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    eventing How to make a chasing monster (Like Ao Oni)

    I'm glad I could help!
  2. Hi there! I'm making a horror game and I noticed alot of people wanted to know how to make a monster that chases you through different maps and I came up with a way that worked for me. I hope you can use my system! NOTE: If you want a video tutorial click here! Switches and Variables The first thing you need to do is make a few switches and variables. Switches Enemy Chase Enemy Appear Variables Player X Player Y Enemy X Enemy Y Enemy Chase Length Enemy Chase Counter (Optional) Life Note: Because my enemy is a robot all my switches are named a little bit differently Setting up your enemy So your enemy event will look something like this If you want the enemy to insta-kill just remove the last 2 lines and replace it with "Game Over" My custom move route is: "Move toward player" "Move toward player" "Move toward player" "Move toward player" "Move toward player" "Move at random" "Move toward player" "Move toward player" Of course settings such as speed move route and the event itself can be changed just make sure you have "Enemy Appear" as a switch. Note: You must have the enemy pasted in EVERY MAP for this to work where doesn't matter Setting up map transferring For your enemy to transfer maps you must have an event that looks like this What the common event "Player X and Y" does is later in this post. What "Wait [Number] Frame(s)" does is for example: When the player enters a new map after 2 seconds (120 frames) the enemy will appear. Note: The set event location is "Set "Enemy" to Robot X, Robot Y" Note: You must have this event pasted in EVERY MAP for this to work where doesn't matter Common Events You will need 2 common events: Player X and Y Enemy First you will need to make the Player X and Y common event what looks like this Make sure the trigger is "None"! Now you need to make the Enemy common event what looks like this This common event is basically a timer. If the time is up the monster disappears. Now let's move on to the last event! Summoning Enemy Of course you need to summon your enemy! This event is only an example. The "Enemy Chase Length" is how many seconds you want the enemy to chase you in this case 25. The "Battle6" BGM is just an example for chase music that's why in the "Enemy Chase" common event there is "Fade out BGM" Note: The "Enemy Chase Length" and "Enemy Chase = On" are required! The rest is optional!
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