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  1. bluenakki

    Stop Events From Hopping?

    You can prevent players from running in that map by checking Disable run in the map properties
  2. bluenakki

    Please review my maps

    Oh about that chest in actual gameplay it is behind the tree, I think it may be the screenshot script that made it visible, aside from that, thanks for all your advice I'll see if can encounter where I've got the tileset for the third map ( which is on a island)
  3. bluenakki

    Please review my maps

    Hi There, I'm working on game (duh0 and I would like to know what do you people think of my maps so far, any advice on how to improve then is welcome! This is the main hero house: This one the house of another of the heroes An NPC house: And two waterfall areas wich are important in the story As I said before, any advice is WElcome, I hope you all give me nice ideas to use on then
  4. And also one when I defeat a enemy; no method error occurred Undefinied method for .id
  5. Hey, I got a problem. every time i try using the bestiary it says: Undefinied method 'set handler' for nil:NilClass
  6. I'm having a problem, when i try to escape and one of my actor dies before escaping the enemy gets infinite turns. if it matters I'm using Reedo's Simple Side Battle System
  7. Could you make it compatible with jet10985 battle Pop-ups? your script is really nice but because it overwrites some methods on players, the pop-us are showing only on enemies
  8. bluenakki

    Skills Show - Show us your skill ideas!

    Some of my skills: Blinded Strike- deals damage to an enemy,doubles the damage if the user is blinded, reduces it by 20% if target is blinded Ice Melter- deals damage to the target, double damge on frozen enemies Chaos Soundwave- deals sound elemental damage and confuses enemies, may confuse user Holy Sacrifice- Ko self,cures hp to all allies, removes poison,blind and silence Toad Melody- decreases target attack,defense,magic and magic defense makes it immune to poison Fury Punch- if hp = 1 deals 9999 damage, if hp = 9999 deals 5000 damage else deals normal damage Life Whirl- if a.hp>b.hp damage is equal to your hp - enemy hp, if b.hp>a.hp heals caster by enemy hp - your hp
  9. from what I've learned so far big maps are harder to work and you could add things to you maps so they don't look bland but overall your maps are very good keep up the good work
  10. bluenakki

    first parallax map

    I'm no good at parallaxing. your map is very good. maybe you should put more flowers, some stumps twigs etc and maybe a small spring?
  11. bluenakki

    Could someone rate my maps

    Thank you all for the advice. I'm horrible at mapping interiors, maybe iI'll let my brother do it and for the trees, they are supposed to not have snow, in my plot an arcanist enchanted that forest and some trees beca different. they now emanate an aura of some sort that causes sadnes
  12. I'm new to rpg maker vx cae and i want someone to rate my first mappin atempts. thanks in advance I appreciate any help or tip edit: i've tweaked the interior map a bit, is it any better now? Sorry to bother everyone again, could you help me with these maps? (I was without my computer for a time) Don't mind the house I'll change it later I think it's too empty This is the snow forest after the curse has been broken and also during the time paradox I didn't had been using ace lately, my HD broke so i have just got back to my game project thanks in advance for all the help