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  1. This did not work, the error still appeared. I recreated skill 001 as just a standard attack. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated, as I seem to be missing something... Altimos EDIT: I just figured it out, this issues has been plaguing me for such a long time... and it turns out it was the weapon I had equipped. Long ago, I must have placed <attack: 1> under its note tag and forgot. The only reason I found it is because I just changed my Actor 1 starting sword. Sorry to inconvenience everybody, I'll go back to my hole XD
  2. I'm having some issues changing the Attack ID for each actor. Skill 001 intentionally left blank Starting a test battle, I encountered this error... If I cut and past attack skill 005 into 001, it works... Even though the Actor 1 Note Tag is still saying <attack: 5> Any additional help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm trying to get each Actor in its own separate script under the TSBS scripts. Because each Actor has their own individual variables assigned to their attacks, so each Actor HAS to have their own attack, not share the same one. Altimos
  3. What I'm trying to do is set the parameters of my enemies with variables according to the level of the party. I set up a Common Event that is called before a battle, and calculate the HP/MP and Parameters of the monster before the battle is initialized. In the Common Event, calculations are made and converted to an array per each stat for the enemy. These calculations happen between each array, but in the spoiler section is the end result of each calculation where Variable 16 acts as a placeholder for the stat as it is calculated and then inserted into the array 1-6. I just put the end result so you can see... I didn't want to add all the calculations in, wanted to make it simple for the point of explanation. Changed all enemy database HP/MP and Parameters to 1, and then added a script call at turn 0 of the battle (Found this idea on another forum). However, when I start the battle, RM errors out with this error... On that other forum, I expressed that I was getting this error but nobody has responded to my post. So I brought it here in hopes of gaining another level of support. And I've tried every variation of $game_troop.members[#]. I tried to do this with Yanfly's Adjust Limits script, but I cannot get a variable to work with his script inside the notes section of an enemy when I use the note tag <stat: ##>, I don't think it is setup to REGEXP variables from the note tag... And my knowledge is not that strong with ruby to try an implement such an addition. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated, as I'm trying to scale my enemies with my party versus creating the same enemy for every 10 levels the party progresses. Respectfully, Altimos EDIT: This Thread can be closed due to Hime coming to my rescue with their "Enemy Param Formulas" script.
  4. Altimos

    Picture Wrapper

    Tsukihime,I seem to be having issues plugging your script into my game. When I do a script call make_pic("filename", 255, 10, 10) and try it in game, it comes back with an error. Not sure why it is not working, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Altimos
  5. Altimos

    Help with linking Map Position to Menu

    Any help... even if it is just a suggestion... would be greatly appreciated... Altimos
  6. Altimos

    Damage Limit

    Perfect, everything that I can see and within the limited scope of knowledge that I have, it's PERFECT!!! It also works perfectly too, already tried it. Now I don't have to go and update each note box for some 460 items/weapons/armor, 170 skills, and 330 monsters. Thanks Shadowmaster... man if I had you're knowledge working with Ruby... the things I could do... like rule the WORLD!!! Haha, anyways thanks for the quick turnaround on this, you made my day. Altimos
  7. Altimos

    Damage Limit

    Shadowmaster, is it possible to set everything in the game to cap at 9,999 damage? I hate to have to go through every single skill/monster to set notetags. If there is through the means of your "defaultdamagelimit" section on line 88, I did set this to 9999... however I'm still critting at 25k to 27k on a skill attack... I even went so far as to change "defaultskillpriority" on line 127 to false to ensure nothing in the skills is causing the limit to overcome the 9999. I'm still not comfortable with ruby scripting, so I'm just stabbing in the dark and trying something new (helps me learn... a little). Didn't want to bother you with this, as I'm sure it's something easy and I'm just missing something or blind to something already written in the explanation portion of the script. Altimos
  8. Altimos

