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  1. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    Kickstarter page also has new handdrawn monsters, feel free to check them out!
  2. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    Recently began with the kickstarter, feel free to follow the progress and help me get through the kickstarter! Kickstarter
  3. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    So things I've done this month: ==> I've gotten the resources I needed for the next dungeons, and I've already finished one of them (not yet uploaded, 1/3 new dungeons done) ==> I've remade the class changes, looks change drastically on some of the characters, with a big visual difference depending on the class you choose (just wait till after the 2nd Prime crystal) ==> I've gotten the music I need for the next parts ==> I've got my sketches of the next town and 2 dungeons ==> I've completed the storyline for the next part Depending on how much time I've got, next dungeons and storyline will be uploaded between 10days and 1 month. ==> It will be a huge update. Go for it once it's released. (or just go ahead and play now, save games should still work on new version) ==> Someone just playtested my game and pointed out a lot of mistakes in my text. This will be updated in next release! (probably somewhere this weekend, as I'm now for a couple of days.)
  4. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    Thank you for the comments, I'll try to speed up the animations, though I've already sped them up before last upload. Guess it is still not enough . As for the grammar checking: I'm not sure I can still rely on that person lol. So if you spot any, mistakes, please tell me where and what it should be. As I've played through the story a couple of times, I'm not sure if I can find the mistakes myself. The storyline: again big thx for feedback, but I have mixed feelings about this one. Today someone said that he and his friend really got sucked into the story, because of the intro. Still I will keep it in mind, and combine it with other feedback. + I lack interior materials :/ thanks for pointing that out. Ty for playing. I'm busy adding new stuff and the new class change looks AWESOME!
  5. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    Well as I just got back, I'll bump this topic . I started working on this again, updated the game, worked on the errors I had, and brought the game back to life. Things I've done: Added new story, new town, new dungeon, new boss, new class change (with sprites that recolour based upon choice!) Added new skills and visuals Made the game non commercial after the original demo ==> because of that, I added new monsters and an AWESOME BOSS which changes appearance AND stats depending upon his damage. Added 2 new classes (figures... class change) Added about 1 hour of gameplay Next goal: New dungeon (nearly finished) ==> finished New town 2 new linked dungeons with boss new class change ==> got the recoloured sprites! new skills and visuals new music files ==> Finished extra hours gameplay new playable character => got the sprites and faceset + story outline Deadline: End of march 2017 Have a good time protecting your allies, slaughtering your enemies, or being a playful naive mage. (==> actually, just be all 3 of them!)
  6. Revived TheCrystalKnight, added whole new level!

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    2. crystalknight


      Ty :) game page back online aswell. Feels great

    3. Izu.


      Oh! Welcome back CrystalKnight, haha, great to see you still around!

    4. crystalknight


      Ofcourse I'm back Izu ;). Didn't forget about you either!

  7. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    Thx for the feedback, battles are a bit lacking now, we're looking into this. The project however, has been slowed down a bit. So don't expect major updates soon. (then again, I could change my mind and work 24/7 at this again soon) Will look into dual power strike aswell, it should strike twice, or atleast show an animation of a dual strike. Fleeing is a problem, don't know how to work around that, going to google a sollution. Thx!
  8. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    I don't mind though don't worry. No "sorry" needed. Sages really are quite popular in Zelda games, so I understand now, why you'd said that. But still => didn't get inspiration from zelda games.
  9. crystalknight

    The Crystal Knight

    First of all: No inspiration from zelda games (though I played all and love them) 2nd glasses: Thx for feedback, jumps and so on can easily be made faster, so I'll look into it depending on if more people want it faster/slower. (though An option to choose as a player is the better option if I can pull that off) As for the fights: This is just a teaser, and I didn't put too much time into enemy/boss battler as they will all change looks. ==> this will lead to more personalised skills, and hopefully, more interesting battles. You did point out that I need to work on battle strategies, I'll look into that. ==> It's not meant to be easy. Though triple slash has a very low trigger chance. And the main char learns a (small) heal skill at lvl 4 I think. ==> bridge has been fixed, thx ==> F1-1 has been fixed, double thx there. ==> Going to try and find a solution for that minimap for that section. ==> First store having equip most chars already have => well they did get their equip from somewhere, they also fight and train at the castle + some soldiers buy castle equip at the town... don't think I'll change that. ==> Evaded instead of 0 ==> going to change it, thx again. ==> Staff animation was already being fixed upon release, it did look bad in the teaser, and it actually still does , still fixing it. As a side note: developing is slow now, as we all found jobs, this will get better after a short while. Just the first weeks at work are very busy weeks.
  10. Swarmed with work -_- can't make it to my deadlines. So sorry

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      That's okay. I still love you <3 ^~^

    2. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      Stupid work messin up everything. I cant stand being swarmed with work neither.

  11. crystalknight

    Probably should do this.

    Knighty, don't rush in on things like that (marriage) , you'll understand why XD. Anyways, welcome to the forums. Hopefully you're a bit less busy than I am at the moment, and you'll have some time to create one hell of a game.
  12. crystalknight

    custom drawn battlers

    Well this is just a "test". To see if it worked actually. I may still be redone (which will be easy now, just a few clicks..) This is the only one finished for now. (and it needs to be smaller ofc ingame) I was a bit too fast on the previous post, stating that they were all ready.
  13. crystalknight

    custom drawn battlers

    They won't be animated. They have been implemented and coloured though .
  14. crystalknight

    This hill is mine

    Well I'm glad to see you're promoting my game xD. (Thank you for the tribute !) I enjoyed reading it, all 4 floors (and also Irate his post!), but well.. I mean, I'm dead now xd.. I guess that's it >.>. Not a big deal, as I've became very busy now :/. I might get back into this later. EDIT: Way to go Irate!