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  1. I’m conflicted about what engine to use. do people still use vx ace? or is everyone moving to mv (or whatever the new one is)

    I have vxa and mv, but I GREATLY prefer vx ace. I just can’t stand how...blocky...and overly colorful the new programs are.

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    2. Kayzee


      Well I still use VX Ace, but I am a weirdo.

    3. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I still use Ace as well.


      Ace has more resources in terms of graphics and scripts, by a crippling and absolute landslide. MV's default character resources have a decidedly juvenile, anime'esque tone and texture that doesn't appeal to my creative senses.


      MZ is very new, and only a few of the community Legends have reemerged from obscurity to begin releasing new content for the engine.


      It really comes down to the resources you want available to your project before you have to start commissioning works or DIYing stuff. If you want resources Ace is your best option.

    4. Animebryan


      MZ brings back XP's multi-layered mapping system if that's important to you. If you're going by plugin library, MV has the biggest & most diverse, but MZ is a slight improvement over MV, it just needs to catch up to the plugin library. Yanfly's old MV plugins are being transferred from MV with newer features & compressed into hybrid plugins.

      However, if skill animations are something you want to get in to, MZ requires you to use a 3rd party program called Effekseer though.

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