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  1. just a passing idea, but how would y'all use singing as a battle mechanic?

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    2. kurin


      @PhoenixSoul nono, lol, I meant how would you USE it as a mechanic? like in game development ha

    3. Kayzee


      I think the most interesting way singing is used in RPGs is as a way to create skills that create passive battlefield effects that stay in effect as long as the user keeps singing, like all allies regenerating a bit of hp each turn, or all enemies are debuffed or have a chance to be put to sleep each turn or something. The catch is an actor can only sing on song at a time, and in some games can't do anything else while singing. I would probobly allow them to do other things while singing, but maybe have a chance to stop singing when hit.

    4. kurin


      @Kayzee that's a really neat idea!! I was considering buff/debuffs, but the one song per battle thing definitely makes things more interesting, since the player won't be able to just spam them in that scenario :o so they would have to think real carefully which song they wanna use. 100% remembering this! :D 

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