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    Knighterius reacted to Kayzee in Hi   
    Hello Echo! Hello Echo! Hello Echo! Hello Echo!
    Your eyes are very red! Pretty!
    *sprinkles fairy dust on the new person*
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    Knighterius got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in What features would be included in your dream RPG Maker?   
    You pretty much summed up everything I was going to see when I saw the title. Especially the tile size. I work with 32x32 in MV and it's such a chore not being able to map in the editor because it doesn't align unless you multiply by 1.5. Also eventing over multiple tiles would be very nice especially for two tile wide staircases.
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    Knighterius reacted to vECh in Hi everyone!   
    Hi everyone! 😀
    I'm an italian developer, In the past years I used to be a veteran with rpgmaker2003 and I'm currently developing a game that will be release very soon 👍😊

    I'm glad to be here with you 😄
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    Knighterius reacted to Saiffu in Hi everyone!   
    Welcome to the community! Hope ya get to release your game ^^
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    Knighterius reacted to UncannyBoots in What features would be included in your dream RPG Maker?   
    While I love VX Ace, there are still many limitations to work around (most of which are also present in MV). Which leads me to dream about what would be included in my ideal RPG Maker.
    Not in any order, just off the top of my head:
    -Events that can span multiple tiles. You'd make an event, then there would be an "event size" option. This would open a window that is very similar to the "Transfer Player" window, when you select a tile on the grid for the player to transfer to. Then you can simply click and drag the square to resize it by tiles (so no pixel resizing -- unless pixel movement were to be the default...). You could also type in the dimensions if you wanted. And to make this extremely ideal, you could also set any tile to be above player, which would work great for collisions with large sprites. This event resizing would also be great for transfer player events.
    -XP layering, except you can add as many layers as you want (within reason).
    -An event command that allows you to anchor a picture to the map and set the z value (and if it spans multiple tiles, you can change the z value for each tile, and add tall sprite functionality so the head of a tall sprite doesn't go under the picture when walking in front of it, if that's what you want)
    -"Find and Replace" dialogue text throughout entire project
    -An option to toggle between normal eventing and a new "text editor" eventing which literally allows you to type events. So it'd be like coding except with the same ease as eventing. This would be amazing for added "find and replace" functionality, and tbh I find typing in long periods of time to be more comfortable than clicking all over the place.
    -Set the tile size for the entire project when creating a project (or better yet, whenever you want, but that'd be more tricky). Sizes would include 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, and maybe even ones unseen by RPG Maker such as 24x24 or 62x64 (or larger).
    -More window customization, like adding a menu (the grey bar at the top with "File" and "Options" and stuff), enable/disable resizing. Clickteam Fusion has so many options here and it'd be cool to have for RPG Maker
    -Screen filters (Pixel Game Maker MV has some filters I think) and upscaling options like Nearest Neighbor or Bicubic or whatever you want
    -Auto tile collisions, which would allow for walking behind the top part of an auto tile (like a building)
    -Editor customization in general would be sweet. If you ever tried the Godot Engine, you'll know that you can move any menu wherever you want to make it as comfortable for you as possible.
    -This applies to MV: a built-in script editor... and while we're at it, a window resizing for the script editor.
    I'll come back to edit if I think of any more. I've thought about this for a long time and I'm definitely forgetting some. I'd love to read your ideas for a dream RPG Maker
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    Knighterius reacted to KayakoChan in Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)   
    It's been a while, The demo is technically done, just waiting for art!

    It may be quite early but. I will wish you all a merry Christmas in advance~!

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    Knighterius reacted to KayakoChan in Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)   
    I keep forgetting to post updated here (Since the place is a little dead)
    Seems that I am making progress a bit more slowly than anticipated so I'm probably going to release it when I have all of Melonie's amazing busts~

    Here's a preview of her Miku bust she did for the project~

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    Knighterius reacted to KayakoChan in Hearts Like Clockwork (Demo has been released)   
    Far in the future, a war between humans and machinery has left the island country of Japan isolated.
    Now, decades after the Japanese managed to reclaim their country and rebuild it, it seems normalcy has returned.
    Hearts Like Clockwork follows the young Rin Kagamine as her ordinary daily life is about to become a lot more interesting,
    ...And a lot more dangerous.

