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  1. EcksMega

    Parallax Tunnel Maps Help Request

    hm. I still don't grasp it--- lol. I feel like I should understand but I just started RPGM a few months ago-- I find that with parallax mapping, there are a lot of things having to do with special passabilities and other things I will learn eventually So I feel like a dunce just unable to help, and posting here to have something to do!
  2. EcksMega

    Parallax Tunnel Maps Help Request

    Do you mean, like using a map overlay to be able to see surface items on a "surface" map while navigating the "subterranian" map below? Sorry for not really understanding what you're talking about. I have been playing with a map overlay script that you could do what I'm talking about with- although I haven't done much personally, played around with it expanding the demo from the script author to see how it works. I'll put a link if this is the kind of thing you wanted. **Edit- forgot you were asking about the ability to do it with parallax environment- it might work if it doesn't conflict heavily with the script for overlay maps, but like I said I haven't tried that way.
  3. EcksMega

    Something Silly I Wrote

    I just read this blogpost for the second time, and I still feel like we must be neighboring beings/consiousness in whatever crystalline existance residing in the prior/after/over-life. The sentimental movement and thoughtful mind in this writing pretty much hugs my being while realizing your words and their purpose to convey these thoughts. I try to get over the born too late/too early slump by trying to grasp whats going on locally and globally as far as seeing political motivations and social evolution. There is a lot to see change, and I would be so happy if everyone in position to make the changes, to truly begin cutting serious carbon and other toxic chemical pollution, would stop pandering to the profiteers of yester-century, and begin to invest time and funding for a serious transfer to using whole renewable energy and technology industries. They can do it but it will take more pressure from the people to influince against big oil and coal lobbyists and superpac donors with "special interests." That would be the big deal of our generation. Germany and some other countries are ahead of the US on this issue.
  4. My project = workflow overload. Rate of progress translates to a projected demo release date of 11.20.2025. I hope I'm wrong. I'm great at being wrong.

    1. Tsarmina


      Hey, that sounds like my progress! :) *high five*

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      :/ lets hope you're wrong. Start breaking that load down a bit... take it slow.

  5. EcksMega

    EcksMega needs RMVXA friends! >"_"<

    I remember how ridiculous I felt with pascal, I enrolled in Programming II because I figured the next step in learning would lead to Visual Basic or C++. In the first year class, we were using advanced BASIC techniques to do many thinks like creating a bank-style database system that could of people and money, and for our final exams we were instructed to make whatever we wanted, except it had to have one user menu and had to utilize mathematics. So, I made a simple graphical RPG where you used arrow keys to get the character (essentailly, a circle) through a (blank except for walls) map, which had a few small types of random encounters, turn-based "battles" based on random chance and other stats like HP and power. At the end (I can't remember what the boss was) you had to fight the boss and I remember by the time I was working on that part it was pretty much a few hours before we had to submit our projects, so I was left unsatisfied by not being able to get as heavy on graphical representations for the final battle. Wish I could find it just to play around on it, although I never made it as complex as I wanted, it was cool for my partner and I to put it together in such little time. However in second year, PASCAL was our new language, and I just remember how horrible it made me feel. LOL- So I DID give up programming for about fifteen years. Now I'm feeling old! It doesn't matter, I still wanna LEARN!!! That's just awesome! I have bookmarked the links you guys suggested, and in the next few weeks will be spending LOTS of time checking out tutorials and really trying to submerge my mind into RGSS. And, as for Codec Academy teaching multiple languages, that's really REALLY cool. I will have to check out C++ next since it was the next language I really desired to learn when I was into BASIC. (Just signed up and noticed THAT language isn't offered, but no worries!!! Still teaches Ruby and other useful languages!) I started learning and programming when I was 11, by the time I was 15, I had created a simple "E-Mail" server and user system for my household family members to read and send messages to each other from the same computer (LOL we didn't have internet back then... too poor! but for me, it was always fun to think of a computer situation or problem and use BASIC to create a solution. Then PASCAL.... I agree, K-Zap. It's a horrible thing. Hope you don't mind I called you K-Zap. I won't do it again if you hate it!
  6. EcksMega

