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  1. caelumania

    Training Myself in Pixel Art [Eyeburn Ahead!]

    I won't comment much on the color choices since I tend to use existing palettes or this (http://www.pixelfor.me/crc/F0D00732) but I do like the ones you have for the third and fourth tree. Sort of reminds me of a more saturated version of the kinds of palette my pixel idol (Syosa) tends to use. I think some work is needed on resemblance. For the trees, well one could argue that they are trees. But if I were to describe them, I'd say the first is some sort of rock on a tree trunk, the second is fancy creep paper art on a pretzelish something, the thrid is some sort of organic material (an out of control spleen?) being carried by a gecko, the fourth looks bonzaish and the way the leaves are clustered look weird to me, the fifth one is the most okay but I think it needs more leaves. I kinda like the third and fourth ones best though even if the fifth is the most solid looking, maybe because those ones look like they have character to me. I think your shading is good, I don't think a lot of beginners could make something that looks like a rock, creep, and organic stuff even if they wanted to. A lot of stuff I see from them really look flat (mine did for a long time, part of the axe looks flat though). I'm not insulting you or anything okay, I actually see potential here. It's like you've grasped shading quite well but simply don't know how to render things because you don't have much experience (and that'll come). Just keep at it and good job.
  2. Be freed of the sorrow of not knowing the value of people's lives.

    1. Knighterius


      Be freed of the sorrow...so does that mean I will now value people? Hmm, okay!

  3. caelumania

    Paladin/Cleric Argument

    Another thing that's usually different between Paladins and Clerics are the equipment they could use. Paladins normally have access to heavier armors and weapons (like a soldier at most times) as opposed to Clerics who have mid tier armors and blunt weapons.
  4. caelumania

    Protagonists Class

    Some classes for a joke game I'm planning to make one day. Maybe you can get some ideas from them. Jobber: Deals 10x damage against non-bosses, deals only 10% against bosses. Savior: Deals only 10% against non-bosses, deals 10x damage against bosses. Sadist: Deals more damage the lower the enemy's hp is. Masochist: Gets stronger every time she receives damage. Edgelord: Can't be healed or buffed by party members, deals damage to everyone every time he does something, does a lot of damage against primary targets. Ex-Final Boss: Can't use items, can't be healed, has many different forms as well as evolving forms, has very high hp. Analytics Guy: Can block damage between a certain range, deals solid damage that ignores armor, gets weaker every time someone crits or gets a lucky dodge. Smugknight: Gets permanently stronger every time she defeats someone.
  5. caelumania

    tileset Futuristic Laboratory Tileset

    It looks good imo. Good job on being able to stick to a single task for 8 hours as well, it was time well spent.
  6. Just a couple of more things that don't really sit too well with me, these are probably be just me though. So I'm guessing that there are souls that are "bad at heart", I don't really like hearing that. And if for example, a soul judge walks up to me and tells me that he will judge whether I am good at heart or that if I deserved a second chance, I might just laugh at him and get wrecked to nothing in the process, heh. I just don't think that with any amount of training or talent that any human being can or should be allowed to decide whether someone's soul is good or bad, again just my opinion though. Anyway, I always feel like this when reading such concepts but they could very well be written quite well. Good luck with developing the idea!
  7. caelumania

    Shapeshifting in Battle

    Iter Impius has one, check it out at the showroom. Personally, whenever I hear shapeshifting abilities I just think "it might be cool". There are plenty of scripts that could help you with as far as I know, there might be some in the master list.
  8. Hmm, when the emotionless spirits decided that some souls didn't deserve to return, did they have ability to know which ones deserved to return or not? Or they just knew that they send back undeserving souls from time to time? Both could be potentially problematic imo. If it's the former then they don't need the "Soul Judges", if it's the latter then they could choose the wrong kind of people to become soul judges. The idea kinda reminds of a short story whose title I couldn't remember. It was about a guy being tried at heaven by three people who were judges when they were alive. They call God as the witness and God tells the judges of all the crimes the man has committed. After God tells them what they wanted to know, the judges talk among themselves to decide the man's fate. The man takes this opportunity to ask God why he was the witness instead of the judge. God answers that if someone knew all that He knew then that someone wouldn't be able to judge anyone so it was better that man was to be judged by the same laws man was under on Earth. The judges decide the man should go to hell, they move to the next man and the story ends.
  9. caelumania

    Can a quest take too long?

