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  1. Allan Rodrigo

    Super Dungeon Documentation Thing

    lol, nevermind.. just found a fix... sort of. on Scene_Shop, line 43 you see @command_window = Window_ShopCommand.new(0, @purchase_only) I just changed it to: @command_window = Window_ShopCommand.new(@gold_window.x, @purchase_only) Worked just fine for me... I hope it helps >.<
  2. Allan Rodrigo

    Super Dungeon Documentation Thing

    I'm handling it just fine, thank you very much ^^ But seriously... did you find any fix for the Shop issue? I really need the shop to work, or i'll never be able to finish this game ç.ç
  3. Hey Yan, a dumb friend of mine asked me to report you of the new adress of his site, and the banner also (maybe for changing links on your blog). Here is: http://ateliercross.webege.com/ and this is the banner: http://i43.tinypic.com/10pyexj.png Actually he just wasnt able to register here, so I am passing the message^^ See ya

  4. Allan Rodrigo

    Why not saying hi? Hi :D

    Balthier99, me neither but is nice to see other brazilian ppl here (well, some of them I already know, but thats not important xD) Infamous bon bon (lol at your nick xD), yea, talking with different country ppl is aways cool, and good luck with your project too xD Knightmareframe, no doritos for you u.u (xD) Well, thanks everyone for the welcomes xD
  5. Allan Rodrigo

    Albhed Translator (Alternate Language)

    Oh my, here's something really nice...at least in theory, so let me test it by myself now xD. And seeing the code I am already planning to add other languages by myself for my own use xD Thanks man :3
  6. Allan Rodrigo

    Why not saying hi? Hi :D

    Greetings, I am LuKo, and you can call me Beautiful guy, Cutey pie, Doritos or just LuKo if you are shy :3 My real name is Allan, Brazilian and I use Rpg Maker, and some similar stuff for a long time so I will try to be usefull...when my mood and will let it happen of course... As you see, I am not known since usually I am kinda limited to brazilian communities (even on that ones I am a random xD) I never was able to finish any damn game, but I will make the possible to break this barrier on Vxa engine. And I also know to do some random art things... look here if you are brave enough xD ps: My english is horrible, so...please "be gentle" (rofl wtf im saying) See ya >.<