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  1. KermexRPG

    Inherited Sins - Definitive Edition

    The game has been updated to v1.1.1! Here, you can read the changes... CHANGELOG: A part of the enemy code has been rewritten. Performance has been improved thanks to Mithran's "Picture Bug Fix" script. The Kermex Games logo has been changed to a slightly prettier one. Some spanish lines of dialogue have been translated. A small animation has been added when you are hit by an enemy. Download from itch.io: https://kermex-games.itch.io/inherited-sins
  2. An adventure puzzle game In Inherited Sins, you will play the role of Aryan, a simple traveling merchant who because of an innate ability he'll be involved in a rather dangerous situation. Aryan will have to escape some horrific ruins that have been the last abode of many unfortunates for more than two centuries. The only option for our protagonist will be to collaborate with a very peculiar fairy that apparently has also been trapped in that place. Inherited Sins is a game focused 100% on puzzle solving, there are no combats but there are enemies that will make your walk through the ruins something more dangerous. The game is mostly inspired by the titles of Team ICO and the The Legend of Zelda franchise. Travel between the physical and the astral plane to solve puzzles and continue advancing in your adventure, but be careful, because the creatures of the spiritual world are too dangerous... Thanks to the lighting script (Khas Ultra Lighting) it has been possible to provide the maps with a very interesting atmosphere without losing performance. Aryan: He is a simple merchant who has been locked in dangerous ruins. Apparently Aryan has done something very bad for what he has been sentenced to die. Fressia: A peculiar fairy that has been trapped in the dangerous ruins of Asendra. She must collaborate with Aryan to escape from there. Download from itch.io: https://kermex-games.itch.io/inherited-sins
  3. @NeoShadow Nice title screen, I really like it, this kind of cave in the right side looks amazing. Now my screen, I was testing with diferent lighting styles, here one shot of the first dungeon of my game.
  4. Hey guys, its there any way to disable the "combat mode" without hide the HUD?
  5. @SookyLala This title screen is by far better than the previous one, I really like the font that you used. As you say maybe a bit empty but in general I must say looks good, very simplistic. Here a screenie of my ARPG game prototype, a mix between the souls saga and the classic zelda games... Excuse me this is the spanish version of the game...
  6. Sorry, my mistake here, I mean if you put 2 or more items in the quantity then the bug occurs, the only "fix" for that is put 1 item per drop, like the default battle system. Sorry and thanks for reply.
  7. For example, in this screenshot i have 4 of this item, if I add the same item with the command event like in a treasure chest the counter perfectly increase to 5, but if a grab the item of dead enemy with the map drops feature the counter doesn't increase to 5. EDIT: Ok, I was testing and I know what is the problem. In the database when you put the notetag "Drop Quantity = X" in an item and the quantity is <1 then the bug occurs, the counter in the skillbar does not increase anymore for that item.
  8. I think I found a bug with the item counter in the item slots. I mean, when you use the map drops thing the counter just brokes, using the command event for add an item works perfectly. Its a shame that Falcao does not support this fantastic script anymore.
  9. KermexRPG

    Theo - Interact Hover Notification

    Hey Theo, this script is awesome, only a minor issue, i'm using a 640x416 res and the hover notifications appears in the wrong place, I mean maybe a coordinates problem, I really dont know much about RGSS, I hope you can help me with this issue. Thanks.