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  1. you'd think I would've been using all this quarantine time to continue writing

    or finalizing character designs

    or anything productive






    yeah maybe in some other timeline I would have lol

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    2. Kayzee


      @PhoenixSoul It exists, it just might not be real. :3


      @kurin What exactly do you mean by 'executive dysfunction'?


      I don't know about you, but being honest with my self the main reason I don't do as much work on my game is mostly because I just don't feel like it, and if I don't feel like it trying to force myself to do it just makes it into a drag which makes me feel like doing it less. I mean, yeah, half the reason I don't feel like it is because I am easily distracted, but the thing I have found about distractions is that the reason they are so distracting is because they are things that I rather be doing at the moment.


      Not that shot term distractions are more important to long term goals, but they sure feel more important don't they? Because often long term goals just don't feel rewarding to work on, at least for me. If I actually want to accomplish anything, I need to find a way to make them more rewarding in the moment somehow. Or I could just forget it and screw around. Which is what I do. Sometimes that screwing around actually turns out to be productive in a long term way! But if it doesn't... Oh well! Thems the breaks I guess.


      It's also possible for some people to go to the entire other extreme and work on something at the expense of important short term things like 'eating' and 'sleeping'. I have done that before too when the mood strikes me, but not for very long. I like eating and sleeping! When people think of how much time they 'waste' eating and sleeping and other biological needs when they could be working on something they often feel like they need to hurry hurry hurry, get busy busy busy. Then half of them end up either burning themselves out and give up, or burning themselves up and working with a ferocious conviction until they are done or it kills them.


      I rather actually enjoy myself instead of being obsessed with how 'productive' I am, but other people are not me. I avoid stress at all costs, while other people seem to thrive on stress. It all comes back to that age old question. What do you want? Be careful about beings who ask you that question though, because they usually want something in return. And be sure to also remember who you are. :3

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Time, is definitely not real. You're right, lolz

      I think I have too many short term distractions, though admittedly, not all of them are distractions I invoke myself, and lately, more and more of them are thrown at me by others...

      I'm also curious as to what 'executive dysfunction' is. It's something I've heard the name of, that's all...

    4. Kayzee


      I wouldn't say it's definitely not real. It's pretty much impossible to tell if some things are real or not... Honestly it's pretty much impossible to tell if anything is 'real' or not, but that's a whole other issue. Anyway, it doesn't matter that much. Real or unreal, it still exists and people still need to deal with it.

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