    In this game you play as Rin Kagamine, Crypton High School's first-year class president. On the day her life is about to change forever.
    The adventure she will be dragged into will require her wit, strength, charm, and a good number of friends if she hopes to make it out alive.
    Whether it's through friendship, Music, or brute force, Your actions may affect more lives than you initially thought.

    This game features:
    Original art by Melonie Moon An original story which responds to your choices and playstyle. Many familiar characters from the "Vocaloid" voice synthesizer franchise such as Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, Megurine Luka, and Megpoid Gumi. A world crafted with love. A brand new "Smartphone" system that collects information about the world you're inhabiting, and lets you call your friends if you happen to be lost. A subtle twist on the Classic RPG-styled combat. A simple friendship system, and innocent, pure youth romance (Note: at this time all romance options are girls) Many jokes and references to Vocaloid songs and lore within them, none of which you need to know to enjoy the game!  
    Teaser and Screenshots!

    The game comes with a difficulty selection!

    Luka's homeroom class

    Outside the school

    Time to teach this guy size doesn't matter!


    A game by KayakoAmaya(KayakoChan)

    Custom scene art and portraits by MelonieMoon ( www.meloniemoon.com )
    Placeholder faces by Suzuya appon
    Some map resources by Celianna
    Extra trees and clutter from Whtdragon
    Menu layouts based off Moghunter
    Parallaxes, Sprites, and misc by KayakoAmaya

    Sound and music:
    Custom SFX mostly from Gravity Sound
    Music "Skeleton life" Off vocal by ラムネP
    Music "Regret message" off vocal by mothy
    Music "Spiralling Thoughts" by Scythuz
    Music "Orphan Trope" by OnslaughtSupply
    Song Clip "8 Hit" by じーざす ft Kagamine Rin
    Song Clip "Proof of Life" by Hitoshizuku P ft Kagamine Rin
    Song Clip "Last night, Good night" by kz ft Hatsune Miku
    Song Clip "Love is war" by Ryo ft Hatsune Miku
    Various untitled songs by GameDevMarket
    Engine by Enterbrain/Kadokawa
    Combat, journal, and message system by Yanfly
    HUD/Menu system by Moghunter
    Mapzoom plugin by Masked
    Save system and title skip by HimeWorks/Tsukihime
    Parallax system by Galv
    Mouse pointer system by Quasi/Quxios
    Name entry font fixed by Titled
    Melonie Moon

    Download the demo at:

    "Vocaloid " And its characters belong to
    their respective owners. Crypton Future Media,
    Internet Co, Ltd.,  and Yamaha Corporation.

    The demo is currently finished safe for some art needing to be updated.
    It will likely be released this month or the next!
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    Knighterius reacted to Holder in Holders Animated Battlers   
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    Knighterius reacted to Holder in Help improve how RPGMaker handles graphics   
    Over on RPGMakerWeb a topic has been created asking what one thing in RPGMaker you'd like to see. Previously over the years to me this would be nothing more than a wish list. However since the community is much larger now and worldwide having a chance to put ideas forward is fantastic. I've posted what thing I'd like and over the years have heard a lot of other people like to see.
    Have a look and if you do agree with what I'm suggesting then please all you need to do is drop a like to the comment.
    Proposals are being written and if there's  a large number of our community wanting these things improved then I hope to see our voices heard.
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    Knighterius reacted to Zen Blood in Fleshport [Horror] - Demo released!   
    Watch the Demo Trailer!
    Website ❧ YouTube ❧ Twitter ❧ DA-Group ❧ itch.io

    Abstract: Macabre, Profound, Stylized
    Genre: (Pixel) Horror Adventure
    Specs: Windows 7+, 70MB free disk space
    Rating: 13+ (Violent References, Cartoon Blood and Gore)
    Game Progression: Done, with cleaning up to do!
    Recruitment: Not at the moment.

