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  1. Sixth

    Upgrade Issue Thread

    I shall resurrect this topic with a bug I noticed. Is it even possible to resurrect a pinned topic? Anyway... When any text is highlighted from a post, there is that little "Quote this" button appearing. Keep the text highlighted and start to scroll the page up/down... You will see that button moving as well. Kinda funny. How could they even miss this? I thought people highlight text here all the time. Maybe not so much scrolling when they highlight something, but still.
  2. Sixth

    Upgrade Issue Thread

    Rikifive wrote that they can change it if there is a demand. Well, I demand it! I don't see any purpose for this "feature". Forcing anything unnecessary upon the users of any software is a sin against humankind. For real. And this thing is certainly useless and unnecessary. Btw, why this forum software? I have seen more than 1 forums regretting this choice for multiple reasons. And I mostly agree with those reasons. No idea if the bugs in it are fixed yet or not, but there were tons of them, and they were annoying. One of them is the erratic formatting issue that happens randomly (text in spoilers disappearing completely, images disappearing, text in code box disappearing, basically, many things disappearing for no reason), and the main reason why most forums I have been to ditched this software soon after they changed to it. The editor is just... bad.
  3. Sixth

    Upgrade Issue Thread

    It makes the browser freeze for a few frames when switching to this tab. I immediately switched to the default forum theme. In my opinion, forums are not made to show unnecessary and useless eye-candy effects, they are here to share and gather information. On a different topic... Why the fruit is there so much space between line breaks? Kinda annoying... -.- This much space destroys the ability to format my text how I want to. Just because I do a line break, it doesn't mean that the new line is not related to the previous line(s). I just like to format my text in a not so text-wall-ish format, hence I use more line breaks, makes it easier to read longer texts. See, I would have made a line break here, for example, but I didn't because that annoying huge space would make it look like the new line is separated from the others for contextual reasons, but in reality, there is no such reason at all. Did I make any sense? Kindly remove the huge auto-spacing on line breaks. People can still press ENTER 2 times if they want to make others scroll up/down more that way, and people who don't like it can be happy as well.
  4. Sixth

    N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

    You deal no damage because your formula got a syntax error (trying to call a non-existent method), which would crash the game if not for that rescue call which simply returns 0 for damage if something goes wrong. You used: a.xstats.Arms - b.xstats.Armor Instead of: a.xstat.Arms - b.xstat.Armor Also, it is bad habit to start variable names with a capital letter. It's understandable if you are not too code-savvy yet, but using capital letters can cause some problems in some specific cases, so you should stick with lowercase variable/setting names just to be sure.
  5. I tested your tool note-tag and it appears that you miss one line. User Graphic = nil For some reason, nothing happens if this note-tag is not present on the tool. So, just add that line, and it should work.
  6. This: User Iconset = SwordIs NOT equal this: User Iconset = swordThe setting keys used in the note-tag are case-sensitive, so you must use sword instead of Sword, or change the setting key from sword into Sword.
  7. It really doesn't matter what note-tags I use, they all work for me. The note-tags are regular tool note-tags, freshly made or copied from the demo, all of them work. The enemy note-tags are the same, new or sample ones from the demo, everything works. I tested them in 4 different projects, 1 of these was in the clean demo, 1 of it was in my own, abandoned project, and 2 of it was in other people's project. The last 3 projects got tons of custom scripts added as well. If you can upload a demo of your project for me, I will try to debug it for you when I get some free time. I suspect some compatibility issues, because no matter how I try to trigger the issue you get, I simply can't. Here is a weapon note-tag I tested: Ignore the irrelevant note-tags, those are for other scripts. But it really doesn't matter which one I use, they work.
  8. That should not affect the KO animation. Still works for me in any project I tried, even with the animation set to "hit" type.
  9. There is no such thing as "Tool Priority = 3" in the engine by default. That thing sets up the priority of the tool, and those are: 0 = Below Characters, 1 = Same as Characters, 2 = Above Characters No other options, unless you use a custom script which adds some new ones (no idea why would anyone need more than the default ones thou). The other thing is the Effect Delay. It should be set to 1 at least. 0 might cause some errors, although I never tested it yet. Can't see any other possible cause for errors. Change these, see if it will help or not.
  10. If you used woratana's Limit Breaker script, you need to remove that script after you have run it once. If you did that, it shouldn't conflict with anything. If not, try it, maybe that will fix your issue. And I know this sounds obvious, but make sure to have an animation on the 113th slot in your database. The ABS demo got extra animations set up in the database, so if your project doesn't, you will need to change the animation ID in the note-tag or make new animations in your database.
  11. These scripts are not for the default tile based collision, they don't work like that at all. They will check the real images you use, not the map tiles, and check if they are colliding with each other or not. Check the demo from that topic I linked, it got some examples. Just remember, it is NOT connected to tiles in any way! That is why they call it "pixel collision" and not "tile collision".
  12. After much testing, I found out that this script will fail if it checks many collisions at once (no idea why). It couldn't handle my shooter engine, sadly. I use this one instead: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/34975-cidiomars-perfect-pixel-collision/#comment-344750 Which is basically the same (function-wise), but it is 100% functional in every situations unlike the one from this topic. There is a link Tsukihime posted there, that is a demo of Cidiomar's Perfect Pixel Collision System script. You can check that demo to see how it can be set up for collisions between the player and events (or whatever else).
  13. Works for me in multiple projects I tried (yours included Dymdez ).
  14. No need to ask for permission, it is a public script: http://pastebin.com/GNAnAbAx The issue most probably happens because your sprite frames on the sprite sheet are not positioned to be at the very bottom of each sprite frame. Because the engine treats all sprite-sheets the same way, that will result in a "floating" character or it will simply look weird in the game. The script above will let you add custom offset values to your character sprite images, which can eventually fix your issue, I guess.
  15. You never dispose the unused bitmaps from the animated images (only the one which is currently displayed), which means that they will stay in the cache until you force dispose them (which never happens right now). You should give a script call to the users, so they could dispose these bitmaps when they want to, otherwise they will risk a game crash once the RAM usage reaches over 1 GB (approx, no idea about the exact amount). You can check this in task manager, keep using different images, and the RAM usage will rack up fast (based on the size of the images you use), but it will never go down, unless you dispose the unused images from the animation too. Store these bitmaps in the cache somewhere else, so that you can reference them and dispose them with a simple method call.
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