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    Final Fantasy IX Help (Updated to 1.10)

    Your welcome and i have to THANK YOU for pointing out that bug!
  2. buddysievers

    Question about windowskins?

    Here you go Crystal Engine – Variable Windowskin http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/17835-crystal-engine-%E2%80%93-variable-windowskin/ Yanfly System Options: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/menu-scripts/system-options/
  3. buddysievers

    Master Script List - On-Site

    Can you add my Player Indicator and FF9 Help scripts pls ?
  4. buddysievers

    Yanfly Menu Cursor X,Y Pos

    Bump Rly no one have an idea how to get the positions? :wacko:
  5. buddysievers

    Final Fantasy IX Help (Updated to 1.10)

    Updated to v1.10 Optimized code and fixed the update proccess which caused lag.
  6. buddysievers

    Final Fantasy IX Help (Updated to 1.10)

    Hmm i dont have great fps loss but i was thinking of what you said and it can be cus it gets redrawed every frame... I will release a new version tommorow with that issue fixed!
  7. buddysievers

    What games do you think needs to be made?

    Omnis: The Erias Line And JRPG's like in the old days not these FF13 and FF15 crap.... The FF7 Remake with the classic ATB not the FF15 like action crap they have planned... Also i cant wait for Deus Ex 4 and Cyberpunk.
  8. buddysievers

    Final Fantasy IX Help (Updated to 1.10)

    Updated to v1.02 Fixed a bug with toggle on/off when there is no help available. Updated to v1.03 I left a method call out in Window_Selectable which i did in Window_Command. I also added a Plugin for Window_EquipSlot which is also a good example for custom windows cus not all work with @data. Updated to v1.04 Optimized window positioning, windows get now centered under/over the arrow if the width is not to high.
  9. buddysievers

    Player Indicator

    its allways over everything else if the z level is high enough. Edit: Thats why i made this, if a player is behind a wall or something like that.
  10. buddysievers

    Regular Expression to remove some controll codes

    Ok i found a snippet inside Vlue's Popup script which worked in that way i wanted. string.gsub(/\\[^invpgINVPG]\[\d{0,3}\]/) { "" } So this is resolved!
  11. buddysievers

    Regular Expression to remove some controll codes

    Thx Tsuki for the fast answer but how can i use that now? gsub! needs something in the {}... i want to use it like this @text = \\C[1]Test String. new_text = @text result = new_text.xxxxx( \\\\.*?\[\d+\](.*) ) result should return "Test String." so which method should i use for the xxxxx?
  12. buddysievers

    Col position in Window_Selectable

  13. buddysievers

    Col position in Window_Selectable

    Awsome man, thx so much! Should be (index % col_max) for windows with more then 2 columns right?
  14. buddysievers

    Row position in Window_Selectable

    Thank you soooo much! I need this cus im working on a FF9 style help system and i need the position of the cursor to display the help window just above or below the selected item/skill or whatever. This is resolved!
  15. buddysievers

    Row position in Window_Selectable

    Yes i know, my english is just too bad to explain what i actually need... When the window have 4 visible lines i need to know where the cursor is, as example: the cursor starts at index 0 and row 0, when i move it 3 down its on the last visible line, when i move it one more down its still on the last visible line even its on row 4. I need to know on which visible line the cursor is, not the row. Hope this time i could explain it a bit better.
  16. buddysievers

    Skills icons and Diablo 2 skill tree

    Hey there, im not sure if this will help you but here is a skilltree script. http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/13212-lune-skill-tree/
  17. buddysievers

    Global Yanfly System Options

    Here it is ! ^^ YEA + Theo - Global System Options Can be closed...
  18. buddysievers

    Smooth Cursor

    Nope not really, you can see the first 7 characters then it cuts off again... if i set the script from galv to 3 actors then it cuts off even earlier...
  19. buddysievers

    Smooth Cursor

    Hey, i found again a bug. Its almost the same as the first. You can reproduce this bug by using Galv's Menu Layout 1.5 ! Would be nice if you fix this too! Thx in advance!
  20. buddysievers

    Last bugfixes and what i just cant figure out

    I managed it somehow by myself. So can be closed!"
  21. buddysievers

    Smooth Cursor

    Thx again! Works like a clockwork now!
  22. buddysievers

    Smooth Cursor

    Hey again! I found a bug with Window_HorzCommand. When i have more items in my window commands then i have col_max the cursor acts strange when i go to a command not visible yet. Heres a screenshot: Thx in advance!
  23. buddysievers

    Menu Scrollbars

    you're the best !
  24. buddysievers

    Menu Scrollbars

    its not really an issue but it doesnt fit to an one line high command window because it would be very small. so a way to exclude it from certain windows would be awsome!
  25. buddysievers

    Menu Scrollbars

    Hey there, thx alot now it works great but theres still that issue with a 1 line high command or selectable window. i dont want a scrollbar at some of my windows. how can i exclude them from such? Thx in advance and keep up the great work!
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