    One dreary day, a girl and her family hit the road to visit her uncle in his new house. Having been mislead to a house far away from town, the family begins to search for any signs of a homeowner. They knock on the door. Nothing. They enter the house. The air tingles- Something changes. They're not where they just were, they're now outside of a worn, cobblestone mansion.
    Unbeknownst to the child, she and her family have stumbled into a parallel dimension where human flesh is a commodity and all the citizens are a little... Off.

    Character profiles are intentionally vague. More profiles will be added.

    (concept and design, artwork and animation, music and sound effects, programming)
    (script resources)
    Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, and Victor

    Take a look at this short video that shows off a small snippet of the game in action!

    ❧ Various locations to explore
    ❧ Puzzles
    ❧ Chase sequences where the player can hide, trip over objects, and misdirect their stalker
    ❧ Intricate lore about the characters and the world of Fleshport
    ❧ 100% original artwork
    ❧ 100% original audio
    ❧ Easter eggs and references

    ❧ Shaz, Melosx, Traverse, Khas, Galv, Yanfly, TheoAllen, DiamondandPlatinum3, and Victor, for providing the community with wonderful scripts.
    ❧ All the helpful and supportive users in the RPGMaker forums.
    ❧ My fans, who have supported me from the start of this project.
    ❧ My family and friends, who are supporting me through this long, intimidating project.
    ❧ The people who created the games I love.




    Thank you for reading! 
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    Knighterius reacted to bazrat in Naima's Melody (Demo Available)   
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: This will be our last post update on this specific forum about the game. We have plenty of ways to follow development and always appreciate your support!
    DEMO: Pre-Alpha Demo
    Keep updated: Twitter, Discord, and Itch.io

    The world has become ravaged by a dark and hateful evil. It is spreading across the lands, turning old allies against one another, destroying once noble kingdoms, and corrupting the great spirits that watch over all life. Our hero ends up thrust on a quest to uncover the source of this dark force, and restore the Great Spirits to their former selves. He must do this while also racing to prevent a war from breaking out, as the princess of the Kingdom of Meridia prepares to avenge the death of her father, killed under mysterious circumstances.
    - Travel across an open world on foot or on horseback.
    - Day/night cycle combined with dynamic weather will make for an immersive experience.
    - Push, pull, climb, and swim! There are many options to engage with your environment.
    - Discover a multitude of secrets—hidden caves and dungeons provide rare rewards.
    - Mini-games and side quests.
    - Custom inventory.
    Naima's Melody is being developed in RPG Maker MV. The game has been in development for 4 months so far and features a ton of custom resources and scripts. We are two developers that are very passionate about this project and especially excited to develop something that most believe is too difficult if not impossible in RPG Maker.
    DEMO: Pre-Alpha Demo
    Keep updated: Twitter and Discord
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    Knighterius reacted to RetroExcellent in A Rat's Journey - Homeward   

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    Knighterius reacted to FluffexStudios in Stitched   
    Hello all,   We are a group of small developers who worked on our game project Stitched for the past 3 years. Stitched got greenlit several months ago and ever since we been hard at work to make this project into an amazing horror narrative experience as possible! Now we are very happy to announce that our game is released on Steam!  
    Check out our game below:   http://store.steampowered.com/app/727340/Stitched/      
    Abstract: Stitched is a horror adventure game about a girl who is trapped in a doll factory.
    Genre: Horror, adventure, puzzle, mystery
    Game Progression: Game finished
    Recruitment: None at the moment
    Demo: None at the moment

    Story / Setting / Purpose:
    Stitched strings together the thrilling story of Catherine Stockholmes, an otherwise ordinary girl. The story begins with Catherine waking up in an eerie doll factory. With a great desire to escape, Catherine is forced to venture through the factory. But little does she know that terrible fates always befall the curious ones. Will Catherine muster enough courage to needle her way out of the factory? Or will she fall into sheer despair and perish?
    For more information, please visit our steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/727340/Stitched/

    Character Bios:
    Catherine Stockholmes: An 18 year old girl with a sweet and honest personality. She was diagnosed with a serious heart condition at a young age. Her symptom will worsen whenever she is frightened. This can potentially lead to her passing out or worse, death. 