    EcksMega needs RMVXA friends! >"_"<

    ... this sticks out to me, you have a very deep psychological approach to this As far as multiple accounts, it seems like it'd be akin to schizophrenics, not to put people down for psychological disorders, but... meh. To me, that'd serve no purpose. I only use multiple email addresses for signing up for promotions (spam) and a main one for friends and relatives. Thanks for the well-wishing also good luck in your own endeavors, and I can't wait to have something of substance to share! PS- I like your text colour thing, hope you don't mind I went with it for my reply, I read a post of yours earlier (I think here in the intros/farewells topic), and it made me think a bit about the visual appeal of things, and i do admire your desire to break from monotony
  7. EcksMega

    EcksMega needs RMVXA friends! >"_"<

    Thanks guys! This seemed like one of the good communities to get to meet people who are about creativity and who don't mind helping people in any way they can to answer questions or supply advice on using RPG Maker. So far, you all seem like a kind and creative bunch-- so, suspicions' confirmed! Yeah, I just haven't tooled around with his work other than reading on his site. It does seem like he has a massive system of useful scripts put together, so inevitably I will end up checking it out much further. My goal is to learn how to tweak event handling to be able to modify the usefulness and functions of vehicles (a multi-functional "work" vehicle, if you could excuse my vague references), and I am looking into an extender for sprite animation (beyond the default 3-column animations), which I've seen that Victor has made a script for that, exclusive to his engine. I'll also be around to check out your projects and look forward to giving feedback to your ideas and creations! This is fun!
  8. EcksMega

    EcksMega needs RMVXA friends! >"_"<

    I can't do much (at least not as much with limited time and RM experience), but I am determined to get this project into the light of day, and if I can help anyone here in the future as far as helping to supply some music or art, a laugh or anything, that would just make my day brighter! Thanks for the kind words, it really means a lot. Everyone has a game they want to make or have made, and I see a lot of original talent out there in the RM communities, and I think it's cool even people who don't desire to use in-depth scripting or change stock assets to make their game, It's just neat that there's a tool like RM for people to make original RPGs, and share with the world! When I get something tangible and feasible (beyond my fiddle-farting around) up and going, this will be the first place that'll get word on it, and the people here who can critique the originality and functionality on my concept will be gratefully thanked. I think my concept is original enough to raise an eyebrow or two, once what I'm envisioning can be experienced in-game, so I really am putting a lot of my time that I get out of my schedule into solidifying concept art and assets, and soon (I hope) custom scripting for the mechanics that need met.
  9. Greetings to all here at rpgmakervxace.net! To start off, I used to program BASIC text games and graphics from 1991 to 1998, tried to learn PASCAL my senior year in high school, but never got the syntax or how to incorporate my thought flow into complex equations, which is mainly why I'm here. I have a basic knowledge of eventing in RM VX Ace, but scripting is what perplexes and intrigues me. I, like many other newbies, had found a deal on steam and had a decent idea to start making an RM game, however the depth I have found in others' scripting capabilities, to "break" the maker-- make it do things it wouldn't handle before, has me drooling for more experience so I can bring new ideas to my concept game. Things that catch my interests are ABS engines, like XAS and Khas' ARC engine and SAS scripts... the fact that scripting in rgss3 can really change what goes on in our creations gets me all crazy excited. The use of others' scripts is fine when they allow free with crediting, but I would also love to get into scripting in rgss3 to tailor specific mechanics to my project(s). I have played around enough to know how to set up basic graphics and stuff, and usually find other members posts to answer my questions without personally inquiring, but there are certain mechanics I want in my project that I'm not entirely sure how to approach. I'm working on hatching a project that will eventually look mostly like it wasn't made in RM, because a lot of my time is being put into creating all original assets. My friends and I make music, and most of us have some real visual art talent, so not to knock ppl for using stock assets, but they really won't help what I'm looking to accomplish! Well that's enough jibber-jabber from me, really just looking for some connections with this community so maybe someone could help point me in a direction in building my scripting. I plan on starting the tutorials, which look very educational, and I want to say thanks to everyone here who have original ideas and useful feedback, you'd not heard from me up until now, but believe me, I've already read and learned from many of you. I like galv's point of view and find a lot of his work useful and inspiring (personally), Victor's scripts just intimidate me (lol, but for real), Yami... just to name a few more who's work ignites my interests. I really want to open up on some details of my project, but want to make sure I don't disclose much, as there is no protection on my intellectual property yet, concept or otherwise. I will say it is inspired by my real-life day-job lol... as if THAT sounds exciting.... Ah-- Just decided it's time to say hi, join in here, and maybe I'll get more of my project's details out into the light (in the proper forum section) when it feels right! ;]