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  1. VestigialNRG

    Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid V3 update

    I love this script! Simply amazing!! I figured out how to use my own custom weapon icons! I am so excited to put this to work!!
  2. https://soundcloud.com/insydnis/sadistic-craze New song up guys!
  3. Somehow "Back to the Future" comes to my mind... "What if they say I'm no good..." and "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!" It's definitely good to come forward and show what you can do. And that's not automatically being arrogant. Being arrogant would mean that, for example, you'd charge horrendous amounts of money for you to work on someone's project's music. Don't worry, even if you are socially awkward, I believe the people here on the forums are quite the nice and friendly bunch and will be supportive wherever they can be. Just take myself as an example. And I know how you feel. If I get compliments on something, I play it down, being as modest as can be. But let me say this: you can be proud of what you do and did so far (and this is definitely gonna trigger a modesty reaction, isn't it? XD). I like your work and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. Especially as a fellow musician and composer. Thank you very much!!! hopefully we can get our own little disscussion going here I'm also designing my own video game in my free time too! With rpg maker vx ace. I've been working on it for about 3 months I have a link to the beta, though im not sure if i can post it here ^^; thread rules and all that XD
  4. Thank you very much I make orchestral and Dark orchestral stuff as well! Nice to meet another fellow musician and best wishes to you also! I apologize in advance if i sound arrogant >.< I'm rather socially awkward, and i have only recently TRIED to show my music around. I mostly just stick to my friends, and never leave that circle. ^^; But i figured it was time to a bit more mature than that. (Alot more mature.)
  5. Hello there everyone, i've posted a few times here and there, but i've never really saught to openly advertise myself or show my face that much, mainly because im somewhat shy. ^^ I want to try to introduce myself without sounding like im bragging...So i think in the only way to do that, so people don't think i'm lying just to make myself look good. So i'm going to screenshot what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I'd rather screenshot these, instead of openly saying people say my music is within the AAA Ranks, because then people would automatically assume im an arrogant person with no particular talent and i have an over headed ego... Because AAA is like when Final Fantasy's music was REALLY good, you thought of good video game music and you instantly brought up Final Fantasy. Those times. Here is my soundcloud, where i upload my own video game music. https://soundcloud.com/insydnis This is where i upload my electronica. https://soundcloud.com/djobscure Coming from my own point of view on myself, i don't think im THAT good. xD but hey, as long as the fans are happy with the music then that's all that should really matter right? I have a passion for making music and i love to inspire other musicians! And i'm very linient with the distributions. i will gladly let you use any of it, so long as you give me proper credit! I'll even work for you for FREE (You descide wheather to pay me or not.) I'm just looking for more opinions and possibly feedback and meet and greet new people with interests in music and to introduce myself and meet and talk to people, hopefully make some friends! Thanks for reading all of this
  6. VestigialNRG

    DoubleX RMVXA Constants Edit

    And i figured it out XD Had to put Param_Max = 1000000 For example and change the defaults to this # Default = 1000000, 999, 999, 999, 999, 999, 999, 999 Yay! Sleep deprival for the win! XD Nope...nevermind i didn't fix it :/
  7. VestigialNRG

    DoubleX RMVXA Constants Edit

    Though i must ask, what do i do if i want a weapon to have an attack ammount above the default 500? How do i set that manually for a weapon? And is there any way to set Max HP for a individual boss? For Yanfly's setup you had to type Set MHP: (Then the ammount) i think. ^^;
  8. VestigialNRG

    DoubleX RMVXA Constants Edit

    There we go! I fixed it! Just had to close and re open my project! Thank you so much for this!
  9. VestigialNRG

    DoubleX RMVXA Constants Edit

    Hello, im having trouble getting your script to work. You helped out a person with my similar probelm before XD I want my characters max level to be 100. And stats up to 1 mil. For some reason i got the stats to get past 999 and 9999 but i couldnt get my level to go past 99.. Now i cant get either :/ I tried copy and pasting what you told this other person, and all i got was errors...
  10. VestigialNRG

    New Music Composer saying Hello!

