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  1. Hoping this question hasn't been asked already, but I was wondering if you could actually add a specific card to the deck through an event call. For example, at the start of my game I wanted to make it so on a certain turn you received a card which was the only thing that really made it possible for you to win a fight with your opponent.
  2. Mikoto

    Basic Quest System

    Really neat looking script, I'll be of course trying it out myself. Doesn't look the simplest to use but I'm sure I'll get into it soon enough. I might have missed something or someone else might have already asked this but if you have the time I might suggest making a demo so that it's easier to understand. Seems really interesting though, can't wait to get it working!
  3. Alright, thanks and good luck.
  4. The family tags are involved in this version due to this being a permissibly edited version of your script by Malagar with credit of the actual script to you. I think it's a misunderstanding of this being the unedited version of your script, which seems understandable. Thank you for making the original script by the way, it's been very helpful.
  5. I'm having experiencing a bit of a problem with the use of item family types. I'm trying to make it so that when you open an event it gives you a family type (based around mining). It has multiple outcomes based on rarity and level, two outcomes being: Getting a rock and a stone, these two items having the same rarity's with slight differences. Issue: While using family types I've been having the same problem as I used to have when I used the v1.0 of Galvs Random Loot Drops. An item that's higher up has more priority of being generated when I open a family set loot. I don't believe I've encountered this problem without the family loot set. I've run the same event that should have an even chance of generating each item with a 50% chance 10 times. I've even duplicated the items in different slots once, but I practically always get the one higher up. Here's a diagram of my problem: ("Call Common Event: Mine" is just sounds) Thanks for reading, if this has already been solved, sorry for asking, otherwise, I hope you can solve the solution. NOTE(s): I am using the correct and latest version of this script. From what I've seen it seems that the family system still uses the same system as v1.0 of Galv's Random Loot Drops.
  6. Thanks for this, I'm lucky it came around when I needed it since the bug in v1.0 of Galv's script was really starting to get hard to cope with (Still pleased that the script was made in the first place even with the bug). It's been working well so far.