    Custom Collapse Effects

    Awesome, you are most certain skilled when it comes to scripting. I'll download this script and give it a go. Were you able to address the fading sequence as well, does it also have the same effect as the sinking sequence... slowly fading in relation to the end of the collapse effect? ------------------ Belay that last, just tested it out and it works perfectly. The fading sequence last as long as the collapse effect and the sinking is also in time. Perfect script Shadowmaster, perfect... and for that I give you you're lightsaber... Altimos
  9. Altimos

    Custom Collapse Effects

    I very much love your script Shadowmaster, which has been great for all of my boss battles. However, I'd like to make my final end boss a bit more special in regards to he/she's exit... I like Kefka's exit from the final fantasy's series... not really the break away, but the length of which he disintegrates. I was wondering if there was a particular way in modifying your script to make the fade and sink sequence last much longer than normal. I can always set the custom collapse script to last however long I want it, but as soon as the fade and sink sequence begins, it's over in less than a heartbeat (maybe two)... my point is, it's too quick. Is there a way to lengthen those two, or am I SOL? Respect to the darkside... Altimos
  10. Yanfly's Equip Engine allows through actors notes # <starting gear: x> # <starting gear: x, x> # Adds armour x to the actor's list of starting gear. This is used primarily # for the newer pieces of gear that can't be added through the starting set of # equipment through the RPG Maker VX Ace editor by default. Insert multiple of # these notetags to add more pieces of starting gear if so desired. Though I don't use it... I use the database as far as my starting gear goes. When I mean custom, I mean gear that I made myself and inputted <equip type: xxxxxx> <category: xxxxxx> in the notes section. And since I deleted the casual cloths to incorporate my new armor list, I can't put it as my starting gear anymore. And if you think Yanfly's equip engine might be responsible for the early incidences, I'm not sure... because it may have been installed in the database, I didn't actually start messing with it until today. And we know my problem started last week. Altimos
  11. It was, I sense removed them for custom starting gear. It was on my characters at the time, as well as x3 NEW casual cloths appeared in the inventory. After clearing the starting gear from the actors page of the database, the problem didn't happen again. Giving the actors the NEW custom starting gear, the problem still won't recreate. So... I don't know if you can extrapolate and answer from my explanation... however, I'm open to all possibilities you may have at this point, because it may or may not be related to my first issue. Especially since I cannot recreate the problem again... I hate mysteries... Altimos
  12. Altimos


    Hmm... If he had it on autorun, wouldn't the event cause him not to do anything else after the battle event? If it was a parallel process, I could see that... Is the map where you're having the battle the same map where you have the event to add those specific items to? If so, I'd recommend separating your "prologue" map where you can have all kinds of events run, and then transfer your player to your starting map (tint/fade out to tint/fade in), for your battle event and continuation of the story. Chances are, Maliki is right... you're forgetting the self switch, which is why I make a prologue map... I have a tendency to forget the self switch... and if I do put the self switch in, I forget to make the second page say "A"... causing the event to start on the second page XD Altimos
  13. Okay, It happened again... But this time it is kind of different. I created a test map, I did an event that adds all the party members to the group... and then opened up a chest to give me all the items I was modifying the notes section with... <equip type: weapon> <category: swords> I've got multiple categories and equip types... But when I activate the switch to add the party members, I get x3 casual cloths in my inventory. I was like, here we go again. But I went into the database, and removed all the starting gear out of all party members to include the hero... and I play tested again, hit the event to add the party members to the group, and no casual cloths in my inventory. So... I don't think it's the quest journal, it may be something else, unless it's a RPG Maker glitch... not sure on this one. I'm going to wait until I've input all weapons, armors, cloaks, rings, and necklaces before I run through the test map again... Altimos
  14. OMG!!! That will make life a whole lot better if I use that =begin and =end... like really, thanks for the input on that one. Freya's ID is 002 in the database. Altimos
  15. Okay, so don't search with a leading zero. But that's good that you didn't find it... course that's also bad, because we'll be trying to figure this out till doomsday with no real answer XD Altimos
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