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  1. http://i.imgur.com/BEtH4Aw.gifv Good grief, what have I done? I've created something far more cynical than I was expecting. :^(
  2. Preparing for a spooky ghost ship stage: https://i.gyazo.com/cf22add5df349c4283584aca985fa303.png

    1. Mr. Moneybags
    2. Chaosian


      Spooky, but the pink also says sassy.

    3. Roo


      A faaaaabulous skeleton, if I do say so myself!

  3. Interesting story. I can tell you put a lot of work in writing each of the brothers personality, and I can't wait to see how they'll interact within each situation. The sensing system seems like a lot of fun as well. Can't wait to try it out!
  4. Hi guys! I had the time out of my hectic schedule to post two videos of the game so far. I'm hoping to have a demo posted as soon as I can fix the boss, and also a few maps that need tweaking... However as a working grad student I can't make any promises.
  5. Thanks! Funny story, I was playing Yoshi's Story a few weeks ago and was inspired by the super cute health bar in that game! I had to have something cute like that in mine.
  6. Hanabi Blaster is a platform shooter with custom graphics. Choose between two story modes! Recruiting: Characters: Jericho, the "Cobra" Jericho is a looter, who prefers the euphemism of being called a "ruin explorer" instead. He finds a mysterious tome known as the Firedrake Manual on one of his runs. Following the instructions sealed in this foregone tome, our hero crafts the lost dragonic weapon known as a "Blaster". This tool has the ability to shoot out powerful forces of an element, equivalent to a dragons breath. However, reports of inactive, mythical dragons suddenly start to appear throughout town. In the middle of the night, a serpent dragon appears and abducts his daughter, Samantha, on a floating continent. Can the uncovering of these new fire weapons have a connection to the awakening of dragons appearing in the world? Mint, the "Misplaced" The townspeople report of a mysterious golden tower appearing instantly overnight. What hides within this tower? Mint, an adolescent with bright green horns and small wings, awakens from a mist of slumber. Besides her, only a bow riddles her empty state. When leaving the abandoned tower in the middle of the night, a dragon soars above before landing on a distant, floating continent. Where did that dragon come from? And why does she have the desire to chase after it? Maybe, just maybe: following her instinct is where she will find answers. Interface: l Pick a storymode from the beginning and play as either Jericho or Mint! Both characters have different features. For example: Mint can glide in the air for a short amount of time while Jericho has access to the variety of "Blaster" weapons, but falls faster due to being much heavier in weight. Learn an enemies pattern! Certain enemies fly and defy gravity. Others patrol areas and hurt you if you touch them. Eitherway, learning how each enemy functions in a map will help you to your advantage! The day and night system makes certain things appear and dissapear throughout the 24 hour period. A few examples already implemented in the game is a purple "night" chest, nocturnal NPCs or monters, areas accessible only at night, et cetra. Progression in the story relies on the day and night system, allowing gameplay to be more naturalistic and interactive. Watch out for that tree! Falling from great heights can damage you, so be careful! The higher up you are, the deadlier the impact. All custom graphics made by yours truly! Changing your gear will always alter your characters appearance! New weapons means new bullets, and different ways to play. Also, break ALL of the things. The environment is a harsh mistress. Use tools and key items to surpass things that are unfair. Like gravity. Or water buoyancy. Or simply an area that was unpassable before you obtained that required item! Screenshots: Credit: V.M of D.T mobychan Bird Eater Yanfly tomoaky Yami Archeia_Nessiah Moghunter Fomar0153
  7. Welp, been listening to this for way too long:

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    2. Roo


      Yes it is! :)

    3. JaiCrimson


      I've not really heard much about this game before. What system did it originate on?

    4. Roo


      On the Game Boy Color surprisingly. Here's a longplay video of someone going through the intro to end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPExkCFzuO4. For a Game Boy Color game the sprites are gorgeous IMO!

  8. Character development is also fun: http://i.imgur.com/5VTxYvv.gif

    1. Tarq


      Quite an ambitious looking project. Clock seems to be running fast. Or the little fellows running very slow.

    2. Roo


      It'll run a thousand times slower than what it shows in the .gif. Was just testing the day / night system, which is irksome. :)

  9. Roo

    What's your proudest video game achievement?

    The one video game achievement that comes to mind was finishing Tactics Ogre on the SNES and not having a single unit in my battalion die. This was, of course, achieved through frequently resetting the game whenever the enemy AI outsmarted me (which happened practically in every battle).
  10. Me on a good day: with the help of makeup, photoshop, and an unnecessary amount of filters: Me in an unfiltered, raw, primitive state:
  11. Roo


    Thanks everyone!
  12. Roo


    Hi everyone. Figured I should get an introduction out sooner or later (I've been registered for a year already without doing so, oops). Anyway, my name is Rue! I'm a student currently trying to pursue my PhD in Archaeology / GIS, using RPGmaker for when I'm not out on the field digging through a pile of dirt. My main interests are pixel art and story writing, but ever since I picked up RPGmaker I've always hoped to learn a bit of Ruby coding. I currently have one game in the works: a 3D Dungeon Crawler called 'Atlas', that I would love to share with you all soon. Looking forward to see what this community has to offer. Everyone here seems very lively. :^)