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  1. good god rpg maker mv's default weapons/classes are an absolute DOWNGRADE 

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    2. kurin


      @That One NPC yeah, only reason I'm using mv is for a birthday gift. when that's done I'm back to being a vx ace ride or die

    3. Kayzee


      Well I for one like Ruby, but I am an experienced coder and I can see how inexperienced coders could be driven crazy by it. Because the thing about Ruby is that it actually has lots of kinda hard core computer science-ish concepts that most people just do not know much about, like closureseigenclasses, stuff like that. I mean, you don't need to know about most of the advanced stuff most of the time, but it's sometimes hard for beginners to understand exactly what Ruby is actually doing. The cause of a good percentage of the mistakes I see people make with Ruby is because they are copying and pasting stuff without understanding how any of how what they are doing actually works, and often just make assumptions that are just disastrously wrong.


      That said, I don't know how Javascript is any better in that regard. It might even be worse! Javascript uses prototype-based programing which is much less common then the usual style of object oriented programming with classes and stuff. Javascript also I think tends to have a lot of kind of obscure features sometimes.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Someone else who is a fair trade better than I am at coding straight up told me that Javascript is...




      in a Discord server. I believe it. lol

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