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    Holder reacted to cazziuz for a blog entry, Ok, so after months of planning and prep work ........   
    Ok so after months of planning and prep-work and digging through forums and old blogs from random people and making Google translate my newest bestest friend in the whole world....I have finally submitted my game to the all game submission area , hopefully i did it right and it will get moved over to the showroom soon.....so since this is my first blog...in pretty much ever....
    i have started and stopped so many games that i have lost count of them , i have been tinkering with RPG Maker since XP ...hated it then ..tried VX..hated it ...finally figured i would try ACE....wont say that i love it ..but to me it is by far the best one out..given time i think that it will be called that by many people.
    i choose my first full game to be a pokemon tactical battle game ..where you play the pokemon simply because i have not seen a game like that ...i may be wrong but hey if i am i dont really mind it ,lol imma still make the game if for no other reason than it is a great learning experience for me.
    also im suppose to start trying to learn ruby coding...not certain if imma like that or not ,but hey ill give anything a go just to see if i can do it ....
    but my main goal is going to be my next full game which i estimate will take me 2-3 years in production. it will be called First Thaw-Beginnings and it is going be based off of a table top styled game that i made with a few friends of mine years ago ( it actually took us almost 7 years to make it ) and yeah before anyone asks ..the friends i made it with have all given up any rights to the game anymore..i actually have it in writing,lol. anyways the game is to be set in the first thaw of the nuclear winter...the player starts out as what is know as a "freezee" ie a person who was cryogenicly frozen and you have to figure out how to survive in a world full of mutant monsters and a totally restructured society , this game is the first part of a (possibly) 3 part series. it depends on how i feel after i make the first one,lol
    ok so enuf rambling for today...
    and yesi know my grammar is very very bad ..sorry about that
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    Holder got a reaction from Chaos17 for a blog entry, All the small things   
    Ever adventure needs to start somewhere and since it's been suggested I thought that I might as well look through the RTP of the recent makers to see if there's any continuing enemies which appear and also those which are most commonly in the early levels of RPGs.
    So start small? Yep the Animated Battlers which have normally appeared in resource galleries have been aimed towards later levels where the are more interesting and complex, so I've decided to jump off that bandwagon and break the mould. After the first Animated Boss Battler is complete I'm going to be working on these little guys.

    Slime - Vampire Tulip - Sewer Rat


    The six colour variation remains on the slimes due to a transparent ball at the core/heart I feel that this may cause problems for people who aren't sure on recolouring.

    Vampire Tulip appears in RPG Tsukuru 4, though not standard RTP of the recent makers it still holds an interesting design and gives way for a nice forest set which I'll look into at a later date - Those pesky plants are always causing problems for our hero(iens)-

    A rather larger than normal rat can only mean trouble, yeah okay, so I couldn't really do anything smaller whilst making it look evil enough to bite.


    Any suggestions for early level enemies are always welcome.