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  1. just a passing idea, but how would y'all use singing as a battle mechanic?

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    2. Kayzee


      I always find those kind of passive battlefield effects rather interesting, especially where the battle field it's self has states of sort that change how battle works for everyone and can be harnessed by with some strategy. A bit like the weather effects in the Pokemon games.


      Like maybe there is a song that fills the battlefield with holy light, which may heal most living things but hurts undead and/or demons? Both allies and enemies would be effected, but most of the time those types of creatures are enemies. Also there could be a reverse version some enemies could use that fills the battlefeild with darkness that heals undead and demons but hurts most everyone else.


      Another example might be a version of the Bard's 'counterspell' ability from D&D or maybe more like a multiturn Runic from FFVI in the form of a song. Basically something that prevents spells from working when it's sung, but again effects everybody. There probobly should be a way to tell a bard-type to stop signing on their turn or play a new song.


      Maybe also so you don't end up switching songs every round, they could start out not that powerful but get stronger the more rounds you keep singing? I donno.


      If there can be only one effect on the whole battlefield that might also mean enemy bards can sort of block yours and visa versa.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      (what I saw at first glance)


      just a passing idea, but how would y'all see singing as a battle mechanic?


      Yeah, I'd go with a Final Fantasy type thing where once in song, the battler cannot do anything else.

    4. kurin


      @PhoenixSoul (I edited it bc I felt the word choice made it confusing :V)