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  1. hgmatt

    Yanfly Class System Problem

    You know, I was looking in the right areas when I was trying to figure it out. I actually was playing with those two numbers specifically, but I couldn't get it correct like the way you have it. idk what I was doing wrong but it was going off screen or squeezing it to make less space, but thanks again!
  2. hgmatt

    Yanfly Class System Problem

    Hey! I know it was a definite delay, some life stuff going on, but I'm back and I super appreciate all the help!! Thank you so much!
  3. hgmatt

    Yanfly Class System Problem

    One other thing; I am trying to change the sizes of the windows in the menu as well. The Class window is huge when it's unnecessary and the Parameter Window is too small and the words and numbers are too close together. This is what it currently looks like: I've been working on this for at least an hour or so and cannot seem to figure it out. Here's the Script:
  4. hgmatt

    Yanfly Class System Problem

    Awesome! Thank you! I would prefer heals over death any day. I appreciate the help!
  5. That's because 0 automatically sets it to be even with the Status Window. Like this: And the only other script messing with the sizes of this are this: Which is the default setting except for the visible line number which I want to be 4. Thanks for the reply too!
  6. So, I am modifying the windows for my scene battle and got it down for the most part, but I cannot seem to get my actor command window to go any further than the battle status window. This is what I get: Here is my script: Don't worry, I copied the Battle Scene and put it in my Materials section and am making it my own. If someone could help with this, that would be great because I know it's a simple code I'm over looking, but I've spent the last 3 hours just today trying to figure it out.
  7. Hello folks! Long time, no see. So, I found my original file on a game I was creating at least 2 years ago and picked it back up(because I thought I originally lost the file is why I quit in the first place). Either way, I've been playing with it and I love what I have so far, but I am having a particular problem with Yanfly's Class System. So, if my character gets hurt in battle and I decide to go change the class of my character that is hurt, since I use low Stats(Parameters) if I change classes enough, that character will just die in the menu. I looked through all of the script, but I cannot figure it out. I know the script changes the actor's HP and MP according to the Parameters of the Class, but sometimes they will just die and it's a little frustrating. Here's the script: I hope someone can help me figure this out and I will notify if I figure it out first.
  8. hgmatt

    Save File Marked When Finished

    Like, I have an event that checks for a Save file using the script below. Is there a way to make the game save differently than usual and check for that specific save through event script?
  9. hgmatt

    Fence Sprite Issue

    I got it fixed. Thank you!
  10. I am creating my own tilesets and am having trouble with the fences.
  11. hgmatt

    Bush Tiles

    Oops. Didn't mean to post in the wrong area. Thank you though! I didn't even think of doing anything like that. I guess I will just make a different bush design
  12. hgmatt

    Bush Tiles

    Is it possible to make it so that your character actually looks like it's behind the bush instead of having transparency?
  13. hgmatt


    haha Never mind. I really appreciate the help because I realized when you put Fonts, I missed that silly s at the end of Font. Case closed. Thank you.
  14. hgmatt


    I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section of the forum. I have the font for my game set up and everything. I also have the font folder sitting inside my project folder, but when I open it on a computer without that font, it goes to the default font anyway. How do I make it so that when someone turns my game on, without the font already downloaded into their computer, it uses the font I want. It is a custom font in .ttf.
  15. hgmatt

    Change all in game font

    What would I put after =?