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    Mini Game Scripts: The Shortage, and Why

    What do you mean by AI hands? You mean by creating an AI? I mean, it's not as impossible or hard as people make it. Granted, I have A LOT of experience eventing so it's easier to me then it is for others, but when I was learning, it's not as hard as people make it. I'm talking about all you said about AI, rolls (which I assume is dice???), or scoring (which I assume is keeping score). I will also add it's partially because scripters would have to accommodate for a lot of customization options which eventing, when set up, can do a lot easier and faster and it'll be to the liking of the eventer. <= this sentence I heard from another scripter. First part is just my opinion on eventing. So.. ye.
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    Mini Game Scripts: The Shortage, and Why

    It's because so many can be done with eventing, scripters dont find the effort to do so worth it.
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  9. Amount of times = amount of turns?
  10. This is how you search for RPG Maker VX stuff ONLY. Type in RPG Maker "Vx" [X] -Ace -XP -MV Type it just like that with quotations and replace X with whatever you want but take out the brackets around it. I preserve many of the scripts I find in notepads since scripters are starting to not bother updating their older scripts and some can be hard to get in contact of especially if they left RPG Maker. I hope that answers your problem and for your question, it's not a waste. Vx is useful like any other engine. Some changes people like and some changes people dislike from engine to engine, so it's mostly subjective to which one a person considers the most useful and what they consider a waste.
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    Target selection in battle

    I personally would use X,Y and how to implement it depends on the side view script you are using. Using X and Y would feel more natural imo. Itll also make navigating between everyone in the battle faster and more fluid. If you want to use X or Y, then yes, you'll have to position them so their X or Y do not match. In this case, Y is a bit better since having enemies in a horizontal line would look odd in side view but vertical lines dont.
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  16. My PC was down. Hello, everyone! ^w^

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    Demo Game (0.1.1) Trailer

    My bad, then. I'm not familiar with Visual novels, so I didn't realize it was such. No problem, I try help. I'll let you know if I found any typos.
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    Demo Game (0.1.1) Trailer

    I'll play it sometime today and check back w/ you tomorrow ^w^ EDIT: Some of the conversations were too long Some of the conversations are really long. The only one that I feel needs to be changed is when you first meet the green-haired guy. I couldn't finish it, but once you meet the guy with the green hair, the dialogue is awfully long, and when you are done talking to the green haired guy, you go into even more dialogue, and you'll most likely lose that audience in the middle of that. Nice Tutorial Besides that, the tutorial was nice and sweet; it wasn't overly long or even long which is nice. Despite how complex things looked, it was explained very well. Nice Concept and Companion System I love how the game is made, and how you click on things almost like a "find the clues" game. it's also nice that your companions interact with you in a way that is not overdone and leaves you curious about them and the way they act despite what's going on, etc. It's also good to know that people react to your decisions rather than companions who just tag along. Well done. Memorable Companions From what I played, the girl and guy you meet at the place is pretty memorable. I found them pretty funny, and they do keep the atmosphere from getting too dark which I feel some games do miss, so bravo on thinking on that and doing something about it before it became an issue. Art and Full Art Cutscenes were fantastic Bravo to whoever your artist(s) is; they did a wonderful job. I have no complaints and the art in the cutscenes and the rooms are great. Mouse/Keyboard This is small, but I do like games that allow you to use your mouse to click because some games, like this one, would be harder to do via keyboard so it's nice the controls focus on the mouse.
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