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  1. was anyone gonna tell me there's an rpg maker game with a secret path that tries to recruit you into a cult or was I just supposed to find that out in a recommended youtube video myself

    Image result for laughing nervously what the fuck

    1. Kayzee


      What's that all about? I mean, if the game is trying to recruit you to a cult, why would it be a secret path? Unless it was something where only people with special knowledge enough to find the path are worthy of being requited or something... I guess I can see that.


      Anyway it's not like it's a magical program that will end up abducting you or mind controlling you or anything is it? Because if it is I will be upset. That was MY RPG Maker project idea! Er... I mean... Hey! What's that over there? *runs away*

    2. kurin


      @Kayzee  uh...heads up for disturbing topics in the video.


    3. Kayzee


      Hehehe... You know what's really disturbing? That type of thing? It isn't something you only see hidden in obscure RPG Maker games or posted as puzzles and strange twitter posts. No... It's right in your face every day. You ever been to a fan convention? Isn't that just another cult? What about the Cult of Money? What about the Cult of Science? What about the Cult of Religion? What about the Cult of Society? They are all recruiting in subtle and not so subtle ways, and they are far from harmless. Every day you face a cultist, heck you probobly are one, and you don't even realize it. You think cults are some extreme dark shady corner of human existence? Oh no no no... They are the very center of human existence, and always have been.


      Maybe, just maybe, to ASCEND you first have to DESCEND. To stop ignoring the web woven around you. My dear humans... We have such sights to show you! We are waiting in your dreams, and your nightmares. We have been here before you and will be here after you are gone. I would like to tell you a story. I would like to play a game. I would like to delve with you into the depths of Dwimmer. That's what I am trying to accomplish. Progress can be slow though, I can often be lazy. :3


      And if you think that all sounds like a bunch of crazy talk, rest assured it totally is. But it's funny how little one can tell the sane from the insane sometimes don't you think? ;)