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  1. $gameMap.eventsXy(x, y).length > 0 would be your condition.
  2. So you would benefit from, say, the eventsXy or eventsXyNt functions of Game_Map which tell you what events are at a tile with given coordinates?
  3. Are you looking for the script call that will give you the full movement range or just the one required to exclude tiles that already have other events on them?
  4. Windows are messed up!

    Try reimporting it?
  5. Windows are messed up!

    Have you opened the tileset in an image editor that doesn't support transparency (MS Paint for example) and then saved it?
  6. Couldn't you make the enemy events parallel process, set two variables to the player's X/Y, then have a conditional branch which checks the variables against the player's current position and if it's changed move the enemy towards the player using a move route?
  7. This is a companion series to Slip into Ruby (my teardown of the RPG Maker VX Ace default scripts) and aims to teach a bit of Javascript while explaining exactly how everything works under the hood of MV's .js files. Part 1: https://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/1230/ (main.js, rpg_scenes.js (Scene_Base)) Part 2: https://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/1357/ (rpg_scenes.js (Scene_Boot, Scene_Title)) Part 3: https://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/1358/ (rpg_scenes.js (Scene_Map)) Part 4: https://rpgmaker.net/articles/1359/ (rpg_scenes.js (Scene_MenuBase, Scene_Menu, Scene_ItemBase, Scene_Item, Scene_Skill)) Part 5: https://rpgmaker.net/articles/1362/ (rpg_scenes.js (Scene_Equip, Scene_Options, Scene_File, Scene_Save, Scene_Load, Scene_GameEnd, Scene_Shop)) Hopefully this will be helpful to people just starting out or who want to understand a bit more about how MV does what it does! Eventually I'll even be tearing down the basest of the base classes like the content of pixi.js and the core classes like Window and Bitmap.
  8. So it's been a while but I finally wrote the next one. https://www.rpgmaker.net/articles/1351/ Updated the OP with all the currently available articles.
  9. Custom Condition needed Please

    Okay, so you're basically checking to see if the number of tiles the player is from the event is less than or equal to X? Math.abs($game_player.x - $game_map.events[event_id].x) + Math.abs($game_player.y - $game_map.events[event_id].y) <= x That will search in more of a square, will have to actually have VX Ace in front of me to figure out how you'd do a circle search.
  10. Custom Condition needed Please

    Glad to hear it! That'll be 100 pounds, please.
  11. Custom Condition needed Please

    Don't have access to VX Ace right now, but I think this should work: $game_player.x != $game_map.events[event_id].x || $game_player.y != $game_map.events[event_id].y Note that aside from being shorter in terms of event code, this also has the advantages of not requiring game variables dedicated to storing coordinates, and you can move the event around the map without having to redo the code like you would with the first given eventing example.
  12. It depends on your learning style really. Some people prefer to jump right in with an example that they can actually see results from, and some prefer seeing how it all works underneath the shiny exterior.
  13. Hey guys, just wanted to get some feedback on my SoS round 2 track, Battle Stations! This month's brief is as follows: Track restrictions: Impression: Alerting, confronting Instrumentation: Your track may contain synthesizers, percussive elements and contemporary band instruments. Classical orchestral instruments are allowed in the mix, but should not make up the most of the song Game World Setting: Modern or futuristic sci-fi military setting. Video Game Genre: Action Game, CRPG, Strategy Game, Tactical J-RPG Game Instances: You have to compose for an assault type action scenario. And here's what I came up with: http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/96/locker/battle_stations_v3.ogg I'm mainly concerned with feedback regarding whether I managed to meet all aspects of the brief with the track, but all critique is welcome.