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  1. Knighterius

    Just arriving...

    hey kyonides, Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy what's left of this little hamlet
  2. You pretty much summed up everything I was going to see when I saw the title. Especially the tile size. I work with 32x32 in MV and it's such a chore not being able to map in the editor because it doesn't align unless you multiply by 1.5. Also eventing over multiple tiles would be very nice especially for two tile wide staircases.
  3. *stares intensely*

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    2. Knighterius


      Oh no that's not good. Unless you like the hectic lifestyle. As long as you're keeping safe though :)

    3. Kayzee


      Yay! Cute apple knight is back! *hugs*

    4. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      A couple of days ago I been furloughed so I'm chilling at home

  4. Knighterius

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    Stupidity fills the empty spaces of the year, that's for sure. Keep your head up, Phoe! 777
  5. Knighterius

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    775 I mailed you snacks Riki, it's just taking awhile to get to Poland
  6. Knighterius

    counting game Level Grinding | LV 7

    I stole it to buy snacks. Sorry Riki, it was for a good cause. Snacks. 769
  7. I wonder if Minerva and Kotori still stay in touch. They were a pretty active duo back in the day

    1. AVGB;KBGaming


      Don't know either of them. I'm one of those 'late to the party' people that joined up after the hype train had derailed, lol

    2. Knighterius


      Aw no, with how active you are I think you would have enjoyed the hustle bustle before the derail.

    3. Rikifive


      No one is active anymore. :P 

  8. Knighterius

    Map Drops

    @favbot This thread talks about script converting for a similar thing. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/mv-requesting-item-drop-script.88342/ maybe give this a look?
  9. Knighterius

    Holders Animated Battlers

    You're really giving me the itch to bring out the ole rpg I was making with your battlers a few years ago. This dragonfly is very well done.
  10. Knighterius

    Disappearing Doors

    Hehe perfect! I had a similar issue when I first started out as well. It was because when your character would access the door, the door would then move to face the player, if a door faces the player then it's going to use whatever sprite (up, down, left, etc) which was the bye bye door sprite. If make it so its direction can't move via a direction fix then the door will do as it's told. Glad I could help
  11. Knighterius

    Disappearing Doors

    See that little box called options down below? Tick the box for "direction fix" and see if that works. Everything else looks like it should be fine.
  12. Knighterius

    Disappearing Doors

    Hey Crystal! Can you send a screenshot of the event page for us to inspect? I think it may be how rpgmaker handles things if what I'm thinking is right. Since when a door opens it goes bye bye and should stay gone as if it's adjacent to a wall that we can't see from the perspective of the maker. But you say it happens when they shouldn't be able to leave so if you send a screenshot I might be able to see what's up.
  13. Knighterius


    Hey! Welcome to the group I definitely agree with Riki. You'll get experience as you go from doing small stuff and of course experimentation. Also! Don't be afraid to be super active here, it's a nice community but a little quiet these days but being active will help make friends and of course help in making your game...or in procrastination. hehe
  14. I love this community and miss how active it used to be...https://imgur.com/w1pEVGX

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    2. Kayzee


      Be happy it happened and sad when it's over I say. Sadness maybe hard, but I rather be able to feel it then not.

    3. Chaosian


      It's been well over two years since I even opened an RPG Maker, and I've seen this place sliding just a bit closer to the edge every month. I guess I've been part of that.

      Sure I have nostalgia for people I'd consider- "the old gang", and could probably list 20 names off no problem. But that's how these things are. All good things come to an end, but you can always hold onto your projects, memories, and hopes for the future.

    4. Kayzee


      I don't think this site is going away just yet though... It's not as active as it used to be, but it's not totally dead yet. There are forums out there that are in much worse shape ya know. This is still a place where someone is posting something almost every day.

  15. I've complete forgotten how to use spoiler tags lol

    1. Knighterius


      Friends...family. I figured it out. Rejoice