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  1. I’m conflicted about what engine to use. do people still use vx ace? or is everyone moving to mv (or whatever the new one is)

    I have vxa and mv, but I GREATLY prefer vx ace. I just can’t stand how...blocky...and overly colorful the new programs are.

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    2. kiyasu


      Welcome to the "VX Ace club," a phrase I use to refer to people who firmly stick to VX Ace! I own the licenses for both MV and MZ, but I deliberately use VX Ace for all my projects. I can go on about in paragraphs of writing on why VX Ace is so much "better" than MV and MZ in many ways. I did mention a bit about my preferences in this post though. Of course if a person's goals are different, MV or MZ might be the "better" engine, but at least for me, the pros of VX Ace far outweighs the cons, while the cons of MV and MZ far outweighs the pros.

    3. Rikifive


      ace master race

    4. Chuck


      You know what, I extremely felt the same. I prefer VXA over newer engines.

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