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  1. Abstract: Nostalgia attack Genre: Retro 16-bit Puzzle Adventure Game Progression: Game completed. 3 years in development. Release date 1st of March 2017. Lenght: 10-15 hours of gameplay Over 50 nostalgia-packed levels, pixel graphics, and a great electronic chip-tune soundtrack. Inspired by games like Sokoban, Ilomilo, the Adventures of Lolo series and old school game titles from the Nintendo NES and Super Nintendo SNES systems. GAME TEASER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5Sq4Nc1Bjc evil Seeds THE GAME Toots and Coots are evil Seeds, mushroom loving eared tadpole demons. They aren't very strong or agile, but what they lack in strength, they make up for in cleverness and patience. They must find the way out of the tower from which they are imprisoned. Clear all the mazes, get all the mushrooms and escape the tower alive. Rumor has that they weren't the first ones to be imprisoned. COLLECT THE ORBS Toots (the red evil Seed) can collect the red and orange Orbs. Coots (the blue evil Seed) can collect the blue and aqua Orbs. GET THE KEY Once all Orbs are collected the chest will open and you will be able the grab the key. GET OUT Once you grab the key the door will open. Get to the door to proceed to the next level. Features: • Retro 16-bit pixel graphic • Great electronic chip-tune soundtrack • Over 50 levels • Challenging puzzles • FREE TO PLAY (No Advertisement) Download: Release date: 1st of March 2017 Available at: http://evilseeds-game.com/ Known Issues: I known to cause mild to severe nostalgia. EVIL SEEDS CREDITS: GAME DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING by François-Maxime Ayotte 3RD PARTY SCRIPTS Galv, HimeWorks, Yanfly, Falcao, Game_Guy, Neon Black, Rycochet, SirBilly, Zeus81 SOUNDTRACK by Timmie wong - DDRKirby(ISQ) http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/ddrkirbyisq https://www.facebook.com/DDRKirbyISQMusic http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoBhx2o-pEfwaCQk1VwGWdA François-Maxime Ayotte GAME TESTERS Frédéric Arcelin Dan Tu Pham Quang Michael Martineau GRAPHIC RESSOURCES Ryan914, Vanya, GregMustache, Tyxerus, OneCutStudio SPECIAL THANKS TsukiHime, DrDhoom & Quasi, Galv, KilloZapit, Valérie Bibeau, Catalina Chirila PROGRAMMED WITH Ruby Game Scripting System Enterbrain, Inc. / Yoji Ojima
  2. This is what I thought. A bit disappointing. Thanks Boring Old Tarq!
  3. Hello everyone, The basic keyboard layout is using shift, z, x, a and s. I would like to map esc instead of a and q instead of s. But not with the game options because the mapping won't work on other computers. Is there a way to map the keys in VX ACE without using a 3rd party script? I used an input script by Cidiomar R. Dias Junior hosted by TsukiHime but the script disables the use of the xbox360 controller which is widely used and if messes with my other scripts so I can't use it. Any ideas or suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a way to swap region IDs with a script. Ex: If switch (whatever) is ON all region ID 19 become 20 else region ID 20 become 19 Any help will be so appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello everyone! Anyone has an idea on how to script a conditional for when movement is impossible? I hope this is not to vague. Thank you in advance!
  6. The png file still has a transparent background. It's just the way the game interprets it that changes it seems.
  7. This is so strange. All transparent background on tilesets become white when I compress game data and test the compressed game. Anyone has seen this before??? I tried to export the tileset and import it back. No good. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you in advance. FM
  8. Thank you! I thought so. It's not an option anymore. Not after two years of development. I'm polishing the game so this is just a detail.
  9. Tags: RPG Maker VX ACE, 2 years in development (started oct. 2014), nearing completion ​ Abstract: 50+ levels, power ups, secrets, Easter eggs Genre: 1 player puzzle adventure Game Progression: In-development since October 2014, playable from start to finish, needs polishing and testing, release for Q1 2017 Demo: 1+ hour Story / Setting / Purpose: evil Seeds in not story based. Much like classic puzzle games from the NES and SNES era. The goal of the game is to collect all orbs, complete all floors and collect HexaPsilocybin mushrooms. Character Bios: Toots and Coots are evil Seeds, tadpole like clever creatures who have an incessable love for mushrooms. Credits: GAME DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING by François-Maxime Ayotte 3RD PARTY SCRIPTS Galv HimeWorks Yanfly Falcao Game_Guy Neon Black Rycochet SirBilly Zeus81 SOUNDTRACK by Timmie Wong - DDRKirby(ISQ) Doc Nano Hideki Kanazashi François-Maxime Ayotte GAME TESTERS Dan Tu Pham Quang Michael Martineau GRAPHIC RESSOURCES Ryan914 Vanya GregMustache Tyxerus OneCutStudio SPECIAL THANKS TsukiHime DrDhoom & Quasi Galv KilloZapit PROGRAMMED WITH Ruby Game Scripting System Enterbrain, Inc. / Yoji Ojima Screenshots: Download DEMO (first 20 levels of the game): http://www.creationfmr.com/es/evil Seeds Demo setup.exe
  10. Exactly what the title says. Does anyone know if it's possible to have the idle player walking animation for Hime's Player Switch? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello guys, I'm using the 2 player switch from HimeWorks. I want the idle character step animation to be ON if the character is under a certain condition. I think I should add a condition branch in this def: def switch_player(id) return if @id == id || !@data[id] || $game_player.transfer? SceneManager.scene.fadeout(60) if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Map) && $game_system.switch_fade @id = id $game_player.save_map_info $game_player = @data[id] $game_party = $game_player.party $game_map.setup($game_player.map_id) if $game_map.map_id != $game_player.map_id $game_player.center($game_player.x, $game_player.y) $game_player.make_encounter_count $game_player.refresh $game_map.setup_player_events SceneManager.scene.refresh_spriteset if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Map) SceneManager.scene.fadein(60) if SceneManager.scene_is?(Scene_Map) && $game_system.switch_fade end Ex: if switch 99 is on step animation on If someone has idea help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! FM
  12. Simple Script Call Syntax Error

    I did! Not that good at scripting! hehe Working now! Thanks :)
  13. Simple Script Call Syntax Error

    Because I don't want anything to happen under that condition and the graphic switch otherwise.