    Doll: A mysterious doll that displays a calm and stoic expression. She seems to know more about the incident that occurred in the doll factory than she lets on. 

    Boy: A strange but simple boy who is constantly searching for his missing parents. He seems to be seeking for more than just his parents... 

    { Project Creator/Lead Developer }
    Minh Nguyen
    { Assistant Developer }
    Joshua Kim
    Phi Ton
    Sagar Patel
    { Lead Artist }
    Betsy Luk
    { Illustration }
    Dorothy Kim - Webmaster/cutscene arts
    Melanie Ho - Cutscene arts
    Yvette Tsui - GUI arts
    Yu-Hsuan “Irene” Ti - General arts
    Yung Nguyen - General arts
    Allison Nguyen - General arts
    Cyan Chan - Concept arts
    { Graphical Resources }
    ‘Caitlin NicNubill’
    ‘Flaming Teddy Productions’
    ‘Pixel’s World’
    ‘Rainbow Jello’
    ‘White Patisserie’
    RPG Maker XP
    Horror Interior Tiles - [Copyright](C) 2015 DEGICA, LTD; 
    creator: Frontier Works
    Classic School Tiles - [Copyright](C) Sherman3D
    Modern Day Tiles - [Copyright](C) 2012 ENTERBRAIN, INC; 
    artist Lunarea
    { Voice }
    Catherine Stockholmes - Dorothy Kim
    Dark Figure - Dorothy Kim
    Doll - Karen Lee
    { Music/Sound Effects }
    Darren Curtis
    John Hammer
    "Train destruction.flac" by CGEffex of Freesound.org
    "Glass Smash, Bottle, C.wav" by InspectorJ of Freesound.org
    Survival Horror - [Copyright](C) Joel Steudler
    The Emporium of Copper and Steel - [Copyright](C) 2014 DEGICA, LLC
    Musician Murray Atkinson
    Sinister Hollows - [Copyright](C) 2015 DEGICA Co., LTD;
    Pack Creator: Murray Atkinson
    { Programmers }
    Minh Nguyen
    Phi Ton
    { Scripts }
    ‘Acezon’ - F12 Reset Fix
    ‘Amaranth Games’ - Mouse
    ‘Near Fantastica’ - Mouse
    ‘SephirothSpaw’ - Mouse
    ‘Shaz’ - Mouse
    ‘Lanthanum Entertainment/Adiktuzmiko’ - Map HUD
    ‘Hime’ - Title Large Choices
    ‘Khas Arcthunder’ - Lighting Effect
    ‘Mithran’ - Text Cache
    ‘Moghunter’ - Picture Gallery
    ‘Raizen’ - Sliding Puzzle Game
    ‘TheoAllen’ - Pathfinding
    ‘Yanfly’ - Movement Mod, System Options, Save Engine
    ‘Zalerinian (~ZF)’ - Keyboard Manager
    { Game Engine }
    Enterbrain (RMVXA)
    { Testers }
    Joe Nunez
    Joshua Kim
    Minh Nguyen
    Nhu Pho
    Phi Ton
    Sagar Patel
    Saveen Chadalawada
    Triet Nguyen

