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  1. this profile is dead OOPS

    does anyone even remember that old 'crystal tales' project I was working on back when I was 14? looks like the forum post was inactive for so long it's closed lol. doesn't bug me that much, the game was old and I just wrote it on a whim after bingeplaying lunar wish and enelysion that summer.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      The name 'Crystal Tales' sounds vaguely familiar... can't place where or when I heard the name though.

      MV runs like garbage on my hardware (requires an old OpenGL patch to even be arsed to run at all), but it does run okay (playing music is a no go), until test play, in which the lag is awful.

      I think we would like to see your progress, what you've accomplished in your absence...

    3. kurin


      probably a generic title anyway tbh...it was an old project I promoted the HELL out of back in 2014 and would edit the forum post once a week with new info or rewrites.


      and ok! I'll draw up my redesigns and put 'em on one of the forums! :DDD

    4. PhoenixSoul