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  1. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    http://gethn7.blogspot.com/2017/09/dq1-remake-225-beta-release.html Download link and release notes included.
  2. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    Small update, a 2.25 version will be released soon, Version 2.20 has some bugs and balance issues I will rectify in the new version.
  3. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    Beta 2.20 has finally been released, more detailed information and download links here; http://gethn7.blogspot.com/2017/07/beta-220-of-dq1-remake-is-finally-live.html
  4. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    I see in your credits your using the "big Iconset". I believe this iconset is banned from the forums due to alot of copyright and art theft related issues, Just a heads up. Overall, I'm glad to see alot of updates within this game. How far exactly are you in the process? (If the first entire area is done, I may check it out again~) If this issue has been mentioned already, then I apologise in advance. Actually, I don't use it anymore, and I need to update to documentation to reflect that. It was removed for exactly those reasons, now I use Avy's iconset instead, which avoids those issues, so thanks for bringing that up, all future revisions of the documentation will be updated to address this. As for my game, everything up to the Hauksness area is fully completed (a mountain blocks passage further), so over 65% of the game is currently complete. Also, do let me know if you spot any other resource issues, I may need to update the documentation further or remove other possible problematic resources.
  5. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    I have replaced the 2.10 download with one with "BF" tag appended to the end in my MEGA folder, as it's a bugfix to some fatal crash bugs I discovered after release. 2.20 is still in progress, but progress is slow while I wait on some scripting assistance,
  6. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    I was set back for a good, long while, but Beta 2.10 is out; https://mega.nz/#fm/5dUjhAAR (All public betas including latest release found here) Due to a HDD crash, this version is more of an engine overhaul than adding anything new. In fact, I completely dropped the Small Medal system because it was so buggy I just threw my hands up in the air and got tired of the issues, and I redid the faceset/portrait system to be as consistent as possible using Galv's scripting. It's essentially a maintenance release until my next version, which will have the content I originally planned for 2.20 release (before the first version of that died with my HDD). If there any crashes, a crash report will be added to the game directory, so please send me that report along with any screenshots (especially for dialogue bugs).
  7. That was going to be my alternative idea. I agree with you, might try these alternatives instead.
  8. Interesting tips. I'll try these out and see what works best. And yes, I'm not skipping the title screen. Update; The scriptlet works quite well for my needs, this issue can be considered resolved.
  9. Instead of doing a scrolling black intro screen for a game, I wanted to start already at the opening map and tell the prologue via in game cutscene, but I can't figure out how to start the game with the player character facing up, not down.
  10. This works wonderfully, thanks Shiggy!
  11. Simple. I want to add a note tag that determines a chance between 1-100% of a currency dropping to an enemy, like <currency chance: X%> With "X" being the percentage.
  12. It's unnecessary. This is merely a bugfixed version of BlackMorning's script so the other scripts mentioned above will work with it. Refer to the threads for the other scripts for more information.
  13. GethN7

    Dragon Quest 1 Remake

    Version 2.01 SF Beta (Stagefright) of Dragon Quest 1 Beta is here! NOTE: Bugfix Update, still called 2.00 internally, but replaces the original version which is superseded. Includes an updated version of a BlackMorning script I worked with him to improve, some control variable fixes to fix a few edge case bugs, and a few asset fixes/changes due to licensing concerns. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=15535A095AE1C1F5!380&authkey=!AO8-qCLAkoSHUpE&ithint=file%2cexe Readme here. https://github.com/Arcane21/DQ1Remake/blob/master/README.md This version (named after one of my beta testers for the 2.00 Beta) is a total engine overhaul to all previous versions, and lots of mechanics got updated, lots of graphics got a facelift, and while it hasn't moved forward story wise (it ends after the Hauksness arc, with the rest of the world blocked off), it will resume being finished in the next build onwards, but I mostly wanted to get the new and improved engine hammered out in this build. It also does not require the RTP, which is integrated into the game, part of the reason I can't host on GitHub anymore, it's too large. The game balance is now much more like Dragon Quest in difficulty, tons of outstanding bugs were fixed, many more NPCs were added, a few buggy game mechanics in previous versions were fixed or replaced with alternatives, and all future versions of the game will likely need no further script changes. There is now also an SDK version of the game available, with the bare basic engine I customized, available for noncommercial use (more info at the repo itself, currently available here) https://gitlab.com/GethN7/DQRemakeSDK/tree/master
  14. GethN7

    MV To VX Ace RTP

    Wrote one on that right here: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/57179-how-to-port-rpg-maker-mv-rtpresources-to-vx-ace/
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