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  1. Joshua Murph


    Yeah, I agree. It's a MUCH needed update.
  2. Joshua Murph


    what do you mean? It's in spanish, not japanese. And also, when you use a translator, not everything translates properly. Okay, final edit. If you go to the Microsoft translator site, and type in the link in the OP, you get a general idea of everything you need to know. You won't need to translate the script.
  3. Joshua Murph


    I am working on translating it. very loosely, I was talking to this one guy that offered full support for it and was translating it, but he stopped logging on to the site I met him on. So I decided I was going to attempt to get a general translation of the comments on here. One issue I noticed with this is if you throw the entire script in a translator, the whole script breaks.
  4. Joshua Murph

    Actor Clone Script

    I got the idea to use this from the Disgeae series. After you have defeated a certain number of certain enemies, they become available!
  5. Joshua Murph


    I could be wrong, but I was looking through the scripts and the database, and it looks like sunflag and duration control that stuff.
  6. Joshua Murph


    Will I be able to get support here? I can't go to moghunter's site because it isn't in english.
  7. Joshua Murph

    Dual Wield -> Free Hands

    Awesome!!!!! I just didn't want to start asking for this add on with your permission. You are an amazing scripter, and I hope you keep up the great work.
  8. Joshua Murph

    Dual Wield -> Free Hands

    ahhhh that sucks, because that would have been cool. After you release the final version, is it okay if I have someone add on to this to make that a feature? Obviously you will get the credit you deserve either way.
  9. Joshua Murph


    Can you make a demo? It's easier for me to learn how to use scripts(even simple ones) with a demo.
  10. Joshua Murph

    Dual Wield -> Free Hands

    In the future, would this ever allow for dual wield shields or reverse wield a sword and shield? Like with Final Fantasy 3?
  11. Joshua Murph

    Actor Clone Script

    This will be great! Especially when I create my shop for it! A full field shop to buy new characters. Oh yeah!
  12. I found one glitch that i kind of don't want to see gone. If I am right next to a wall or object and I try to throw the rock that doesn't break, it lays on my head and I am no longer showing the "Holding" graphic. But like I said, I enjoy this glitch especially seeing as how I can still throw it, and nothing bad happens.
  13. Joshua Murph

    Never officially introduced myself.

    @infamous bon bon,it doesn't effect anything accept how the games look. Requires no scripts or change in data. I was even considering doing a shop of my 3-D graphics, they (in my opinion) look fine with most of the default tile sets.
  14. I am Tsaku, the master of all reaper's, Death himself. Hi. I am a graphic designer who uses true 3-d designs and my games will be as such. I also have an account on rpgmakervx.net and Omega-dev.net I am currently working on 2 games: "Reaper's Embrace", and "Reaper's Embrace Version Ace" A.K.A."Reaper's Embrace 2. Please feel free to ask anything. I am even hoping to start a team, although I do not meet the requirements to start a team thread on here or on rmvx.net. I am still taking requests to start on here, rmvx.net and Omega-dev.net.
  15. Joshua Murph

    Action battle system?

    I have both SAS IV and XAS Ace. I prefer XAS a little more, although I guess it's only a matter of personal preference.