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    It could be your font, I don't see why it doesn't work for you.
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    Hey the new download for the game is up. I will update the thread on the weekend with the download too. I can't right now because I am doing this on my phone. BOTH V1.9 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zbugi5190kb7rb9/Battle_of_the_Heavens.exe
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    BATTLE OF THE HEAVENS Note: This game doesn't need the "RTP" to play but its currently going through some rigid updates. ESTIMATED GAME-PLAY TIME: 10+ GAME STATUS: COMPLETED INSTALLATION: Extraction, No RTP Needed VERSION RELEASE: V1.7 GENRE: FANTASY RPG DIFFICULTY: HARD When the Demi War ends, a valiant Magnus Zarkodius goes on a quest to end the chivalry once and for all. His purpose, to unravel the cause of the war. Magnus is accompanied by the Paladin Hyperion who knows more than he lets on. As he journeys Safehaven and uncovers the truth about the war, friends are made and a band is formed to save Treter, the world sealed beneath. (Battle of the Heaven's should keep the player busy for hours to come.) MAGNUS ZARKODIOUS The hero and protagonist of this epic tale. Magnus Zarkodius born from ancient ancestry, a Terraphim related to the Celestial's charges for battle. He's a vigorous warrior with a knack for rushing into the front lines. HYPERION SHADOWBREAKER Holding the "Seal of Metatron", Hyperion's power is known throughout of the kingdom. His purpose is to unify the kingdom using the seal and restore order to the once dominant lightbearers, the Paladins. LUCEAL The fallen Celestial of the light. Lucy sees all the terror awaiting Safehaven's future and has to prevent its demise. She is bound to the Kapyre's recovering from the blackness of the void. VAMPIRO MELLOW Half Vampire, half Elf commanding the Red Knights, Mellow is a titan. She prevents the Elves from getting into conflict thanks to her brethren with the use of her tamed hell hounds. When the war ends she uncovers the conspiracy to reconstruct the order in Safehaven. SCREENSHOTS CREDITS DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE AT: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zbugi5190kb7rb9/Battle_of_the_Heavens.exe