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  1. I wanna change my game's title AGAIN bc I thought of a name that sounds even better gfdi

    1. PhoenixSoul


      I always start with a Working Title that I can change as I see fit.

      Or, sometimes, I don't have one in mind from the get go.

    2. Kayzee


      For the longest time my active project was just a test game titled 'Kayzee's Fairy Tale', but the directory name was simply 'test'. But then, like storm clouds gathering on the horizon I started having ideas. I mean, I am a fairy right? And I often talk about fairy-related things. So why not make a game about it? And before I knew it, I was actually getting serious about making a game and not just a test project to test scripts.


      And by that time the name I wanted to use was pretty obvious, since I had already taken to using the word Dwimmer to describe the unreal, and the game was going to be a roguelike where you delve into dungeons... Dwimmerdelve! It's perfect! Perfect I say! Not only does it perfectly describe what my game is about, but most of the best titles are two words stuck together you know? Bonus points if one is obscure and flowery. And it's alliterative too! How could I not pick it?


      If I ever finish it and make a 'sequel' (not sure if that's likely at this point) I even have the perfect title for it already: Dwimmerdeluge. See if you can guess what it might be about from the title. Hehehe...

  2. I'm so determined to figure out how to use TSBS (theo battle system) by myself I actually started taking notes lolIMG_1691.thumb.JPG.2ad80daab0cb7b3d335f66f5f3f06eea.JPG

    1. PhoenixSoul




      I mean, to be fair, if that works for you, then fantastic.

    2. kurin


      @PhoenixSoul saves the time it takes to close out a window, look at the script, go back, rinse and repeat

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Well, there is notepad (or notepad++), but you know.

  3. tsbs is DEFINITELY a learning process, but I like it so far! I'm gonna say this problem's been solved, soooo go ahead and close this forum please!
  4. if I need to go back and fix it, I can just use the unaltered code from an old project. when I went with your advice and put the ", user" line back into theo's script, that error would pop up every time I would try to attack, not just with critical hits. so it looks like the best way to fix the override is to make sure both Game_Battler and theo's base module say "value = apply_critical(value, user)", not just "(value)". I could be wrong, idk, but so far it seems to be working fine.
  5. I tried your idea and.... didn't work. ;;;; I'm using the theolized sideview battle system, and I edited line 1038 of the basic module. these are the scripts I have for the system: I'm not sure which one could be overriding critical, though. I went into check out line 357, and I saw that it was pretty much the same line as the one I edited. I put the ", user" back into the theo script, and I also put it into the game_battler script. not sure if that's what I was supposed to do? I'll see if it worked or not if I get the error again. I think that MIGHT have solved the issue. considering it said "wrong number of arguments" before, and now both scripts say: value = apply_critical(value, user) if @result.critical that may have fixed it, but I'm not sure. I want to keep this thread open just in case the problem comes back.
  6. changed to: like that? :0
  7. theo's battle system shouldn't mess with critical hits that much, but I looked and found these lines in the basic module. that MIGHT have a connection, but I'm not sure. it can't be yanfly's battle system, I've been using that for years and it's never given me problems, so it HAS to be this one.
  8. I'm testing out the Theolized Sideview Battle System, fun script, learning the basics. but when my characters are about to do a critical hit, I get the error shown above. idk if others have had this problem and they've been answered as well, but I'm having trouble finding answers. I saw ONE on another forum that suggested putting this line into datamanager: BattleManager.setup($data_system.test_troop_id, true, false) which I did, but it looks like that didn't work. i HATE asking for help with errors that are probably VERY simple to fix, (I feel like an annoying customer service client...) but google hasn't provided me with any answers. so if anyone knows how to fix this or at least has an idea that COULD work, please help!!
  9. "wow what an amazing script- OH GOD ERRORS"

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    2. Kayzee


      Those sneaky nils get into everything don't they? When you get an error related to nil:NilClass it usually means something isn't set right and it can't find something it expects to find.

    3. kurin


      @Kayzee according to a couple threads, it's because I was trying to run an old save file I made PRIOR to adding certain scripts. so I made a new file and it's fine now!! but now there's another issue I had to make a forum post about...OOF.

    4. Kayzee


      Yeah, that will happen. Don't give up if problems pop up! I will look at the thread soon and maybe I can help?

  10. me: wow revisiting this rpg project sure is fun now that i know what i'm doing!!
    my brain: yeah now you get to rewrite the plot!

    me: sorry rewrite the what

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    2. kurin


      @Kayzee I'm MUCH more of a character person tbh, I love writing characters and character-driven stories. so usually the character development comes first for me :0

    3. Kayzee


      Yeah, plus character stuff is a lot easier to deal with then plot stuff I think. I guess it depends on what you count as plot or not. To me 'plot' means how the story progresses. Character stuff and setting stuff are kind of their own thing if you ask me. I mean, to really qualify as a 'plot' you have to pretty much know where the story is going and how it gets there. But characters can just hang out and be fun characters or just react to situations as they pop up, and setting details are as much for flavor and to make the world seem more alive as they are for plot devices. :3

    4. kurin


      @Kayzee that's a really good way to put it! :DD

  11. this profile is dead OOPS

    does anyone even remember that old 'crystal tales' project I was working on back when I was 14? looks like the forum post was inactive for so long it's closed lol. doesn't bug me that much, the game was old and I just wrote it on a whim after bingeplaying lunar wish and enelysion that summer.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      The name 'Crystal Tales' sounds vaguely familiar... can't place where or when I heard the name though.

      MV runs like garbage on my hardware (requires an old OpenGL patch to even be arsed to run at all), but it does run okay (playing music is a no go), until test play, in which the lag is awful.

      I think we would like to see your progress, what you've accomplished in your absence...

    3. kurin


      probably a generic title anyway tbh...it was an old project I promoted the HELL out of back in 2014 and would edit the forum post once a week with new info or rewrites.


      and ok! I'll draw up my redesigns and put 'em on one of the forums! :DDD

    4. PhoenixSoul
  12. (imagines a scenario for my story)


    (opens up script)

    what is writing

  13. WOW THANKS PHOTOBUCKET for ruining literally every resource and tutorial forum post because you won't show the images????????

    1. kurin


      come to think of it a lot of image hosting sites are broken, lately... then again i don't know if it's an image host or the site itself, but i had to use internet wayback machine on rmrk to get some now broken tilesets.

    2. Guyver


      Between photobucket, imgshack, the older rm sites and wayback machine urls getting fucked up and not displaying pages we're losing a lot of resources.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Photof*cker went through a design change and broke every link, every single last one.


      We need to pull all these resources under one umbrella, and host it on a modern cloud service like MEGA.

  14. anyone know any good tutorials on pixel art?

    1. Kayzee


      I found this page with links to a bunch of um! I tend to do it by shrinking a picture and tracing the outline by feel, then filling it in. I did my avatar like that, :3

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    2. Chadzter01
    3. Asharonapaul


      nice talent there. I can only hope to be as good one day :)

    4. Chaosian


      Gotta have blue hair.