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  1. StrangelyCloudy

    Ancient Dungeons Tileset Error

    Thank you for your help, but it was glitching badly in other areas too. I'm not sure what was wrong? We switched the tileset and everything is fine. I appreciate you taking the time to help though!
  2. So I'm starting a new project and I put in the Ancient Dungeons tiles to use, imported them. and then tried to set up a cliff. All went well until I tried to place a tree, which caused weird graphical glitches, like a tile was being shoved beneath it.. Around the corners of my cliff, there is the same tile being projected underneath it. While I can work around it for now, I would appreciate any help in solving the issue. I included a screenshot in case that helps.
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    Continued Absence

    *Note: This game is still in it's very early stages and subject to change! Torn from your everyday existence, you must survive a war torn dimension while dealing with things you barely knew about yourself. Welcome to Amachyria, a strange realm where two dimensions overlap in even stranger ways. Two different races have inhabited this realm for as long as time can remember: the Elder beings, and humans not too different from us, living in relative harmony. By the time you get there of course, everything has all gone downhill after a new monarch took over, and now this quirky, strange realm has been plunged into war. Of which, you are now caught in the middle. Amachyria is hardly the only strange thing around, you have lived in your old home for ages, so why does this place seem so familiar? Where do these powers come from? Only the guardian can answer that, and she won't talk until this war is put to rest. She seems to be hiding something, but staying alive long enough to find out will take strength, wits, and the ability to deal with the strange companions that will join you on your quest to stop this endless fighting. Be clever and take the hints the universe gives to you, and more pieces of this puzzle will reveal themselves to you. A good warning to keep in mind, however, is that the queen is not the greatest threat you will face on this journey, and certainly not the last. Features - Nearly full custom tilesets and graphics, done by yours truly - A full crafting systems for making armor, weapons, and more, by Coelocanth - A predicted charge turn battle system by Yami - An options menu so you can tune everything to your liking! By V.M of D.T - Full busts for every character that matters! - Custom skills for each party member, with animations art by Timmah/LexusX - An adorable bunny merchant who has everything an enterprising peace bringer should have (at that point in the game at least) - Three unique bosses to beat, along with 11 distinct enemies and - a key part of any fantasy adventure - the final boss! - Lots of puzzles to solve before moving on to different areas Again, a warm welcome to Amacyria, the strangest place this side of the universal rubicon. Divided into five distinct areas (That you're allowed into anyways), all provide something... interesting. to the world of Amacyria, probably things you take for granted here. The first that comes to mind is the empty fields. This was probably a really cool place at one time, but torn apart by war, it's just wilderness and buildings now. This is where you start, and may even return to at some point. Nonetheless, many things you learn to survive are learned here, but the only thing that matters anymore is the guardian's temple, which stands abandoned and yet perfectly intact. If you ever become lost, the guardian may provide some insight. Then there's the Valley of Color, where if you're eyes aren't burning out of your head from over-saturation, you're not doing it right. Everything here is always very bright and vivid, except for the people, who prefer pastel shades strangely enough. All the color in Amycyria is mined here to be used for all sorts of things. Why, if it didn't exist, everything would probably look like a blank coloring book. And we couldn't have that, now could we? Next up comes with Peaks of Equation, a strange place where everything seems to have been cut to razor precision at perfect angles. Nothing about this place looks natural in the slightest, even the flowers seem to grow in textbook geometric formations, and all sorts of neat things can be discovered in the mountain caves. Neat, that is, if you enjoy math, algebra, and the like. Even if you don't, you do have to appreciate their use in life, and this is where it all comes from. In Amycyria at least. Semi-finally, is Sugar plains, which is just the stuff of dentist nightmares as it sounds like. The grass is candy, the trees are candy, even the houses. the wildlife, and the water are all some kind of candy. They've developed a special sort of magic to help normal plants grow, which is the only reason hypertension doesn't run rampant, but I wouldn't suggest breathing the air too long without brushing your teeth anyways. And flossing, just to be on the safe side. Your journey will no doubt bring you across many strange things, places, and especially people. Many are there to help you, some seem ambiguous, and another just wants your money. First, let's define three terms: Human - your average, everyday person Elder Being - A strange race of beings that mostly appear as shadows. However, the more human they look, the more powerful they are. Shifter - People gifted with the power to take the shape of some creature or another, mostly at will Isleen, the main character The little girl you play as! despite her small size and young age, she is very smart and won't stand to be pushed around. Andra, the guardian The mysterious guardian of something. Despite her ambiguous title, she seems to be the one who put you here, and the one with all the answers. Atheria, the priestess Atheria is one of the few Elder beings who managed to resist the queen's control and escape. She heads the resistance movement against the queen and helps other survivors. Jevith, the teacher A patient Elder being a few years older than Atheria, he is kind and peaceable, and thus has no love for this war. But he was a fighter once, and will teach you everything he knows. Princess Veria, the fifth A native citizen to the valley of color, she is cheerful and more than a little quirky, sometimes seeming to be in a different world entirely. Rith, caught between worlds Hailing from the Peaks of Equation, Rith seems neither Elder being nor Shifter, and isn't welcome with either of them. No one is sure how his impossible existence came about, but it's usually the least of his worries. Camille, the merchant If there is two things Camille loves, it's collecting things and money, so he sells things he collects for money. Don't let his cute appearance fool you, he can lug around things (and money!) several times his weight. *Note that a lot of this is all a work in progress and subject to change The battle system (Getting an overhaul, temporary screenshot!) A small mockup to showcase some of the completed tiles (More will be added later) Every color in this image has been saturated to the extreme for the valley of color. Except for the sprite of course. Credits *Note that as this game is still in progress, this section may grow and change with time Battle engine and charge turn battle system done by Yami Crafting system by Coelocanth Options menu by V.M of D.T (A.K.A Vlue) Animation art by Timmah/LexusX The graphics done so far, all by me Menu/Save/Shop engine all done by Yanfly Face to bust script done by Galv
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    Help with some sprites

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    Help with Pearl Action System

    Thanks for the help, saved me a whole lotta note tagging!
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    Help with Pearl Action System

    Since it's been 4 days, bumping.