damage is subtracted from the enemy's HP. self.hp -= self.damage Then I add the following afterwards. If skill.id == 4 user.hp += Integer(self.damage * 0.5) end self = target. user = user of skill. damage = a variable that equals the damage (by default, it equals damage after damage reduction effects like guarding PDEF, MDEF, and guarding), hp = obvious skill = obvious id = obvious Integer() = rounds it to the nearest number after calculation Only thing I use common events for is Multihits because I couldn't get it to work when editing the default scripts (close but not there). Funny story: I didn't how to use Integer at first so when I did a big change on Game_Battler 3, I was getting decimals like 26.246801947, and I was getting so frustrated because I didn't know why. Then I realized Integer is picky on when it wants to be used. Like, you can do self.damage = Integer(self.damage) but you can't do self.hp -= Integer(self.damage) ALSO, to answer your question, if you are trying to get the user's stats via script calls, I'll look into that. It runs common events after it checks the formula. And ye, coin toss is plausible in the formula without external script tho it can be too long depending on the effects you want it to have. So what you're going to want to do is add the formula in a blank script then call it later. i.e. KayzeeBlow = "a.atk * a.def * a.agi * a.def" Then you' d call it in the damage formula as eval(KayzeeBlow) For the coin toss, lets say you have the following effect: "Flip a coin. If heads, kill the opponent. If tails, your MP by 50% and deal damage proportional to the MP decrease." You would do: Coin = rand(2); If Coin == 1; b.add_state(1); Coin = 0; else; Coin = a.mmp / 2; a.atk - b.def + Coin; end The reason Coin is used at the end is because I do a thing called Variable recycling. Coin being changed after Coin = rand(2) doesn't matter as it served its purpose. So instead of making another variable, I just re-use it and don't have to worry about resetting it because when you call the skill again, it's going to make Coin equal 1 or 2 all over again. Does that make sense? Btw, in VXA, you can make anything a script variable. I.e. In XP, you can make anything a variable in the script by putting "@" in front. So if you say @CoCoButter = user.HP @CoCoButter is now a variable you can use. Thing about this is you have to define what it is first. So if I put @CoCoButter += 1 Without saying it's equal to the user's HP, It will show a error because it doesn't know what it's adding 1 to. Is it adding 1 to 20? 40? 17? 93? 0? With VXA, you don't need that. So, for example, Coin is a variable to Vx Ace without me having to add it into the script or anything. KayzeeBlow can fit into the formula box but let's say I did Kayzee Blow Ultimate which did which tossed a coin flip (same effects as before) if enemy is stunned, did 50% more damage, and did more damage the lower the enemy's HP is (oh mai, big boi formulas incoming). You would take that coin flip from earlier and put it into a script and lets pretend stun is state #2 -In the Script- CoinFlip = "Coin = rand(2); If Coin == 1; b.add_state(1); Coin = 0;; else; Coin = a.mmp / 2; a.atk - b.def + Coin; end" KayzeeBlow = "a.atk * a.def * a.agi * a.def" -In the Formula Box- Coin = 0; If b.state?(2); eval(CoinFlip); end; (eval(KayzeeBlow) + Coin) * 1.5 * b.mhp/b.hp Coin equals 0 in the beginning of formula because an error would pop up if eval(CoinFlip) doesn't activate and it attempts to add Coin to KayzeeBlow. The a.atk - b.def + Coin in CoinFlip would be ran through but won't pop up an error which is why you don't have to make a seperate CoinFlip formula. If you wanted to include a.atk - b.def from CoinFlip, you would do the following instead: -In the Script- CoinFlip = "Coin = rand(2); If Coin == 1; b.add_state(1); Coin = 0; else; Coin = a.mmp / 2; DMG = a.atk - b.def + Coin; end; DMG" KayzeeBlow = "a.atk * a.def * a.agi * a.def" -In the Formula Box- DMG = 0; If b.state?(2); eval(CoinFlip); end; (eval(KayzeeBlow) + DMG) * 1.5 * b.mhp/b.hp You'll make CoinFlip equal a variable at the end and then put "DMG" by itself at the very end so if you just use the coinflip skill, it'll do dmg equal to whatever dmg is equal to (in this case, a.atk - b.def + Coin). In the formula where KayzeeBlow and CoinFlip combine, you would just replace Coin with DMG since Coin is already calculated within DMG. This exact same thing can be done in XP but syntax is slightly different. Instead of a, use user. Instead of b, use self. Instead of damage formula, just check the skill ID. If variable, put @ in front of it. Just to give an example of above: -In the Script- #Let's pretend CoinFlip Kayzee Blow combo is skill 6 If skill.id == 6 @Coin = rand(2) If @Coin == 1 self.add_state(1) @Coin = 0 else @Coin = user.sp / 2 self.damage = user.atk - self.pdef + @Coin end self.damage += user.atk * user.pdef * user.agi * user.pdef end You could also do this which might be beneficial if you're planning on calling these two skills more often -In the Script- @KayzeeBlow = user.atk * user.def * user.agi * user.def @Coin = rand(2) If @Coin == 1 self.add_state(1) @Coin = 0 else @Coin = user.sp / 2 end @CoinFlip = user.atk - self.pdef + @Coin If skill.id == 6 If self.state?(2) self.damage = @CoinFlip + @KayzeeBlow * 1.5 * self.mhp/self.hp else self.damage = @KayzeeBlow * 1.5 * self.mhp/self.hp end end Long explanation but morale of the story is it's possible and Kayzee has a ridiculously strong right hook especially in his ultimate form. Imagine being on half HP expecting to survive the next hit and you're saving MP to heal but you just get hit with Kayzee Blow Ultimate and you die. Kayzee tries to look sweet but I know his true form.