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  1. He wants to use wait commands in the update method. He would need to setup a counter and so on to make this work (I think?).
  2. You could use fibers: class Test def initialize @fiber = Fiber.new{loop{fiber_update; Fiber.yield}} end def fiber_update if player farted # ACTION! refresh # refreshing some window wait(500) # but wait, there's more! FART_SE.play # Oh my! Delayed fart sound! end end def update @fiber.resume if @fiber end def wait(frames) frames.times{Fiber.yield} end end This would resume the fiber every time the update is called. Fiber.yield will jump out and pause the fiber and will continue next time .resume is called where it has stopped.
  3. Evgenij

    RPGMaker MV

    You know the rendering is done in OpenGL this time instead of windows GDI. This means that 3D view dungeon scripts and so on will still be possible and I think a lot easier to make. Since you now have full controll of the scripting part there is much less need for win32 api calls. With MV you will have the most expandability of all rpg makers to date. If you want to use .dlls it still will be possible I think, but your project will only work on windows.
  4. Evgenij

    Simple Variable Window

    Don't use the opacity or back_opacity attributes for the visibility of the window. Just use: self.visible = $game_switches[SWITCH_ID] and I don't get your update refresh condition: refresh if $game_variables[EXTRA_MAP_WINDOW_VARIABLE] - @extra_map_window_variable_1 >= 1 I would do something like this: refresh if $game_variables[EXTRA_MAP_WINDOW_VARIABLE] != @extra_map_window_variable_1 to refresh the contents if the value has changed. To update visibility just change the update method to this: def update super refresh if $game_variables[EXTRA_MAP_WINDOW_VARIABLE] != @extra_map_window_variable_1 self.visible = $game_switches[EXTRA_MAP_WINDOW_MAIN_SWITCH] end and remove the opacity stuff you have added in your initialize method. This way it should be only visible when the switch is on. Greetings.
  5. Yeah my mistake. Thought that .delete would return the array. class Game_Party def set_party_leader(id) return unless @actors.include?(id) @actors.delete(id) @actors.insert(0, id) $game_map.need_refresh = true end end
  6. You can try this(place as a new script): class Game_Party def set_party_leader(id) return unless @actors.include?(id) @actors.delete(id).insert(0, id) $game_map.need_refresh = true end end Then you can make a scriptcall: $game_party.set_party_leader(ID) replace ID with the id you want to have as party leader. This code assumes that the ID to set as leader is already in party. If not you need to add the actor to party before using the call.
  7. Try this(place under the Actor Picture Script):
  8. Evgenij

    What am I missing?

    Your Window needs to be active to respond to handlers. You can do it this way: class Summon_Window < Window_Selectable def initialize super(0, 0, Graphics.width, Graphics.height) activate end end or this way: def create_summon_window @summon_window = Summon_Window.new @summon_window.x = 0 @summon_window.y = 0 @summon_window.set_handler(:ok, method(:return_scene)) @summon_window.set_handler(:cancel, method(:return_scene)) @summon_window.activate end
  9. Can you make me a demo with the script and some pictures so I can test while changing the script?
  10. I can do it, should be easy enough, but I cant start today. Should be finished some time tommorow.
  11. Evgenij

    Vlue Formation Bonus Scene Background

    You can try changing this line in Vlues script: class Scene_Formation < Scene_Base to this: class Scene_Formation < Scene_MenuBase I will update my script sometime in the future to support every scene.
  12. Evgenij

    About the main actor

    Have you tried \n[iD] ?
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