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  1. this profile is dead OOPS

    does anyone even remember that old 'crystal tales' project I was working on back when I was 14? looks like the forum post was inactive for so long it's closed lol. doesn't bug me that much, the game was old and I just wrote it on a whim after bingeplaying lunar wish and enelysion that summer.

    1. kurin


      to be honest I just kinda lost my interest in rpg maker as a whole? it's fun, sure, but it isn't a passion of mine. maybe I'll try again one of these days, but I dunno. I got mv buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut vx ace is better imo

    2. kurin


      HOWEVER!! I actually went out of my way to take the characters I've written for crystal tales and actually give them their own designs modeled after their sprites (I used kaduki's assets in the game) if anyone's interested in seeing those? :D I feel like it'd be a way to show how far I've come from back in 2014

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