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  1. Sainthell

    State dependent attacks

    You can try something like this: if b.state?(X); b.add_state(Y); else; Z; end If the enemy has the state X, the skill will add the state Y, however, if he doesn't have it, it'll do Z instead. The only thing is, it'll ADD the state. no chances, here. Also, it ignores enemy resistances, so it'll be a bit OP.
  2. Sainthell

    Menu Script

    Look, i don't know about animated backgrounds, but this menu uses busts on the main menu.
  3. I think i found some problems. You should take off the "erase event" command, and use the fade-in command, so your screen won't be faded anymore. Also russia in MAP 15 is set to run automatically, but his second page ALSO requires switch 10 to be activated. About the event skipping... i'm looking it up. EDIT: About your event skipping, it's showing the message box "Play which character", right? If it is, it's because there's a messagebox, in the middle of your event, that IS showing this. You better check it out... It's here: Check those things, and see if it's all fixed!
  4. That's... unusual. Could you upload your game so we can take a look?
  5. Sainthell

    Updating Game?

    What kind of patch are you talking about? Automatic online updates?
  6. Sainthell


    Hey there!
  7. Try to take off "Erase Event", and see if it works. Erase event... erases the event, but doesn't properly end them, if you go to another map and come back, it'll run again.
  8. Sainthell

    How can i improve my script?

    Like this? def draw_item(index) item = @data[index] name = SRC::TUTORIAL_LIST[1] command = SRC::COMMAND if item rect = item_rect_for_text(index) draw_text(rect, item.name) end end Edit: Ok, i had some problems with the menu names, but i THINK i figured out. i think need to put it that way: def draw_item(index) item = @data[index] if item rect = item_rect_for_text(index) draw_text(rect, SRC::TUTORIAL_LIST[x][0])#item.name) end end x being a way to call the arrays INSIDE the hash. I've tested it, if i use one of the command's name (in this case, :tutorial1), all menu options will have the same name as it's first entry (in this case, "Basic"). EDIT2: using 'item' solves this. I'm not too clever, it seems. Just need a way to RUN the common event and figure out how to make descriptions appear. I'll update this topic if i find any problem. EDIT3: Ok, found a way to run the event, now to go to descriptions!
  9. Sainthell

    How can i improve my script?

    Sorry, but can you check if i'm doing things right? Oh, and i'm really sorry if this is being taxating on you... I'm kind of confused right now...
  10. Sainthell

    How can i improve my script?

    Update: Tried for command in SRC::COMMAND @shelp_window.set_text(SRC::TUTORIAL_LIST[command][1]) end Works on the first one, as long as i don't move the cursor, if i do, it gets blank. I just need this, i think. How can i solve this?
  11. Sainthell

    How can i improve my script?

    The local variables i set to take the commands (A.K.A :tutorial1, 2, etc) or the descriptions of said commands.
  12. Sainthell

    How can i improve my script?

    I checked Window_Item, is this what you're talking about? def update_help @help_window.set_item(item) end Probably is, but i still need some help using it. As i'm trying to use: def update_help @help_window.set_item(x) end # undefined local variable 'X' (Tried 'command', 'description', etc) for #<SaellTutorialScene:0x7723b78> Am i doing something wrong?
  13. Sainthell

    How can i improve my script?

    Ahahah, i just edited it, wow.
  14. Sainthell

    How can i improve my script?

    Yep, i do have some limited knowledge about loops on RGSS3. For arrays, you use "for", right? Ooook, i THINK i got it. By checking one of yanfly's script, i figured something: You need one array, just for commands, then another hash for the other things (As in, descriptions, running, etc) Like this: COMMAND = [ #Add commands made in TUTORIAL_LIST here :tutorial1, :tutorial2, :tutorial3, ] TUTORIAL_LIST ={ #Symbol, Menu Name, Description,Activation Switch, Common Event #Simbolo, Nome no Menu,Descrição, Switch de Ativação,Evento Comum :tutorial1 => ["Basic", "Rundown on Basics", 1, 1], :tutorial2 => ["Battles", "Explanation on Battles", 1, 1], :tutorial3 => ["Elements 101", "A rundown on Elements", 1, 1] } # Do not touch / Não toque After that, you go into WINDOW_COMMANDS and add this: class Window_Commands < Window_Command def make_command_list super() #Add commands on COMMAND Array for command in SRC::COMMAND run_common_event(command) end end def run_common_event(command) text = SRC::TUTORIAL_LIST[command][0] command = SRC::TUTORIAL_LIST[command][3] add_command(text, command) end end Now, i just gotta add a way to RUN those common events, AND make the help window show the description.
  15. Sainthell

    How can i improve my script?

    Sorry... but how exactly do i do this?
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