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  1. That sounds like Bide but that's a great idea for a monk class ability :3
  2. Thanks for the ideas guys and wow Blindga that was quite a post! Hats off to you! I see what you mean by needing uniqueness. Ill keep this in mind. On another note, That covers the Engineer, Got all his abilities ready for action > Now onto the Monk, Soulknight, and Ranger. P.S. The name chronomancer does sound rather nice...
  3. This kind of is generic as it isn't just RPGs or games, but a few reasons off the top of my head are Lack of Motivation by involved parties Lack of Moral Support Overwhelming Ambitions Setting goals too high (Not that that's a bad thing)
  4. Im designing an RPG where there are several characters with designated classes. To fix some classes possibly being used over the other I plan on adding 3 specializations or "Sub Types" to each job. An example being my Mage (only showing a few examples rather than the whole plan) You can switch between them at any time but some require different stats, so choosing wisely is a good approach Mage- (Mage being ALL specializations and base character have access) Fire, Fira, Fiara Thunder, Thunda, Thundara Black Mage- (Subtype 1) (Pure Destruction) Firaga Thundaga Silence Blue Mage- (Subtype 2) (Support Mage) Aeroga M Barrier Dispel Spellblade- (Subtype 3) (Mixes Might and Magic) Enchant Weapon - Fire, Fira, Fiara Enchant Weapon - Leech, Drain Phantom Weapon (Passive Ability) I have 13 Spells in each category for the mage so that is but a taste of what I have for him. But the reason for posting is I need some ideas for some other classes. I wont share many of my abilities due to me being a secretive jerk ;P, but if anyone would like to help brainstorm heres what I got for others Engineer - Tinkerer, Grenadier, Entromancer (Time Mage) (Close to finished but need a few more in each category) The Engineer has a Hand Cannon attached to a large gauntlet. Think megamans cannon but more mobile Tinkerer uses small devices (ie Turret when hiding, Nano-Armor) Grenadier enjoys the use of Mines and Bombs Entromancer is self explanitory Soulknight - Dark Knight, Twilight Knight, Paladin (People might complain this is a copy of Cecil. Ive never even touched FFIV Dark Knight is about making people suffer Twilight Knight Dual Wields Light and Dark Paladin - Protection and Light Monk - Brawler, Spiritmaster, Conjurer Brawler - Hand to Hand Combat with a Gauntlet Weapon Spiritmaster - Think of a priest Salvemaker - Potions, Mixtures, Support, etc Ranger - Thief, Assassin, Hunter Thief is about quick attacks with DEX as a main stat, Evasion, Crit, and Daggers Assassin - Think WoW Rogue. Uses Poisons and Stealth to eliminate targets Hunter - Classic Ranger Warrior - Knight, Valkyrie, Berserker Knight - Sword and Shield Valkyrie - 2h Weapons or Polearms Berserker - Dual Wield Thanks to anyone who responds This is my First RPG so I expect to get some criticism, Please try to be nice and civil about it.