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  1. Late Update.....but I'm back!!!

  2. Hey I'm making a game and is stuck somewhere in the writing part. I need some sugesstions and ideas. PM me with in 2-3 Hours if you can help or I'll be seeing your message in April. I'll send you the script's first part through PM.
  3. Does anyone know Egyptian name meaning Guardian or Protector ???

    1. Omni Link
    2. Tejas


      Thanks will try to find it there!! ^_^


  4. Ok......my mistake...better try next time in April!!
  5. I know I'm late but can you extend the deadline...I won't let you down...please it's a request.
  6. Hey ther!! I'm online lately coz I was very busy!! Duno whats gonna happen next!! After my exam in March I'll be in College, ya thats a great news but there will be a huge financial burden on my parents, as my Brother is too opting for IIT next year....so If any body could donate me with college fee, it would be nice....

  7. Tejas

    contest Arabian Nights RPG Contest

    Oopsss! Late Coz I was busy sorry Anyways The Contest is closed!!
  8. Tejas

    contest Arabian Nights RPG Contest

    Extending DeadEnd by 2 Days!!
  9. Tejas

    Hello everyone!

    Aprovalllll!! I hope you enjoy your stay here
  10. I'm soo much happy being a part of this community....some people here are so kind and generous....

    1. IrateResearcher


      just wait till halloween, or the next cute war.

    2. Shack_Keeper


      it's a net community not filled with a bunch of A#$!?@!$, it's rare

  11. Have anybody felt the depression of rejection? :( #LuvUFhoLife

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    2. Spectre


      Distract yourself. Surely you have other hobbies? That's why you're here, yes?

      15 or 51, you need to find a way to convince yourself that clinging on to a lost cause is only detrimental to yourself. In the words of Elsa, let it go.

    3. Tejas


      yaa....I prefer do making games but Exams, my crush, can't handle anything..

    4. RaidoFrost


      Guess my point was that at 15 most relationships aren't serious

  12. Hey guys a question, Whic battle system do you prefer in a Action RPG? Side View? Action battle system? Or the pre installed in ACE?

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    2. Tejas


      Sorry Guys, I was off to give exam but in my game there is no party. the player is alone!

    3. RaidoFrost


      I'd ideally like to have an XP front view style battle system with animated rear-view battlers, but I'll have to make do with Yanfly's for now

    4. Tejas


      hmm....nice idea!

  13. Tejas

    contest Arabian Nights RPG Contest

    1 Week to go!! Hurry Guys!!
  14. Tejas

    [Heresy] Hand-Painted Maps

    My Pleasure!!