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    The Magical World of Canada
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    Drawing and Writing, I hope to learn script too.

    I roleplay and I have a Tumblr too! (purple-inukshuk)
  1. I've been looking around but I can't quite find what I'm looking for. I'm looking for an album featuring lots of chiptune music for a wide variety of events and battles.
  2. I haven't been on here in months o.o well I'm back

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    2. Chaosian
    3. Purpshuk


      thanks! ^^ (oi, it's a dolphin lol)

    4. Chaosian


      Eh indeed... "Toothed Whales"...

  3. Current mood: literally crying over the death of Jovey, the lemur in that old Zoboomafoo show ;_; you will be missed

  4. Purpshuk

    My first sprite work

    Hey! Thanks for the advice! You guessed right, I'm trying to make her hair starry. Which setting more saturation does make it look better. And I do see what you mean by adding more colors on the inside lines. I'll take that advice and update soon! Thanks for linking those articles, I'll take a peak at them.
  5. Purpshuk

    My character coloring and shading

    These look great, though if you're looking for advice, I suggest adding a light source in the scene. It's hard to explain but imagine the sun in the sky of the image, place it in a nice spot and add shadow depending on the object (character) and the source of light (the imaginary sun In this case.) so the shadow won't be just under their feet, it might add more depth. Also don't forget to add shadow under the weapons!
  6. Day 2 of non working headset: I am still mourning, in the bargaining stage

  7. (posting so many updates lol) Anyways doing a drawing stream on join.me feel free to watch and criticize lmao

    1. Knighterius


      Update a 1! A 2! And noooooooowwwwww a 3!! Woop Woop! xDD

  8. Purpshuk

    zombie Jonnaz Drawings

    I feel like I learned a lot about spriting from that video! Really great work! Also great zombies, reminds me of that plants vs. zombies style.
  9. My mic literally went kapoot, I am lighty angered.

    1. Knighterius


      I'd be angry too! >:(

    2. Purpshuk


      I guess I gotta stream voiceless until I fix this problem orz

  10. Well Stream is done, and for some reason my mic was not working... Oh well, feel free to send suggestions on what I should play next!

    1. SpookyMothman


      Shantae! LoZ: Seasons or Ages! Earthbound! Battletoads?

    2. Purpshuk


      Ooh, I haven't finished earthbound yet, sound fun >:)

  11. Who wants to watch me play Majora's Mask for the first time!? http://www.twitch.tv/purpleinukshuk

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    2. magic2345


      Dang, I actually haven't played most zelda games yet.

  12. Purpshuk

    custom drawn battlers

    Those are really neat! I like the style they're drawn in a lot. The only thing I suggest is maybe adding some brighter colors on that battler. Though it might be just my phone being weird with color, it looks almost pitch black with barely any detail.
  13. Purpshuk

    My first sprite work

    Ah thank you! To be honest I don't know what I mean by better either, I guess to make the sprite (more the hair) to be a bit more... Smooth I think is the word. But thanks again for your input, I appreciate it!
  14. I just finished another streaming, well part of it. What do you think so far?http://i.imgur.com/z079kHO.png (bonus; it's oddly transparent)

  15. Purpshuk

    My first sprite work

    Heh, I've never done pixel art, but I should if I can start my game, using concept art I create a front facing sprite of my main character Cynthia. (Well I guess it's practice round since it's going to be a platformer.) I basically suck as a beginner, I really want to create unique sprites. Haha, it can't be helped. But anyways, I'm looking for suggestions, anybody have any tips on how to make this look better?