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  1. SomaelCK

    rmmv One Loves the Sunset

    Hello! It's been a while, since I last updated. We are currently working on Wanda - A Beautiful Apocalypse complete Remake in RMMV. But the project One Loves the Sunset is also slowly progressing. Here is the animated screenshot of it. Enjoy, lemme know what you think about this
  2. SomaelCK

    rmmv One Loves the Sunset

    Thanks! RPG Maker is perfect for story teller genre too The game's narrative will be a lot simpler compared to To The Moon tho. This is going to be something like a short-film
  3. SomaelCK

    rmmv One Loves the Sunset

    KODOTS GAMES PRESENTS SYNOPSIS One Loves the Sunset is a slice-of-life style of story-teller where you play as an ordinary old man who goes on with his ordinary life. Behind the seemly normal and rather mundane daily routines, it is shown that he is a damaged person, haunted by the past. The game will explore the theme of recovery and change, in subtle choreography and narrative as something very small and insignificant comes into old man's life and take the biggest place in his life. Due to the nature of the story, we cannot reveal much about characters without including spoilers. SCREENSHOTS KODOTS GAMES MEMBERS SomaelCK HaruAkira ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK David Lister Thanks for giving us your time! If you have any questions/feedback about the game, feel free to ask us here! We will be updating this thread from times to times. Please stay a while and enjoy! CREDITS
  4. Haru and I made a new map and sprite :)http://i.imgur.com/yjhBgRP.gif

    1. Chadzter01
    2. Makara


      One three letter word that means a lot of amazement: wow.

  5. http://i.imgur.com/JsayQpp.png - One Loves the Sunset. My newest game project! Do take a look!
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    2. SomaelCK


      Thanks! I got that everywhere. It is intentional. This mix of 2.5D foreground and 2D background is nothing uncommon in typical JRPGs tho. Example : http://img.gamefaqs.net/screens/f/f/3/gfs_6286_2_9.jpg

    3. Amysaurus


      Ah, I didn't even mean it as a bad thing. I only notice it because I have to study that junk in uni. :D

    4. Rikifive


      Ooh looks really good! ^^

  6. After meddling with so many prototypes, I finally made a decision! This is the upcoming project from Kodots Games. It's called One Loves the Sunset, a game featuring High-def 2D sprites! Please, do have a look! Going to make a separate thread about this soon! Cheers!
  7. @Chibae A very neat retro looking map! Nice lighting! What is it about? It got me curious. and here is the first screenshot from a new project I have recently started. It's very early stage and subject to change. Any thoughts?
  8. Omg! This game project make me smile uncontrollably! It's always great to see non-RPG from RM!
  9. A new project I'm starting recently! http://i.imgur.com/gMScMFC.png

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    2. RoooodWorks


      looks very pretty

    3. corneredcosmos


      HUUUH my heart exploded I am in love! :D I cannot wait to see! :D

    4. Rikifive
  10. Wanda is currently giving launch sale on itch.io! Perfect time to grab collector edition at a very cheap price! https://itch.io/s/3961/wanda-a-beautiful-sale

  11. SomaelCK

    Game of the Month June 2016 - Wanda

    Thank you! Been busy with the launch and all. I only remembered to reply now!
  12. We are giving 20% launch sale on itch.io! If you want to own DRM free Collector Edition at a very cheap price. Now is the time!
  13. I can play most RMVXA game with Xbox 360 controller. But you will need to re-map the keys again (they are quiet chaotic by default), after that, you can play no problem.
  14. Guys! Wanda is released on Steam and other digital store! Please check it out! If you have played the demo or the game, feel free to tell me what you think abut the game. Your feedback is invaluable for this game
  15. SomaelCK

    Game of the Month June 2016 - Wanda

    That is one fair and professional review so far! Make me feel happy entire morning