    Compelling story:
      - Drives gameplay and exploration.
    Unsettling atmosphere:
      - Feel the suspense of not knowing what lies behind each door.
    Meticulously detailed, hand drawn cut scenes:
      - Original art brings scenes to life.
    Thoroughly developed characters:
      - Make decisions based on character actions and motives.
    Heart-stopping chase sequences:
      - Tread carefully.
    A variety of engaging puzzles:
      - Solve puzzles in order to progress as well as unlock secrets.
    Price: $6.99
    Check out our game on steam and on itch.io
    For other media:
    Steam Discussion
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    Knighterius reacted to Bugfragged in Corruption of Laetitia   
    Thanks for the info, and I'm sorry for forgetting about the artist's wishes. As for the old art, have you asked Archeia Nessiah for help in getting the art back from the exported version?
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    Knighterius reacted to KayakoChan in Corruption of Laetitia   
    Empty pages are related to the separate routes, due to the way I set them up (A huge list of conditional branches and the like) the pages can be collected out of order and some casn't be collected at all if you go a different route. It's a bit confusing but I really know no way to fix it without removing page numbering altogether which.. gets even more confusing.

    Edit: I looked up the issue with page 30, it indeed can occur based on certain choices due to a typo. It will be fixed in the next version:

    I would do that with having both versions, but the artist I am working with would rather I don't reveal too much of the art before it is all finished.(I got permission to include one of the images) Which a bit of a bummer since that means I can't use it for promotional material and the like... But I'd like to adhere to his wishes since this is the only artist that agreed to work for me out of many, the only thing I could do is have a version where all the art is ripped out and replaced by blank images since for most of them I don't have the old artworks due to my backup storage device getting damaged. And the current release of the project had everything compressed and locked away.
    Maybe that is the option I have to go with. But I will see once I talked to the artist. I will quickly make a branching version without the new scenes that don't have any art yet as I don't want to spoil them before they get it.

    I may end up doing the save point system. Though I'm certain I'm going to catch flak for that. And it will likely create a host of new bugs.

    It's really just the last way I know to get rid of the overhead tiles bug since it only occurs when you save.

    Edit2: The people I asked about the bug say that it's really not something I should fix if the fix removes the ability to save everywhere, Completely remaking the game is also not an option considering 4+ years went into making it and I know the few people that wanted to play it have already played it.
    It's unlikely I can gather the willpower to finish that gargantuan task with that in mind. (Not to mention the remake would have to be entirely parallax mapped to have the same effect, which takes way longer. Would lag more. And have a terrifyingly huge filesize.)

    I will talk to my artist and ask for permission to patch the game including the updated art they did so far. If not I will remove the updated art and replace them with obvious placeholders.
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    Knighterius reacted to Rikifive in Level Grinding | LV 7   
    Oh then I'll wait patiently. 👀
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    Knighterius got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Level Grinding | LV 7   
    Stupidity fills the empty spaces of the year, that's for sure. Keep your head up, Phoe!
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    Knighterius reacted to PhoenixSoul in Level Grinding | LV 7   
    seven hundred and seventy-six
    I've seen more than my fair share of stupidity this year alone...
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    Knighterius got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Level Grinding | LV 7   
    I mailed you snacks Riki, it's just taking awhile to get to Poland
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    Knighterius reacted to PhoenixSoul in Level Grinding | LV 7   
    seven hundred and seventy
    May I get some decent sleep once this tooth pain ceases...
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    Knighterius got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Level Grinding | LV 7   
    I stole it to buy snacks. Sorry Riki, it was for a good cause. Snacks.
  23. Haha
    Knighterius got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Level Grinding | LV 7   
    I stole it to buy snacks. Sorry Riki, it was for a good cause. Snacks.
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    Knighterius reacted to Cookie Ninja in Level Grinding | LV 7   
    15 - I wonder if you get imune or you will be forever triggered just curious since I caught it myself
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    Knighterius reacted to KayakoChan in Corruption of Laetitia   
    A lot of these, except the tavernkeep one, were intentional and shouldn't cause issues as long as one of the scripts doesn't glitch, (One that allows the player to walk underneath walls)now I know that the chance exists that it does though a lot of things that weren't issues before suddenly are. Meaning I have a lot of extra work to do. I hope I can fix them all.

    Regardless, while I made the fixes, I can't upload any patches for the coming time as I am in the middle of two versions and the old version is lost due to data corruption. The new one relies on the progress with my artist as a lot of scenes look really weird now, So I hope there won't be more game-breakers.
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