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  1. Robin-Lightning

    Face sets of the "Cover-art characters"? (Willing to pay.)

    Well, I'm not the best in this, but I decided to dust off my skills in emo-editing ¯\_( â—‰ 3 â—‰ )_/¯ I'm really slow at this, so please excuse me (à¹‘â€¢Ì â‚ƒ •̀๑) PS: I'm doing this for free, so don't worry about it ^o^ Consider it a Easter present! (Although Easter would have long passed) But still! Here are 4 emotions for the first actor in the cover art. Hope you like it! EDIT: I might've included one twice by mistake. Sorry!
  2. Okay! I'm almost up to date with my old version of my game! Woo!

  3. I remember that preordering MV back then guaranteed you with additional resources... But I never found them. Up until yesterday... Welp, time to get the champagne bottle off the shelf!

    1. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      Champagne? Needs more Pinot Noir.

  4. Is anyone else struggling with their finals? If so, never give up, folks! They're almost over! ; - ; YOU CAN DO IT!

    1. Ragnos


      Thank you! I needed the help. Ive really been craming.

    2. Amysaurus


      Mine haven't even started yet, lol!

    3. Nekotori
  5. Robin-Lightning

    Pixel Point - Point08's Edits and Customs

    So awesome ; - ; Keep it up! ^^ I need to use these ; - ; Sadly, finals are killing me xD
  6. I love adding references to famous movies / funny games in my own. It makes me smile! ^^

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    2. philteredkhaos


      I was working on a silly game about a Pacifist on a mission to stop her bully without violence, but her grandma quotes a monologue about violence from Robert Heinlein

    3. philteredkhaos


      Those that doubt violence can solve anything conjure the Ghosts of Hitler and Napoleon, and the Dodo Bird could referee...

    4. Robin-Lightning


      Breaking the 4th wall is also hilarious!

  7. Robin-Lightning

    Pixel Point - Point08's Edits and Customs

    Aye aye! I can't wait! ^.^
  8. Robin-Lightning

    Outside_D Tileset (WIP)

    The stalls look amazing! (â—•ᴗ•â—) I wonder why I haven't used them yet... Oh wait... ; - ; Great job! Keep it up! ♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡
  9. Robin-Lightning

    Here they are! The Blargs! XD (DARTH BLARG IS HERE!)

    THESE HOUSES ARE ADORABLE!!! AHGHRGAHAGA!! TT-TT Great job, nonetheless! Keep it up! \\\ Ù©(๑â›ãƒ¯â›à¹‘)Ùˆ //ï¼ï¼
  10. Robin-Lightning

    Pixel Point - Point08's Edits and Customs

    Big bookshelves . - . I feel like creating a mega library in my project now... Although with MV now available, I have to restart my project from the start ; - ; BUT! It's not like I got very far the first time! I'm only at chapter 1, considering there is a prologue... Heh... Go team!-ish!
  11. Trying to create every single ressource needed for your game is way harder than I thought... Especially the music part >.< Although... Never give up!

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    2. Dymdez


      It's not impossible though :) but yeah.. thats why people have development teams, because its just so much work for one person. If you had two of you, you would be done twice as fast.

    3. LTNGames


      For me it's tiles, sprites & music. I know a bit of scripting everything else I got covered

    4. Robin-Lightning


      For me, it's only music and scripting. Editing / creating sprites and tiles is becoming much easier ^^

  12. I love these ; - ; So pretty! Great job! And keep it up!
  13. Steam Cloud's been causing me a lot of pain... Any solutions? I tried disabling it, but RPG Maker still crashes each time I try opening it.

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    2. LTNGames


      Running as administrator?

    3. Robin-Lightning


      Omg... BRANK! THANK YOU!!!! It worked, plus it saves way faster now!

    4. LTNGames


      No problem, happy to help :)

  14. Working so hard and fast on the game >.< I'm excited!

  15. Okay, two rather good news: 1- I'm back! And 2- Remember a few months ago, I said that the game that I spent a lot of time working on disappeared? Well, I sort of kind of found it, and I'm laughing at how hilarious it was! In ogni caso, have a wonderful day everyone!

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    2. Wingflame
    3. Rikifive


      I'm afraid I don't know you, but it can be always changed. (= ~ Welcome *back* anyway! =3

    4. Robin-Lightning


      Let's do dis! @Apple Knight. And thank you all! Such a warm welcome!