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  1. Hymaro121

    Need a 'Gulag' Tileset (PAID)

    Hi everyone, I'm working on the script for a horror game set in a Gulag camp during the Soviet Union era and I will need a few tile sets for the Gulag prison, the concentration camp fenced perimeter and the interiors of several custom buildings (and possibly more). I can provide as many reference photos as needed. Payment we can discuss upon correspondence. Thanks!
  2. Hymaro121

    Recruiting for large project

    I would to work on this project as a writer. Let me know if you want to discuss some ideas.
  3. Hymaro121

    Serious or Humorous

    I think there should certainly be elements of seriousness and humour in all stories. Generally, audiences don't like to be held in one emotional state throughout an entire story (which for an RPG could be for over 60 hours), so adding comedic elements in your serious stories and vice versa is important. I find this very difficult, personally. I think I am rather good (if I do say so myself) at writing seriousness, emotional narratives, but I'm not particularly funny. I think you need to find a balance though. FFVI, as much as I love that game, got the balance wrong in a lot of places. The problem I think was they added in too many characters that were just their to be funny. Comic relief characters, which I think is quite contrived and cliched. No one really likes following the story of someone who is a constant goofball who is never serious and no one likes following the story of the strong, silent revenge seeker who never laughs nor smiles. Balance.
  4. Hymaro121

    Hello everybody.

    Hey everyone, My name is Chris, I'm from the UK and I'm an amateur indie comic book writer. I'm working on several comic projects, one of which is called Children Of The Rain, a fantasy, adventure story for mature readers. I plan to create an RPG game as a bit of a prologue to my comic world which gives more information about the world and characters as well as being a lot of fun (hopefully). I did start a project with RPG Maker XP a couple of years ago, but my laptop died and all my progress was lost So, here I am to have another go with VX Ace, which I hear is a much superior version. I've got a story in mind, revolving around Anyula, the female lead character, but I am brand new to VX Ace so expect me to be posting lots of questions many of which I'm sure are obvious. If anyone is a sprite artist please get in contact with me as I will be needing a few original sprites for the project. If there is a certain sub-forum to look for sprite artists can someone please link me to it. Anyway, it's good to be back making games and I'm sure I'll see you all around. Cheers.