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  1. After much time crunching and a day delay, Restaff is out!

    1. kayden997


      Yes, kick back and relax

  2. Hey guys, so many of you may have known that February is a month that celebrates two big holidays. There's Valentines day, about love, and Chinese New Year, about life! So, to match that theme, we decided to do something completely opposite from that (lol) and do some Horror for you guys xP. Also, just so you all know, we plan on making the mid-month releases relatively smaller. So this week will just be Nicke and me (Andinator), along with a guest submission from Kayden997. Obrusnine has also put all of the resources into a nice, small compilation/game. Looks like I'm up first! So, how many of you guys have heard of Frankenstein? Everybody? Yeah I thought so. Well I'm up first with Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster! Next up is Nicke Ever been annoyed at having to make a tint for every map of the game? Well let that hindrance begone as nicke presents his Persistent Tint Script Grab it Here Our guest contributor, Kayden997 has provided a nice Stock Image, good for Titlescreens, Battlebacks, or whatever it is you would like to use it for! Now, Jonnie and pjcr weren't able to make it for this release, but we do have something very interesting. Obrusnine has made a GAME that features all the content we released this month! Murder Mystery Keep in mind that this was beyond Ob's and Kayden's line of duty. *pat's 'em on the back* Credits to Lord Bagardo for the Frankenstein Boss Sprite, and credits to pjcr for flaking on us (I kid, I kid) AND FOR ALL YOU PREMIUM MEMBERS, THE FIRST PACK IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD IN THE PREMIUM RESOURCE FORUM!
  3. TO ALL PREMIUM MEMBERS: Premium Pack 1 is available ;)

  4. Blog Update with a Mermaid Portrait and some old Battlebacks: http://andinator.wordpress.com/

    1. Radiant Arin
    2. Andinator


      shameless advertisement :P

  5. Andinator

    restaff February Release: Steampunk Resource

    Alright, just posting to mention that there is a new subforum for Resource Staff Releases. Be sure to check out the old ones too, now conviniently having their own forum
  6. Andinator

    restaff February Release: Steampunk Resource

    Great work guys! Im really loving how we all managed to work together with stuff like the footstep script and sfx along with the battler + sprites!
  7. Very excited for the Restaff Release!

  8. Quote of the day by Amerk: "So somebody codes, maps, events, scripts your game, and you get 50% profit for suggesting an idea? Good luck with that."

  9. Andinator


    Welcome reisem! I lke cookies too! Now fork em over...NOW
  10. Theres always that moment when you want to say something deep...and nothing comes to mind :P

    1. kayden997


      When it's all that you've become, set it free.

    2. Novem


      That's deep Ardinator.

  11. Andinator

    restaff January Release: Barbarian

    Thanks for the reply guys! Remember that next release will be a big one!!!
  12. Hey guys! I'm Andinator, the new ReStaff member, and this is a combined release from me and pjcr. I'll be doing things a bit differently than before, format wise, and I hope you will all enjoy the release! So last month, pjcr brought us a very nice set of poses for Santa to accompany Enterbrain's Ol' Saint Nick. What has the Pixel Thief come up with for us this time? Well, for those of you who have been trying to find something uncivilized and savagely, your prayers have been answered! Oh wow! Its some sort of...Barbarian! And do I spy custom hair? And here's a lighter skinned version for better variety: As for me...here's a matching battler (Only one version. I'm not a racist, just lazy ). Free bro-fist anyone? Well that's all for this release! Next release should be around the 2nd of Feb, and its gonna be a big one folks!
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