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About Me

If you need any help in eventing something ask me. Doesn't matter what it is. Even if it seems impossible without scripts still send me a message and I might just prove you wrong. I am Vectra!!! Master Eventor and KING OF DARKNESS!!!



How did you get the name, Vectra?: The name is based off of my favorite bakugan character, Spectra. I took Spectra's name, took the "sp" out of it and put "v" and the name, Vectra, was created.


Race?: I'm a FIEND LORD!!!


Favorite Color?: Black


Favorite Game?: Dragon Age Origins


Favorite Movie?: Dragon Age Dawn of the Seeker


Favorite Food?: Sirloin Steak


Favorite Drink?: Orange Juice


Favorite Animal?: Pandas


Favorite Candy?: Airheads


Favorite Fruit?: Peaches


Favorite Music Genre?: No particular genre but I do absolutely love listening to love songs.


Favorite Game Genre?: RPG


Favorite Book Genre?: Romance


Favorite subject in High School?: Sociology


Drink Alcohol? Smoke?: Never did and never will


Do you have any siblings?: No, I'm the only child.


What character flaws do you have?: I usually feel lonely and sometimes I feel like I cling too easily.


Hardest year?: 7th Grade


Best year?: 4th Grade


Strongest RM skills: Eventing, Writing, and interior mapping.


Weakest RM skills: Scripting


Hobbies other than RM?: Playing video games all day and everyday (I have nothing better to do).


Current Project?:



To learn more about this game, look in my "Vectra Productions" blog.


My Website



Favorite Attribute?: Darkus


Favorite Bakugan?: Neo Dragonoid (I felt that the newer evolved ones are not dragon-like)


Favorite Season?: Vestroia


Still play it?: I got to get new Bakugan but yes, I still play it.



Favorite Attribute(s)?: Light & Dark


Favorite Monster(s)?: Ancient Sacred Wyvern


Favorite Minor Monster?: Big Eye


Favorite Spell Card?: Pot of Duality


Favorite Trap Card?: Safe Zone


Favorite Season?: Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds


Still play it?: I'm getting back into it, but there is a lot of catching up to do if I decide to.

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