    Well, they say too much of even a good thing is bad for you so I'm guessing it could.
  10. If I were in your situation, I'd have Garrett and Maxis clash over the thing/idea several times that causes Maxis to leave on his own eventually. On a different note, I don't fully understand why you should off a character because he happens to have the same weapons. Maybe you could just change Maxis's choice of weapons. Also reexamine why Maxis was created in the first place. Maybe you'd find a place him still but if you can't, you really should just have him disappear one way or another to save yourself grief.
  11. Played it until I got Jimmy back to Uzui. Let's see, for some reason the rgss3 console runs when I run the game. I think there's should be a way to make the intro run faster. I don't know if it's because I didn't go to the bar first but with just Owen and May, I think our supply of tonics would have been depleted after maybe 3 slime troops if we used the typical "attack attack and use items when health is low" method. Defend didn't seem like it just does things but felt absolutely necessary. Fenrir is really strong while May always seems in danger of dying if she doesn't defend. Pretty solid game though. Haven't gotten a peek of the other features yet, I'll post again when I do so.
  12. caelumania

    concept A Storyteller is You (working title)

    I like the way Killo explained it. I think there might be some worrying implications the way the first post was written (to me at least). It makes me think that the game is about trying to make a blank character named Yuth into something the player wants him to be. That could potentially lead to some problems depending on what kind of choices can be found. What if I want Yuth to be a hero, it'll be simple if there was a choice of Hero and Not Hero. But if the choices don't exactly tell you the result then there might be a difference in opinion on why and what happened and that would suck. On the other hand, making the effects of the choices too obvious would take a lot fun out of it. Also, this might just be me again but I feel like there's also a very real chance everything would wind up being very pretentious. Killo's make me think that I should just assign this and that, and watch what kind of trainwreck (I would try to make a trainwreck in my first run) would unfold with my decisions (that might not be his intention with the concept though, heh). And I love trainwrecks. After trainwreck # 1, I can make more decisions and wait for possibly a glorious trainwreck # 2 until we reach the end. The difference might come from Yuth being "shapeable" into a "good guy" or a "bad guy" or something. Like doing this would make him have a nicer personality and that a mean one which is fine as long as it isn't too ambitious imo. But Killo's just sounds more fun. His has a cast and you just put them into roles. You're just there to see the fruits of your fate changing labor. It has more dimension that way imo. Though the "Yuth way" sets itself up better to get emotional involvement from the player, the "Killo way" can do the same thing with some effort.
  13. caelumania

    Inner Monologues

    How about you make it look like the protagonist is playing a game? Like adding some black borders (thicker at the bottom) around to make it look you're looking at a screen. Then having the protag's thoughts appear centered over the bottom black border (the bottom border doubles as the space for the thoughts) using maybe Yanfly's Gab Window. Having them pop up like subtitles enforces the fact that they are thoughts and extra narration imo and being at the center just below the "game's" message box make is more noticeable and intuitive.
  14. caelumania

    Opinions on color palette and style

    Thanks everyone, I think I will go with the first. Thanks for the suggestions as well, time to see how I can push it to its limits.
  15. caelumania

    Enemies guarding boss?

    I have an idea though I'm not sure if this is how you want it done. First, get Yanfly's Death Common Event script. Then make two versions of your boss, one that is immune to all the elements in your game and another that isn't. Put the immune to everything one in your troop. Make a common event like: Of course you can use other variables but take note of the enemy number of the boss in your troop. That example had the boss as enemy # 3. Transform the boss into the not immune version. Make the two comrades run the common event when they die. It worked for me. Hope this helps!