    Hey everyone long time no talk, i've been busy trying to finish my game. I got the beta of it up.
  11. VestigialNRG

    Freelance Video Game Music Composer

    Thank you very much I was going for something that made you feel like. "THIS IS IT THE FINAL BATTLE FINAL BOSS! YEAH LETS DO IT!!!!"
  12. VestigialNRG

    Freelance Video Game Music Composer

    Hello everyone! I'm a Dj as well as music producer, but lately i have been focusing on my own video game, as well as the music for it. You can Listen to my entire OST for it here, i will probably be uploading more for it hehe. https://soundcloud.com/djobscure1337/sets/enakhmios-gates-of-highmarch Here is my latest composition. https://soundcloud.com/insydnis/tower-usurper-final-boss-song-azriel If you'd like me to make music for your game, please let me know! And if i decide to, please bear in mind that im forgetful sometimes and its hard for me to keep track of alot of people who want me to make music for like five games at once, just please remind me from time to time and i will try my best to keep at it! >w< I dont really desire much in the way of being compensated, except for my name in the credits! Be on the look out for my game too! I hope you enjoy my music!
  13. VestigialNRG

    CSCA Currency System

    How is this simple? I spent like 4 hours one night trying to figure it out, then another nine hours the next night, before finally snapping and actually busting a hole in my small dresser in absolute frustration.....Why can't people realize that things that may seem simple to you, is NOT simple to other people, why not upload a tutorial or something? I shouldn't have to spent over four hours trying to figure something out, that is NOT simple... How do you set a currency to a variable? I got the game to use my replacement for copper by pullling up get currency script for it. But i cannot for the love of me, get the shop to use any other currency form except gold, and he will accept copper when i dont want him to..... THERE ARE NO TUTORIALS ON THIS SCRIPT ANYWHERE EITHER!!! Grrrr...........................>_> This thread is dead.....Sigh..why even bother...
  14. VestigialNRG

    CSCA Currency System

    Hello, i was wondering if you or someone could PLEASE upload a tutorial explaining how to properly set up the script? I want to use some form of Token system in my game and i cant figure out how to create it with this system..Nor can i seem to get a window to pop up when i examine the item containing the <csca moneypouch> tag in the notes. but i can get something to come up via common event and then pasting that <csca moneypouch> as a script.... then it says a currency had been changed, then suddenly the game crashes....I have been sitting here for the past 4 hours trying to figure this out.... CUR_VAR = 21 # Variable. In game, set to a currency ID to force a shop to only # use that currency. Set the variable to a negative number to turn # off currency forcing. SELL_CUR_VAR = 22 # Variable. In game, set to a currency ID to force a shop to # only buy items from the player in that currency. Set the variable # to a negative number to turn off sell currency forcing. SELL_PERC = 23 # Variable. In game, change this variable to a value between # 0-100 to change the shop sellback % to that value. Please explain to me how i set a currency ID? And what does it mean when it says its a variable that you set to a currency ID? Is there also any way i can open the bag and be able to view all currency that i can collect? And when i try to add my own token system, by copy/pasting and editing the other currency options Like this CURRENCIES[2] = { :name => "Calic", :currency_unit => "C", :icon => 361, :color => Color.new(184,115,51), :amount => 100, :max => 99999999, :value => 1, :discovered => true, :desc => "Calic is the lowest form of currency in Avenasia.", :sym => :c CURRENCIES[3] = { :name => "Incan. Token", :currency_unit => "I", :icon => 1131, :color => Color.new(184,115,51), :amount => 0, :max => 99999999, :value => 1, :discovered => true, :desc => "Token that can be exchanged for an Incancescent bauble, weapon or armor piece.", :sym => :I I get an error message when the game starts up... Sorry for all the questions....I cant find anyone to help me with this project and its a solo one for now.....:/ I'm better off making the music.....