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    Menu Scrollbars

    hey there ! nice script its running quite nice with the cursor script from you. but i run into an error with tsukihimes equipment slots and the addons for them. i always get an: line 272 no method error occured edfined method size for nil class... line 272: @ms_scrollbar.visible = self.visible ? @data.size > 0 : false maybe because of the @data array?! its the slot window which cause the crash more i cant say. maybe theres a way to prevent a window from get a scroll bar ?! would be very good to some situations. thx in advance
  2. buddysievers

    Disable Close the RGSS Player

    Its not what i wanted, you can still minimize the game with alt + tab but i found a different method. With my launcher a bat file gets started instead of the game.exe which is checking if the game is running or not and restarts the launcher if the game isnt running anymore then shutdown itself. I compiled that to an exe and now it works the same but without any ruby at all. I wanted to call the launcher when the game gets closed and that works very well now.
  3. buddysievers

    Disable Close the RGSS Player

    Hey there, im writing a script which needs that the game get closed by a script command. I know you can kill it throu task manager but thats ok, if a user does it its his own fault if something isnt working anymore. EDIT: Just cant find any ruby win32api calls for such things... It was hard to find the method to disable the x button because google searches too much non important stuff. Hope you can help me"
  4. buddysievers

    Hime Compressed Save Files + Yanfly Save Engine

    Idk what that means sry im a beginner... Here is what Yanflys script change in DataManagere module. module DataManager #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # overwrite method: savefile_max #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def self.savefile_max return YEA::SAVE::MAX_FILES end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # overwrite method: self.make_save_header #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def self.make_save_header header = {} header[:characters] = $game_party.characters_for_savefile header[:playtime_s] = $game_system.playtime_s header[:system] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_system)) header[:timer] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_timer)) header[:message] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_message)) header[:switches] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_switches)) header[:variables] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_variables)) header[:self_switches] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_self_switches)) header[:actors] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_actors)) header[:party] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_party)) header[:troop] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_troop)) header[:map] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_map)) header[:player] = Marshal.load(Marshal.dump($game_player)) header end end # DataManager Maybe its something else but idk like i said. Strange is that i can load from the map called Scene_Save ?! EDIT: Is it maybe because theres no Marshal.load for header[:characters] = $game_party.characters_for_savefile header[:playtime_s] = $game_system.playtime_s ??? EDIT 2: I just recognized that if i use just the save engine from Yanfly and your script that the game wont crash, but freeze on load game from title called Scene_Load... So my addon for yanflys script is causing the crash but even without my addon script it has this freeze error tough... PLS help ...
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