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    Custom AI

    This looks interesting but i think its not exactly what i need. I will give it a try after finishing my current script. (FF9 Mognet Clone)
  2. buddysievers

    Continue Map BGM in Menu

    Bump (is that not possible?)
  3. Wish you all a merry christmas! :))

  4. buddysievers

    Two different Battle types in one game?

    Np, let me know if it works for you.
  5. Animated Battle and Custom AI... Well i knew the day would come but now im scared xD

  6. buddysievers

    Help with some script problems!

    Its not what you really want but a workarround, use Victors SFont script and make your own graphics from that Fixedsys font! SFont is a script which let you use bitmaps as characters. Or try to ask in a Font community/board if there is something looking like it.
  7. Today is our first own event! :D

    1. buddysievers
    2. buddysievers


      Ok got to go, must help to build.

      Cant wit for Lightsphere!!! <3

      Wish you all a nice weekend! :)

  8. buddysievers

    Event with dirt/water tracks

    Works like it should. Thx sooo much for all this help Shiggy! Edit: Can be closed everything is done.
  9. Oh my, it slowly comes to the hot phase before i will introduce my project.

    1. philteredkhaos


      Are you going to put it in Early Projects? or are you waiting for completion before you drop it publicly?

    2. buddysievers


      I will make a short post in Early Projects but it will link to rpgmaker.net ;)

    3. buddysievers


      Im planning to release a Tech Demo when im far enough and after that i will try to recruit a mapper, a dialouge writer and an gfx artist. ^^

  10. buddysievers

    Set Player graphic pose with scriptcall

  11. buddysievers

    Event with dirt/water tracks

    Ok that works great, but i have no why there are no dust footprints. I have configured everything like it should be and other footprints are working as they should. Here is a video that shows both situations one works the other not. Edit: Sorry for the black stuttering but it should be visible that there are no footprints. Edit2: I changed the graphic from the dust footprints to an actor graphic for a test and it shows up. I have to fiddle arround with that i guess, but i still need the use of terrain tags instead of region ids. Edit3: Ok got the footprints working idk why what was wrong but ive created a new map and new events and not copied them again and it works...
  12. buddysievers

    Event with dirt/water tracks

    Get a crash when starting the game: undefined method 'update_nonmoving' for class Game_Event. And i have another question, i cant use the Map Regions (need them for other things as well and cant fill whole map with them) is it possble to set them to Terrain Tag instead? Full modified code:
  13. buddysievers

    Check if there is an event next to player

    Awsome Shiggy, i will test that when i come home but it seems its exactly what i want. Thx so far! Edit: Ok that worked perfect for me, thx alot again Shiggy! This is how i use it: def moogle_direction_enabled? x = $game_map.round_x_with_direction($game_player.x, direction) y = $game_map.round_y_with_direction($game_player.y, direction) return $game_player.collide_with_events?(x, y) end Can be closed!
  14. buddysievers

    Event with dirt/water tracks

    Ah ok i see, so it wont work with characters at after i replaced it. Like i said i will try that later when i come home and tell you if it works. Btw it should work with "if @id == MOOGLE_EVENT_ID && $game_map.map_id == OVERWORLD_MAP_ID " or not? Cus i want it just on the worldmap. Thx so far for your help!
  15. buddysievers

    Event with dirt/water tracks

    Do i need Galv's script too? Cus i dont want to use it for any other reason. Just for this single event.^^ Edit: Ok i guess i need it xD Edit2: Will try that later and tell you if it works.
  16. buddysievers

    Check if there is an event next to player

    Well that wont work, see this video to understand what i mean. Just think there is an event left to the player, the moogle would just stay over/under it. To prevent that i want to let the moogle come in from another direction. So i need to check if he can come from that direction and if not run another conditional branch.
  17. buddysievers

    Two different Battle types in one game?

    Should be work if you copy Scene_Battle rename it to Scene_Battle2 or whatever you like, then put this code under all scripts: But for custom scripts you have to rename all "Scene_Battle" class names to "Scene_Battle2" if you want them in your extra battle system. Copy them if you want them in both battle systems... Well this is just a quick solution maybe it will be enough idk. Edit: Sry just seen you want to enable disable it with specific actors in party. Well you could check that with an conditional branch and set the switch to true/false depending on the conditional branch . Edit2: You would also need to clone BattleManager i guess cause the most custom battle systems have some aliases or rewrites there too i think but dont judge if im wrong hehe.
  18. buddysievers

    Show hidden event and move to player...

    Ive managed to write most of the code myself but i had to use alot of common events, well this can be closed i guess.
  19. buddysievers

    How to get the size of a map

    Yeah i just found that in Game_Map class its late a bit stupid i didnt realized that before... Thank you anyway!
  20. buddysievers

    How to get the size of a map

    well i need to set an event to a position depending on direction x+20 or x-20 or y+13 or y-13 tiles away from the player position. but when the player stands too far at the edge of the map it wont work as it should... my worldmap is looped so its no problem when i know if the lenght exceeds, i will just place it at the other side but for that i need this map tiles width and lenght! Edit: lets say the map is 100x100 and the player is at x90, y90 there is not enough space to the right and at the bottom...
  21. buddysievers

    Overkill = Double Exp

    Ok now is everything how it should be! Tested all possibilitys and works like a charm now. Thx soooo much again for all this work and patience!!! Here are the finished scripts if anyone is interested: Edit: Idk why my code is that strange formatted?!
  22. buddysievers

    Overkill = Double Exp

    We need to set $bonus_xp to 0 somewhere outside of the classes so it not crash anymore when there was no overkill at the end of the battle ^^ Edit: Also there is again 18k instead of 12k max exp Edit2: Replace again (self.exp * overkill_ratio) with (self.exp * (overkill_ratio-1))?
  23. buddysievers

    Overkill = Double Exp

    there is no "overkill_damage > 0" ^^ class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase alias overkill_item_apply item_apply def item_apply(user, item) original_hp = @hp overkill_item_apply(user, item) return unless self.enemy? return unless user.actor? return unless @result.hp_damage > original_hp $overkill_flag = false overkill_damage = (@result.hp_damage - original_hp).to_f overkill_ratio = [overkill_damage / original_hp, 1].min $overkill_flag = true if overkill_ratio > 1.50 if $overkill_flag bonus = 0.5 bonus = 0.75 if overkill_ratio > 1.75 bonus = 1 if overkill_ratio > 2 end if $bonus_xp $bonus_xp+=(self.exp * bonus).to_int else $bonus_xp =(self.exp * bonus).to_int end end end
  24. buddysievers

    Overkill = Double Exp

    the bonus should not be like 50%, 75%, 100% it should be from 50%-100% so 67% is possible as example. There is a typo, if overkill_flag should be if $overkill_flag but when i attack i get a an error, nil cant be coerced to Fixnum
  25. buddysievers

    Overkill = Double Exp

    ok i want that you need 50% more damage then you need to kill the enemy to enable overkill at all. so if Slime a have 100HP you need at least 150 dmg to get an overkill. then the exp bonus should be like this, if you do an overkill with exact 50% overdamage you get 50% more exp, when you do an overkill with 75% overdamage you get 75% exp bonus up to 100% with 100% or more damage then you actually need to kill the enemy. when you dont have any overdamage at all you should get the normal exp in my test case 3000exp per slime so 6000 for the whole troop. with overdamage its possible to get 9000 - 12000 exp depending on the bonus %. Edit: Im rly sry for my bad english and that i couldnt explain it better.
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